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Use and Care of E-juice

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Use and Care of E-juice

Being a vaper we are always concerned about the use and care of e-juice. The way we use and store e-juice is really important in order to get full taste and a long lasting e-juice life. This guide will give you the hands-on tips for enjoying the true flavor and maximizing the life of e-juice.

How to use e-juice

  1. Shake up
  2. As we shake all types of juices before drinking, it’s a good idea to shake e-juice as well before vaping. It will give a good flavor because by doing this flavor can be equally distributed in the e-juice. You just have to be little careful while replacing the lid before shaking.

  3. PG & VG
  4. Common ingredients of e-juice are water, flavoring, nicotine, PG & VG. If you really intend to enjoy your vaping you should do some experiments with amount of PG and VG so that so could reach to the exact level of vaping as you want.

  5. Cleaning
  6. Cleaning is the key to enjoy real flavor in vaping. Sometimes e-juices leave their residue or make your device sticky. Ghost flavoring is also an issue that is when you feel the taste of your previously vaped e-juice. So if you want to avoid all these issues, you have to clean your vape device and tank properly and with the regular intervals of time.

  7. Steeping
  8. Steeping is actually an aging process of e-juice to get the best taste out of it. This process can last from 4 to 14 days during which you heat up the e-juice to a certain level, shake it to mix the flavor and ingredients like PG and VG and leave it in the air for oxidization.

  9. Try different flavors
  10. Don’t just stick to one flavor. A vast variety of e-juice flavors are available in market. Selecting the right range of your favorite e-juices requires experimentation. Try different flavors and you’ll find the right taste for your taste buds.

  11. Filling tank
  12. While filling the tank you should keep in mind that overfilling or flooding the atomizer can lead to lose of vapor and taste. So never overfill the tank. Leave some space empty in the tank so you could have an enjoyable vaping experience.

How to take care of your e-juice

  1. Avoid heat exposure
  2. If you want your e-juice to last for a longer time then keep it safe from direct exposure to sunlight and heat. Keeping e-juice under sun or at a place where temperature is about 40 degree Celsius may affect the ingredients of e-juice. Though e-juice doesn’t vaporize that quickly but ultra violet rays and heat can have chemical reaction with the components of e-juice and it can affect the taste as well. Moreover, exposure to sunlight and air can oxidizes the nicotine which causes change in color and decrease in amount of nicotine.

  3. Leaving in mailbox or car
  4. If you leave your vape device or e-juice bottle inside the mailbox, car or any other metal box under the sun, it will surely act like an oven. Keeping e-juice in such kind of enclosed things or space will turn it into useless liquid.

  5. Storing in refrigerator
  6. Keeping your e-juice in refrigerator is good for keeping your e-juice safe for a longer period of time. Like other food items, refrigeration protects e-liquid from bacteria. Don’t keep e-juice in the freezer instead keep it in refrigerator and before you vape leave the e-juice outside the refrigerator for some time so that its temperature can be equalized to the room temperature.

  7. Storing material
  8. You can store e-juice in both plastic and glass bottle or container but if you have to keep it for a longer time then storing in glass material is suggested. Plastic can chemically react with the e-juice when heated which will affect the taste and nicotine level of e-juice.

  9. Keep it in a safe place
  10. It is necessary to keep e-juice in a safe place where it is out reach of children or pets. E-juice can be poisonous and inflammable so it is important not to place it in an open space.

  11. Keep e-juice in dark
  12. As we’ve discussed earlier to avoid keeping e-juice in sunlight, it is suggested that you store e-juice in a darker and cooler place. So that you could maximize the life of your e-juice.

    In my opinion it is really important for a vaper to enjoy vaping and it can only be possible when you get full taste, vapor, throat hit (if you want) along with a clean and non-messy vaping device. I hope these tips will help you to make your vaping enjoyable.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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