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What can cause a tsunami?

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In the Atlantic ocean there could be a tsunami, it’s a rare moment, but possible. The most reason why a tsunami is caused are by earthquakes. A tsunami can be caused by a underwater landslides or a volcanic eruptions. It could be caused by a meteorite crashing into the ocean. Tsunamis It could be a big risks because millions of people live there around the Atlantic basin.

An earthquake in Puerto Rico was a 7.3. That earthquake caused a tsunami. The height of the tsunami in Puerto Rico is 6 meters, which cause an extreming damage, and killed over 100 people. There was another tsunami in Lisbon, Portugal on 1755. The pointage of the tsunami was a 8.6 earthquake beneath the Atlantic ocean almost 100 mile coast. Deadly tsunamis This earthquake that happened at the great Indian Ocean that made a tsunami in 2004. On December 26, the ground was shaking really viciously. The waves were so much speed and went across the Indian Ocean. When the day was over 150,00 people were dead or went missing, and millions of other people went homeless in 11 countries. The second deadly tsunami was in Greece north coast, in 1410 b.c. 100,00 people died in the tsunami. November 1, 1755 Portugal of off Lisboa 60,00 people died.

The tsunami was made by an earthquake of 8.0. The water height was 12.20. On May 22, 1782 in the beijing 40,000 people died from the tsunami. The earthquake that provoked the tsunami magnitude is a 7.0. On August 27, 1883 in the Indonesia 36,500 people were killed. The height of the tsunami was 35.0. What happens when a tsunami hits land? The tsunami is at a low point beneath a waves crest. The first thing that a tsunami usually hits is shore first. When the tsunami hits the shore first, then it produces a vacuum effect, and exposes the harbor and sea floors. This is a important warning sign of a tsunami coming. The waves crest the waves enormous volume of water would basically hit shore around five minutes. A tsunami is usually dominated by rough waves. A person dealing with a tsunami should remember how dangerous that is for a person. Sometimes a tsunami does not appear at the shore. The best way to avoid tsunami is by going to a high, high, high mountain or something. A similar system are proposed to protect the worldwide areas.

How can you predict a tsunami is coming? One way they predict a tsunami is coming is by predicting the size of the tsunami coming. The scientist look up the size and what types of underwater earthquakes provoke it. They know this because the scientist receive seismic waves which travel faster than the tsunamis. This information the scientist get don’t always are helpful, because a tsunami within minutes can arrive after the earthquake provoked it. Not all earthquakes make tsunamis, so the false alarms could and will happen. The people that study tsunamis send a warning where a tsunami would likely to happen. For example they send information to tsunami warning to centers in Alaska and Hawaii. In areas where a tsunami would likely to happen the community, managers, educators, and citizens are trained for this tsunami information.

How fast can a tsunami travel on land? Wherever the ocean is over 6,000 meters(3.7 miles) deep. The tsunami can travel as fast as a jet plane over 800 km per hour which is (500 miles per hour). A tsunami can travel slower where the water is shallower where their waves heights begin to increase dramatically . The tsunamis speed is controlled by water depths.

How long can a tsunami take? Once the tsunami wave is coming the open ocean can travel more than 800 kilometers an hour which is ( 500 mile per hour). The waves can travel all the way to the Pacific Ocean in less than one day. Normally the tsunami reaches the shore in minutes. A tsunami can also take long because it depends how far the coast is. It also depends how fast the tsunami is arriving.

How strong is a tsunami? A tsunami is a serious of enormous waves courses by underwater earthquakes, landslides, or volcanic eruptions. The most rare reason why a tsunami is caused is by a giant meteor impacting in the ocean. The tsunamis can reach up to 100 ft. About 80% if tsunamis are caused by the “Ring of Fire”. The first waves aren’t the strongest, successive waves could get bigger and stronger. The states that have the most risks for the tsunamis are at Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California. If it get caught in a tsunami don’t swim get to a floating object, and just let the waves carry you. Tsunamis have their own energy, which means they can travel across the entire ocean with an energy loss.

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