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Ways Animals are Like Humans

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Mourning death. Elephants live for about 70 years and are animals that are very social and move in groups. Throughout their lives, they build bonds and once an elephant passes they appear to mourn their death. Elephants will not leave a weak or dead one behind, they will continue to show signs of grieving for an extended period of time. Once they see a dead one they stop and try and identify the lost one. The trunk seeks clues (LINK1) from the smell. They touch the bones and body very lightly trying to lift the body. Then begin to throw leaves and dirt over the body and break tree branches to cover the body.

They may spend days next to the body and stay very silent during this time. Facial expressions Have you ever felt you understand what a cat was thinking just by looking at them? Cats do have a wide range of facial expression with meaning. One of the expression is when a cat blinks his eyes slowly at another cat or a person. He may also come closer and gently bump his head against your forehead. This is a sign of trust. Curiosity will be shown when his eyes are open, contraction of the pupils while looking at the something. His ears will be up while cats that are afraid may blink excessively and tilt their heads. Cat eyes that stare from a distance can be a sign of control and (LINK 2) aggression. Staring with an open mouth might be showing the Flehmen response which is the is a behavior in which an animal curls back its upper lip exposing its front teeth, the behavior facilitates the transfer of pheromones and other scents into the vomeronasal organ. The organ provides more information about certain scents

Lies and deceit The fork-tailed drongo is a bird found across most of the sub-Saharan Africa. The insect-eating bird is usually found in open forests.it has glossy black feathers. The birds sometimes make false alarms (LINK 3) causing other birds to stop eating and run away leaving the bird to steal the food. The cowbirds are also very interesting and will have chicks without any hard work. They tend to lay their eggs (LINK 4) in the nest of other birds. When the eggs hatch the hosts will get tricked into rearing the chicks. If it happens that the host throws the cowbird’s egg, the cowbird will destroy the host’s nest.

Courtship The Adelie penguin is a species of penguin common along the entire Antarctic coast. They have white rings surrounding the eyes and all black head. The appearance looks like a tuxedo. Most penguins spend most of their life at sea and return to land to reproduce. Unpaired males will usually return to their breeding colonies earlier, when the females arrive a few days’ later males begin to show a series of courtship behavior which includes (LINK 5) flipper-waving and neck arching and a vocal display. Pebbles are very important to penguins and may fight and steal (LINK 6) them from each other.

Care for their young ones An orangutan will stay with the young ones for six to seven years while female orangutans have been seen visiting their mother (LINK 7) until the age of 16. The pregnancy usually lasts eight and a half months, are single parents and have a very strong bond with their young ones. During their time together the young one will learn how to eat, avoid predators and how to make a nest. For the first few years, the young ones will ride on the backs of their mothers. Once they are old enough they will follow her through the forest. After three months, the mother will start to give solid food which she grinds with her teeth to the young one. Around four years the young one starts to climb trees and search for food.

Dance Cockatoos and other parrots have the ability to dance along to music. Snowball a Sulphur-crested cockatoo can synchronize his body movements to the beat. Snowball has got very popular in the past few years where he was seen bopping his head (LINK 8) to backstreet boys and developing rhythmic feet gestures.

Steal Seagulls are fascinating birds and take stealing to another level. These attentive and aggressive have birds have limited ability to dive so they focus on birds that can. They usually target the (LINK 9) pelican who is good at catching fish. After a catch, the pelican brings it to the surface to swallow that’s when the seagull takes it from the pelican. Seagulls are also able to steal food from humans. 3. Laugh Gorillas and chimpanzees’ show laughter in physical contact, during wrestling and (LINK 10) tickling. Laughter has been seen to prolong play and (LINK 11) physical bonds. Researchers have long noted that emotional expressions in humans and displays in primates are similar in both form and context and also believe that smiling and laughing was present in primates before our species evolved. The faces we make when we chuckle gradually came from ancestral apes (LINK 12).

Teamwork Honey bees live and organize themselves in colonies and can consist of 60,000 bees. A colony usually consists of the queen, drones, and workers which live and work together during most of their life. The queen lays eggs and is responsible for the productivity of the colony. The male drones (LINK 13) role is to mate with the queen and the workers perform other tasks not relating to reproduction like looking for food and nectar, protecting the hive and rebuilding the nest. Eggs need the right temperature for their survival. If the hive is too hot worker bees will carry water to cool the hive.

Resolve conflicts Bonobo formerly referred to as the pygmy chimpanzee which can be found in the congo basin in central Africa. Bonobo uses sex as a way to relieve stress and diffuse tension. When arguments arise, they tend to have sexual activities (LINK 13) which helps them calm down. Even potential disputes can be solved by sex before happening. Unlike chimpanzees, bonobos are very tolerant and also hug each other from time to time.

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