What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Said She Is In Love With Your Boyfriend?: [Essay Example], 750 words GradesFixer

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What Would You Do If Your Best Friend Said She Is In Love With Your Boyfriend?

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What would you do if your best friend said she is in love with your boyfriend? Well, let me tell you a story. It happened when I was 16. I was young and naïve. I did not expect friendship can turn into betrayal. I’ve known my best friend, Sue for ages. We used to hangout day and night, wear matching clothes, check out guys and more. One fine day something happened.

We had just completed our big examination. Our minds are calm and stress free. We could finally do anything. Freedom is what it calls for. At that time, I was dating a guy Michael. He was my everything. I loved him till the moon and back. We would text each other all day, have the usual midnight calls and every little thing a young couple would do. We were the highlight couple of the school. Every couple in the school envied us. According to them, we were made for each other.

One day, I had to attend an extra class in the evening that clashed with the date we planned. So, I decided to call him up and tell him that we can’t have the date. Unfortunately, I ran out of credit. Without hesitation, I use Sue’s phone to dial him. Ever since then, Michael texted Sue’s phone a couple times by saying he couldn’t get a hold of me. Knowing Sue at the back of my hand, I knew it was minor problem.

We had a long holiday break due to festive season. Approximately two weeks. My family and I went for a vacation to Thailand, the land famous for beaches. I knew something was off when Michael calls and text me lesser than usual. He wasn’t as excited to talk to me like how he used to. He would say he is busy all the time. I felt that our distance is getting further as days goes by. As naïve I was, I ignored the signs and distract myself for him. I tried countless time, making my brain to accept the fact that he is really busy. I let my foolish brain to agree it while my stupidity, drunk in love side takes control of me.

When I was back in school, I realized that Sue was acting weird. She started doing things she wouldn’t do. For instance, changing her phone password to something extremely long, wearing heavy makeup or answering call in somewhere private. She was attached with her phone. She was overprotective that I sense something suspicious.

I seldom take friendship trust into a count. Sue and I had developed a sisterly love for each other and as annoying as she could be, I didn’t want to disturb her personal life. I kept my observation as low as I can, hoping someday it will slip out of her tongue. Eventually, it started slipping out. She was very excited to go with Michael even when I feel like not going. She would doll herself and wear bling accessories. Foolishly enough, I let her come with me because I thought there is no way that Michael would be interested in her.

One fine day, Sue and few other girls decided to camp in the man-made jungle over a bonfire. We started talking randomly till a topic pop out about friendship trust. The girls were happily telling their stories of how we ended up friends. Sue was looking down and tried to avoid eye contact. She looked like someone who just lost someone closed to her heart. As we are about to wrap up the night and head to bed, Sue stopped me.

I knew for a fact she was going to spill the beans out. It took some time for her to have the courage to tell me everything. She burst into tears. She began with how did it everything happen and she had a crush on him for a very long time. I interrupt her and mention that I knew all this for some time now. She felt so embarrassed till she ran to her bed and sob throughout the entire night.

Being a saint, I told her that mistakes happen. Even though my heart shattered into tiny bits of pieces, I will never forget the things she did for me. I can never repay the good deed, the times she stood up for me. I told her to give me time and I wouldn’t mind her being with Michael if that brightens her day. Therefore, I chose to save friendship over a relationship.

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