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Why Is Everyone The Well-known Story Of SIEV X - A Complete Lie

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Every story holds the cold dark depths that are never exposed to the eye of the public. Like every other mystery out there, the case of SIEV X is no different. Everything that the media has told us yet about the ill-fated boat named SIEV X is a corrupted forged LIE. IT IS A WEB OF DECEIT. SIEV X is an acronym for suspected illegal entry vessel 10 which is one many boats used to transfer asylum seekers to Australia illegally. On 19 October 2001, nearly 17 years ago, a small yet overcrowded boat (later named SIEV X) arranged by smugglers, was making its way to Christmas Island from Indonesia when its engine stopped and it sank in the Indonesian borders carrying over 400 people of which 353 were not fortunate enough to survive the ill-fated journey. 44 survivors clung to the wreckage for a whole day when finally an Indonesian fishing boat came to their rescue.

Or so that’s what we have been told. A complete utter lie. Whatever the Australian Authorities have told us are just minor or fabricated facts about the SIEV X. Did the engine really stop working or was it just sabotaged? Did the Australians not know about the sinking of the ship or did they ignore the fact? Was the Indonesian fishing boat the only boat to see the wreckage of the SIEV X? Or were there Australian boats who ignored the wreckage because of Australian Government orders? There is so much evidence to tell us the real story of the SIEV X and yet we are held back.

I had interviewed a survivor of the SIEV X, his name was Faris Shohani and he told me about the death of his daughter and wife and how he could not save them and how someone pulled her daughter down like a shark; he also told me about how he wants to know why the ships that passed by them that night didn’t save them.

He said: “I saw two ships and after they starting to switch big lights and they looked at us and watched us one by one, how we drowning, how we… Dying and if you were to see how much we were yelling: “please help me” and they did nothing. And after we started to whistle, we had a whistle, even the whistle for them… and then they just left us”.

If it isn’t clear enough and you still can’t see the truth; those ships he saw go pass them; they were, IN FACT, AUSTRALIAN SHIPS COMMANDED NOT TO HELP THE SIEV X. The ships may have belonged to Australian Spies going to check and report in about the current status of SIEV X; whether, how many were dead or if there any survivors and or if there were any dead. This can be strongly supported when Mr. Shohani says “…they looked at us and watched us one by one… and they did nothing”

Why do you think an Indonesian ship rescued the survivors of SIEV X and not an Australian one even after getting reports? It can’t be because of the reason that the ship sank in Indonesia waters because it didn’t; it sank in the international waters between Australia and Indonesia. At that time Australian president John Howard told the press that the sinking has nothing to do with Australia as the ship had sunk in Indonesian waters. Another HUGE LIE FROM AUSTRALIAN AUTHORITIES! As it clearly shows that Australia was patrolling the area where the ship sank. John Howard clearly told us that to ensure that Australia wasn’t involved in the sinking of the ship. The boat never sank in Indonesian border yet still the Indonesian fishing boat rescued them while our navy and military with air force who patrol the area did NOTHING.

The sinking of the boat is said to be because of “overcrowdedness” and that Australia did not know anything about a boat with 400 asylum-seekers going to Christmas Island. This is one of the biggest blatant lie created by Australian Authorities. The name of the boat is SEIV X, applying there were 9 or more other SEIV boats carrying people above the boat’s limitation, then why didn’t they sink? The answer is simple, it is because of the fact that SEIV X’s journey was after the John Howard policy and that Australia was willing to do anything to stop more asylum seekers from coming here. JOHN HOWARD said: “We have a proud record of welcoming people from 140 different nations, but we will decide who comes to this country and the circumstances in which they come.” It is hinted in this quote that he never wanted the SEIV X to make it to Australia. Also, Australia had spies in Indonesia. Tony Kevin (Former Diplomat) admitted that Australia bribed people to do the Dirty work for them. Australia clearly had spies working for them and so this is the reason how SEIV X’s engine stopped working. This was first a conspiracy theory but it actually has the depth to it. Australian spies and AFP agents sabotaged the engine of SIEV X before it sailed. The aim was to prevent the boat from sailing but as all evil plans go wrong the sabotaged did as well and in the middle of the ocean sank because of the of the tempering of the ship. This is what happens to all evil plans.

On 2nd September 2001, John Howard announced that he had ordered Australia’s defense force to mount ‘saturation surveillance’ of international waters to Australia’s north, as part of a military operation to repel and deter unauthorized asylum-seeker boats. If this was the case then why did the navy and other Australian authorities not detect SIEV X before it was too late? For all, we know the Australian did indeed detect the sinking of SIEV X but had a gross moral failure of compassion towards helpless men, women, and children who had put their lives in the hands of Australian Authorities, who were coming to Australia for a spark of hope and so they ignored the fact that it was sinking. After hearing that I can shamefully say that Australia is such a pitiful and shameful country after doing this to the helpless children and mothers.

This can be indeed proven when an Australian Federal Police agent Kylie Prat called Coastwatch to alert it of intelligence pointing to SIEV X’s departure from Indonesia and she also added her own warning that the boat was carrying over 400 passengers and that it might be “subject to risk” because of overcrowding. 20 minutes later Coastwatch called the headquarters of Operation Relex (operation responsible for military surveillance of the area) and told SIEV X was coming with 400 passengers on board but Coastwatch failed to provide the fact that it might be at risk. After some time the SIEV X report reached the Western Australia Airforce from where P3 Orions (surveillance flights) were making their daily shifts. It is said that at that moment that a P3 was near the sinking point of SIEV X but the crew was “unaware that SEIV X existed, much less that it had sunk”. Were they actually unaware? Or did they ignore the wreckage of the ship because of Australian Authorities? It wouldn’t have been so hard to see the wreckage of a ship at 10:30 in the morning. For all, we know there never was a P3 plane in the air. So in actuality, Australia did know about SEIV X but ignored the reality that it had to do anything with them. Oh sure just ignore an overcrowded boat and when it doesn’t appear don’t even send search parties for it, it’s not like life or death matters on that boat! Tony Kevin (Former Diplomat) said: “Something went seriously wrong in the information chain in Australia`s border protection system during October 2001 that had terrible human life consequences.” Although this may be true to some extent, this also has false properties; nothing went wrong in the information in the protection system, the Australian Authorities purposefully left out some information and ignored an event that can be considered important.

Of all of the things Australia told us about SIEV X could be all deceit lies, and any truth that came out to the public was instantly shutdown; the truth may never be revealed. Maybe the Australian Government had a secret agenda behind it all and it could only be achieved after the sinking of SEIV X and the murder of 353 hopeless people – but for all, we the public can attain the government can instantly shut down because well it’s the ‘government’. As for now, all everyone can do is keep in our hearts the 353 people who lost their lives under a sea. SIEV X will forever stay a mystery until the end of time.

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