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What are the three highlights that you learnt in this educational tour?

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Through the educational tour on the National Museum they have a lot of artificial and history of our beloved country Malaysia in the era where it was develops. There have a lot of thing that can be highlights as the stuff that have there are very great and interesting to highlights.

First thing that catch my attention is about the drawing or painting on the wall in the cave made by the prehistoric people of Malaysia. As we know that cave a painting is a universal occurrence and means as a communication especially the ancestors of Orang Asli and the indigenous of the Malaysia peninsula. As example, the earliest paintings are recorded and believed to have been produced and found in Gua Tambun in Perak, and Gua Kain Hitam in Niah, Sarawak. Where, in the Gua Tambun, features game animal such as deer. Meanwhile, the painting in Gua Kain Hitam, feature symbolic boats symbolic depiction of the journey afterlife as the painting related to the practice of interring the body of the deceased person in the boat placed on the cave floor.

Other than that, is the unique of the artifact and the fact of it make it thing that I feel interested to highlight. It about the log coffin burial in Sabah, it happed 1000 years ago in the limestone cave. It made from local hardwoods and merbau which are situated in Agop Batu Tulug in Kampung Batu Puteh and others. It is so unique for example, some of these coffins are adorned with unique carving depicting crocodile, snakes and lizards. The coffins for adults measured between seven to twelve feet while those for children were between four to six feet.

Lastly, the most stunning artifact is the Bunga Mas (Golden Flower) that made with gold in a shape of a plant and flower. Looking in the shape and the size of the Bunga Mas is very wonderful on how and how much gold needed to create the artifact. The Bunga Mas was a special gift sent for a symbol of friendship. Example, Northern Malay States Sultan for Kedah, Kelantan and Patani sent the gift to King of Siam in Bangkok long time ago.

If you had to choose only one exhibited elements in this tour, which one would it be and why?

The exhibited element that I would be chosen is the royal tengkolok. The royal tengkolok has been a part of the ceremonial dress of the Malay rulers since the days of the Malay Sultanate. It were made with songket about 200 years ago, before that Malay rulers had worn headdresses made of Indian material and Chinese that were shaped into different styles as part of their regalia.

The reason is, it is the most important part of Malay National dress, which is made of a square piece of cloth but give a very big impact on the Malay Sultan. The biggest reason is it is tied in various different shapes and styles, and is referred to in different parts of the country as a tengkolok, destar, tanjak or setangan. The tengkolok is not only a headdress

How did your perception of Malaysia change after your tour?

My perception of Malaysia changes after learning and studying the history through the tour in the National Museum. The pain that they have been through, sweat and tears people that have passed in order to achieve one goal that the all wanted which is independence for the homeland they love.

As we all know that Malaysia just a colony to British before. On other hand, Malaysia is a land of various resources and rich in mineral resources. For example, Melaka used to be a port or trading center for sale and purchase. This show that, Malaysia before this is a great country but have been used by other power to use the source that Malaysia have on their land.

Other than that, the geographical area and the terrestrial structure of the Melaka make a place as a strong and potentially viable place to be occupied. For example, it is the center of commerce for protection against the monsoon wind and survival of the pirates. Long ago, Malaysia already been well known by the world as a place to trade by the traders that come all over the place and this show how good the Malaysia is through Melaka.

Lastly, is all about the sacrifice of Tunku Abdul Rahman in obtaining independence without bloodshed. For example, he has succeeded in uniting Malaysians regardless of race, race and culture to liberate their beloved land.

How has this tour shifted your thoughts on being a responsible citizen?

After a visit, many things and lessons can be taken. Among them, the sacrifice of the previous people defended their homeland with the sacrifices they did. For example, Tunku Abdul Rahman has done a step in getting independence and ending bloodshed. Therefore, we as a new generation should be grateful and respect the sacrifices made by becoming a useful people.

In addition, Malaysia has a variety of customs and cultures practiced in the past. For example, carvings and cloves that decorate the cloth worn by royal relatives and other race are forgotten. As a young generation, such things should be avoided and not be forgotten. Finally, as Malaysians the integrity of every race must be highlighted and maintained in achieving absolute independence. For example, we should make the past history a lesson to never repeat.

Discuss one social issue that you observed or experienced during the tour

The social issue that I observed is that the National Museum is to empty. The environment is to quiet and boring make the people especially the young generations feel boring to get to know about the history. The National museum is depend on old methods that not involve mush with technology to make the museum environment more interesting and can get the attention of young people to learn about the history. With the modern era, museum should get along and think outside of the box to create new experience that the never go through before. So that, the person that already been can come and have a look again.

Your self-reflection on the whole visit with relevant evidence and example

Through this, I have learned a lot of fact and history that happened on Malaysia. The history that I never know and learn before are there in the museum and can be learned by other visitors that visits there. For example, the drawing on the cave wall that never be heard and know the message that they wanted to send to us. Other than that, the artifact from Sabah which is the log coffin burial. The artifact is so unique that the shape and size of each are different for certain reason according to their believed. For example, the coffin is so unique in shape that is have in a shape of crocodile, lizard and others.


For the conclusion, I really enjoyed through the whole visit to the National Museum. I would like to thank a lot to my lecture Miss Sara because of the opportunity and guide that she give through the visit. I would like to thanks to National Museum for having us, thanks for the information sharing and the over whelming as us a students.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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