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Ways to Be Happy with yoga

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Each yoga pose gives a feeling in the body and mind. Here are just three of my favorite yoga poses that evoke a feeling of appreciation. Set a private intention, before you begin your yoga practice. Make a mental note of those things you enjoy most about your daily life–everything from family and friends to career and your home. Additionally, acknowledge the challenges you face, and give. Placing a gratitude-based intention builds a positive tone to your personal practice and helps nurture your life and relationships.

Yoga Poses That Evoke Gratitude Among the most beautiful heart-opening presents is camel pose. It provides physical growth throughout the chest and shoulders. The center floats towards the skies in a way that really gives the purest type of gratitude.

Low lunge/Crescent lunge. This posture provides the expression of appreciation. As the legs and hips release to the floor, they link us to our foundation. Possessing a strong base provides stability and comfort and releases us from fear. The elevator of the center is a lovely gesture of compassion, openness, and understanding. This teaches love and acceptance. Even if your to-do record is a mile long, yoga can help you pause, reflect and express gratitude for the good things in your life. As you think about gratitude, I would like to offer my personal selection of techniques and yoga postures which can excite and awaken your awareness of gratitude.

Camel pose. The best way to do it: Begin at a downward-facing dog position. Step one foot between your palms, so that your front knee is flexed 90-degrees, and lower your rear knee into the mat, extending your feet back so the top of your back foot also rests on the mat. Now lift your torso slowly, raising your arms until they are extended straight overhead. (You can either place your palms together or keep them separate but facing each other.) Relax your shoulders and breathe deeply. Hold this position for three to seven breaths, then reverse the movement to go back to the downward-facing dog position. Repeat, this time stepping ahead with another foot.

Ways to Bring Gratitude in Your Yoga Practice. How to do it: Kneel with your knees apart and your thighs perpendicular to the ground. Gently bend your thighs, and place your hands on your lower back near your pelvis along with your fingers pointing toward your buttocks. Inhale, pressing your pelvis forward as you lift your ribcage and slowly arch backward with your upper body until you are taking a look at the ceiling. You can either keep your hands on your lower back or transfer them to your heels, but try to maintain your thighs as vertical as possible. Decrease your mind toward the floor if you can do so without discomfort. Hold this pose for five breaths. Repeat two to three occasions. The best way to do it Stand with your heels hip-width aside and your toes parallel or big toes touching. Maintaining your weight evenly distributed on both feet, contract your own thigh muscles to draw them away from the knees. Draw your belly towards your spine and tilt your tailbone down towards the floor. Lift your shoulders, open your chest, let your arms from the sides, and keep your chin parallel to the mat. As an added touch, bring the palms together are the center. Take five deep breaths. Don’t be afraid of the word “meditate.” It’s a very simple act of pausing breathing, and being in the present moment. In our yoga practice, we sit in a comfortable seated posture often at the beginning and end. I love to give myself five to 10 additional minutes in the end to place my hands over my heart, breathe deeply, and emotionally run through all of the things which bring me joy.

Mountain Pose. Meditate Standing in Mountain Pose not only strengthens your thighs, but it also produces a sense of stability. On a deeper level, this equilibrium translates into feeling secure and rested. As soon as we feel protected, it is easy to acknowledge all that’s amazing and wonderful. When life brings challenges, the equilibrium inspired by the position gives us the emotional steadiness to handle issues with grace. With this present, we feel rooted and connected, and from this place of strength, we could be open to undertaking our struggles and feel grateful for everything life has to offer.

Establish a goal. When negative thoughts creep into your head, breathe in, and exhale them out. Use your breath (the inhale and exhale) as an instrument to reset your mental state both on and off the mat. Breathe in loving, kind, and compassionate ideas, and exhale the feelings which no longer bring you pleasure. Breath awareness is the best way.

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