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What is the alternative source for desalination system?

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The technology of desalination for sustainable water is well established. As desalination is energy incentive, high investment of capital and cost of fuel are major considerations. The fluctuating prices of crude oil will cause the operating costs of desalination to vary significantly. The depletion of fossil fuels leads to increased applications of the renewable energy resources. Solar energy systems and heat pumps are two promising means of reducing the consumption of fossil energy resources (coal, petroleum, etc.) and cost of delivered energy for residential use. As solar energy is a clean energy source, it is receiving greater attention for the various application using different techniques in view of global energy needs and concern for environmental degradation. An intelligent extension is to use refrigerant- filled solar collectors to replace the standard air-source evaporator in a heat pump system, which is called direct-expansion heat pump (DX-SAHP) system. An advantage from the heat pump standpoint is that the collector/evaporator can operate at a temperature higher than ambient due to solar heating, which increases the heat pump COP.


The purpose of this research proposal is to analyze the potential of a heat pump in desalination technologies lies with its capabilities of reducing consumption of expensive electric power and recovering waste heat. It also investigates to find the effect of flashing and feed water temperature on the performance of the system.

Methodology The following methods were used to accomplish the proposed tasks [1]. – Utilizing a single-effect solar assisted heat pump desalination system. – Experimental studies were conducted for DX-SAHP desalination system under different operating conditions:

  1. The compressor speed (1200, 1450 and 1800 rpm)
  2. The feed temperature 3. The effect of flashing – Investigate the long-term performance of the multi-functional DX-SAHP system in different seasons.

Analyze the data by scanning and recording the parameters 5 minutes each in an automatic scan.

  1. Electric power consumed by the compressor
  2. Temperatures of both water and refrigerant at different locations of the two loops, the absorber plate, the water in thermal storage tank, indoor and outdoor air
  3. Flowrate of the water loop
  4. Insolation incident on the collector/evaporator
  5. Pressures of refrigerant at inlets and outlets of compressor, evaporator, and condenser.

Presentation of Findings The findings including the following data conducted during the first half year of 2004 [2]:

  • Result of the experimental research 1. The effect of flashing 2. Performance ratio 3. Coefficient of performance (COP) 4. Solar collector efficiency
  • Obstacles that were faced when cold energy stored during the nighttime
  • Solution to overcome the obstacles.

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