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What Falling in Love for the First Time Can Bring to You?

  • Category: Life
  • Subcategory: Love
  • Topic: Falling in Love
  • Pages: 3
  • Words: 1194
  • Published: 11 December 2018
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The abandoned experience

Our first love is not always the best experience for some it’s the worst experience to have especially when it becomes a toxic and rough road along the way. Along the way though we build a wall full of lessons just by experiences. A young freshman high school student barely being blossom thought she knew the world like she had drawn it out her self. Yet could not have know what was foreseen in those who took interest in her was for there own personal gain. The freshman didn’t quite know those in the high school just the one’s who had transferred along with her.

The young girl walked home after school, holding on tight to her younger siblings small and fragile hands to make sure no one was left behind. One day a sunny, allergy infested Thursday her sibling had been sneezing and coughing repeatedly so they were forced to stay home and rest. Having to go to school the girl walked like any other day leaving her to walk across the main street going down a mile into homes those who had worked all there lives to get a home though are hardly there due to long extreme hours spent at work. Going into the neighborhood down the street, there had been a canal that ran east along the school. Her mother didn’t not like the idea of walking to school and back home alone but worked 3 jobs so did not have time to take her, and her old brother as well offered to walk me to school but couldn’t afford to be late anymore.

With no hesitation she woke up early and got ready for school, at seven sharp she began her journey to school. She thought very thoroughly while closing the front door on the way-out mom had blessed me on the way out. She walked to school the way she always did with her head down and if anyone approached to say no for a ride or to go over. While walking down the street half way to school already that I noticed many cars that use the street very often blue, red, black and a green one that passed almost somehow became a usual thing. Getting to school fifteen until 8 went straight to the track and sat, watching the others playing in the jungle gym or basketball court making her see how peaceful it was away from the loudness and anyone’s presences. The bell rang, everyone ran to form formation and walk into class leaving behind a cold air that made her shiver. As entering the class room, it seemed as a normal class period giving homework out, taking note and answering questions. Waiting for class to end was a long impatient moment just to see how her sibling’s health status was due to her mother being at work and he older brother didn’t get out of school until 8 or 9 dues to school activities he participated in.

Moreover, she had wasted no time as soon as the bell rang she flew out the classroom practically running down the stairs and the teacher always waiting by the right of the exit door caught me running again spoke “Hey young lady no running in the halls, this isn’t he first time I’ve caught you. Now since you think it’s alright to be running you can stay 15 minutes with me.” Sitting down angrily staring at the clocking wishing time would just hurry during the time you were either to do homework or study, although after the 5 minutes she drifted into slumber. She was awakened to the teacher yelling the 15 minutes were over, so she should leave. Having to walk back home, she didn’t know that it would be an invitation to a something she was not expecting.

Afterwards she beginning to walk home she felt as there was a strange presence near her. She had heard footsteps softly walking behind her and she began to walk rapidly and so did the footsteps as they grew louder, she quickly rushes into the canal hoping to get out of the way for that person. Suddenly she felt as if someone had wrapped themselves around her and before she could react everything in sight darkened and turned to a foggy memory now. As regaining conscience, she seems to rush from her back quickly examining the strange room she had awoken in. The door opens widely with a big grin looking down on her, a tall bearded man, no older than in his twenties perhaps. “Your mine and I promise, I’ll take extra good care of you but in exchange you follow what I say, no but or if about it” he said softly, she began to cry and beg that she wanted to go home and didn’t want any problems. One of the times he tried to kiss her, and she quickly backed away which he didn’t like, through out the time he had been trying to caress her she pushed him away and tried to run out.

Furthermore, he caught a grip on her hair then yanked her back then feeling and see the sight of his ashy bony knuckles every time his skin contacted her body, she heard cracks as if celery had been broken in half. Half an hour goes by she is drenched in most her blood and pain laying on the floor trying not to make much movement. He crouched down whispering “I’ll be back, this happened due to your lack of corporation and trust me I really don’t want to hurt you again.” She waited for him to leave the abandon house to try and regain her strength, griping to everything around her to be able to support her self. She couldn’t help but to peak at the main window down the hall noticing the car the man had was the same green vehicle that had past her numerous times in the morning.

In this case she observed the car shrink by the distance he had gone to try to be able to look for a way out, the first attempt she tried was to open the front and back door both had been locked. Very frightened that he would return soon she grabbed the toilet tank lid and smashed the window. Crawling out of the window had been very difficult to pick her self up and climb out that she cut hands, legs, knees on the broken glass. Running out of the backyard led me into the ditch limping and bloody she had tried running but wasn’t going far due to her injuries. When getting home her two younger siblings were asleep and her old brother and mother were still no accounted for, it was past dark already a little past 9. She went to the neighbor’s house to call the police to make a report about what happened, she only made a report but didn’t pursue it since it’s something that does not want to be recalled what occurred that faithful day.

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