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Who Is A True Friend?

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People take different duration to make friends. Others take longer while others fall instantly with the right friend. However, becoming a friend does not emulate to being a true friend. To find a true friend takes time and resources. One has to invest time and behavioral analysis to disintegrate a true friend from just a friend. Occasionally, true friendship emanate from the people one grew up with. These are people one knew their entire life. They might be staying at the same locality. At times, they are just people we met at school. However, with time, we develop friendship bonds and start sharing personal issues. For me, a true friend is trustworthy, honest, good listener, loyal, dependable and non-judgmental. Trustworthiness is a quality that I demand from any person whom I consider my true friend. This helps me build confidence and trust in the person.

A trusted person is one who never reveals your dirty secretes to others. One whom you can tell every stories about you and keeps them to him/herself. Currently, I have a friend called John. I consider him my true friend. We grew up together in the same quarters and we are age mates. He literally knows everything about me. He knows I bed-wet. When we went to boarding school, he supported me and never told anyone I bed-wet. That is a true friend to me (Marie, p.7). A true friend is honest. They will never mislead you or deceive you. Whenever they think you are doing a wrong thing, they will let you know even if it pains you. As a kid, I loved wearing my elder brother’s suit. It was oversized though I felt nice wearing it. However, whenever I went to church in it, my fellows laughed at me. John, my best friend, stomached this for a while. He later came clean and told me the suit was not fitting.

Additionally, a good friend is one who listens. A good listener has higher chances of helping you out in situations than a poor listener. Listening is the key to a successful conversation. I read a story about two class representatives called by the student leader, their best friend, to inform their respective streams of a continuous assessment tests scheduled for the next morning. One class representative was not attentive and ended up delivering the wrong message pertaining the topic of study, venue and time for the exams. The next day, only one stream attended the exam (Marie, p.9). A true friend is loyal. A loyal friend sticks by you no matter the circumstances. In boarding school, John never forsake me. Even at my worst bed-wet, he still helped me clean my bed and clothes. Further, a true friend is dependable.

One whom you can believe in to bail you out even before asking for help. Having lost my grandpa in boarding school, I left for home in a hurry. I did not lock my desks and box. I feared for my belongings while at home. When I came back, John kept them safe. Being non-judgmental is a rare quality that only true friend’s poses. Today, people are fast to judge a person especially when they feel it causes you pain. One morning a skipped dawns studies at school, which John attended. When he came back from class, he never judged me instead he understood I was tired (Marie, p.15). In summation, a true friend is loyal; always stick by you no matter what the situation. A true friend listens and never judges. A true friend is honest with you, tells you the biter truth. A friend is trustworthy and dependable. For one to be a true friend, they must poses the above-discussed characteristics. Work CitedMarie, H. (2017). Qualities in Friendship.

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