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Why Is Loose Tea Better?

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We all search for quick solutions to almost everyday tasks. Tea is an essential part of many of us. It is a staple drink for people throughout the world with variations. A single day without tea seems impossible. The habit of shortcuts for humans engendered tea bags. How simple it is to dunk the cute bag in hot water and relish!

But it is said, “If you take shortcuts, you get cut short!” The conventional way of making tea using loose tea leaves is considered better than tea bags. Ditch the tea bags and know why.

What is a loose tea?

To begin with, loose tea is the tea prepared using dried tea leaves which aren’t in teabags. The leaves add flavor to the base fluid. A suitable amount of loose tea leaves are added to feed taste buds. There is a large variety of loose tea leaves with a unique aroma and flavor.

Why Drink Tea during the Day?

According to reports, there are umpteen reasons to sip tea during the day. It is a very delightful way to take in goodness. Loose tea is a booster to health. Find out why.

  1. Bundle of Antioxidants: Loose tea contains ample of antioxidants. Antioxidants shield us from aging and harmful effects of pollution. Scientifically, it carries polyphenols containing catechins. They provide resistance against free radical formation in bodyguarding us from damage.
  2. Cut Caffeine: This one is for all the coffee addicts. Loose tea has far less caffeine than coffee. It is equally refreshing to hot coffee. Doctors advise to kick-start your day with loose tea rather than coffee. Save your nervous system from the wrath of coffee.
  3. Heart-friendly: According to a report, loose tea reduced the threat of heart attack by 20 percent. In addition, it decreases the risk of stroke by 30 percent. It is responsible for cutting down cholesterol levels in the body. Isn’t that heart-warming?
  4. Shed weight: Who doesn’t like to be slim and fit? Sip in loose tea to get rid of fat. Loose tea doubles up the rate of metabolism in your body. It is important to fully digest the food we consume. Hence get in shape with loose tea.
  5. Bones’ bodyguard: Green tea, in particular, has been proved to save us from bone loss. It is filled with calcium, iron, and vitamins A and K which helps to build stronger bones. Strong tea for stronger bones!
  6. Smile please: According to a Japanese study, drinking loose tea prevents tooth loss. Scientifically, it regulates pH levels of your mouth. The change of temperature with loose tea eradicates cavities. Unlike other drinks, it saves you from enamel erosion.
  7. Increase Immunity: Are you the one falling sick often? Loose tea is magical for immune cells. The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties help in building a strong immunity system. People who drink tea regularly are observed to have better resistant to diseases.
  8. Prevent Cancer: Tea-lovers are at a lower risk of getting cancer than others. For people having a hereditary history of cancer, it is advisable to sip loose tea every day. The constituents of loose tea have properties to prevent cancer. Prevention is way better than cure!
  9. Soothe Digestion: Irritable bowel syndrome is an acute illness becoming common day-by-day. Get your dose of loose tea to solve it. The rate of digestion increases with the consumption of loose tea. Loose tea also calms nausea. Get pampered with loose tea.
  10. Fewer Calories: After water, loose tea is a great alternative for calorie conscious people. Experiment with the versatility of tea leaves and destroy calories. Get fit by sipping exotic flavor of loose tea you like.

Why Loose Tea is better than a Tea Bag?

Tea experts universally agree to this fact. Those cute tiny bags are indeed deceptive. Read on to know the reasons.

  1. Quality check: Let’s be honest. Who checks what’s inside that pretty little tea bag? Looks undoubtedly are illusionary. Tea bag production companies choose the lower grade of tea leaves to cut their costs. And what exactly makes them inferior in quality? Well, farmers sort tea leaves and set aside lighter dust-like particles. Those particles get packed for your cup of tea. Moreover, the celerity with which the color appears in water while using tea bag attracts consumers. The fine particles combined with chemicals and artificial aromas result in quick aroma and color. Loose tea contains real tea leaves grown on tea farms. They feel grainier and richer in taste than tea bags. There is no benefit from drinking tea made from tea bags. Loose tea is the real tea.
  2. Savor the flavor: The traditional way of preparing tea with loose tea leaves is magical in itself. It is a fact that highly blended particles in tea bags do not taste the same as loose tea. Quality of tea in terms of taste decreases due to this reason. Loose tea leaves are free to expand and discharge enchanting flavors. Unlike them, tea bags restrict leaves within. In addition, more the surface area of tea leaves, more are the essential oils. Therefore, loose tea is incontrovertibly yummier than a teabag.
  3. Regulated amount: Tea bags contain a fixed amount of leaves inside their sack. Loose tea leaves liberate you. Decide the amount of tea according to your mood and day. Whether you want it light or strong, you are the creator. Mix and blend different loose tea leaves to discover mind-boggling flavors of your own. Mix and sip!
  4. Aromatic affair: There is a stark difference between the aromas of loose tea and that of a tea bag. Loose tea leaves are authentic in nature and that is why are mesmerizing aroma. Tea bags, on the other hand, have fake tea leaves. The chemicals are nowhere in comparison to the juicy loose tea leaves. More the natural, better is the essence. Ditch tea bags and get enchanted by loose tea!
  5. Health-Friendly: After all the above points, this one has to be obvious. Containing real tea leaves, loose tea definitely wins the battle. It has more antioxidants and essential oils as compared to tea bags. It gives a boost to your immune system and controls blood pressure. The nutrients and vitamins present in loose tea strengthen concentration levels. Immerse in the goodness of loose tea and not tea bags.

Top 5 Healthiest Teas in the World

  1. White Tea: There is a rising awareness about the benefits of white tea. It is known to have the least processed tea leaves. Low in caffeine content, it is highly good for the heart. It is loaded with antibacterial and antiviral properties. Maintain your skin’s youthfulness and stay fir with white tea.
  2. It has been established that white tea destructs cancer cells. It is a natural way to combat deadly cancer. In fact, healthy cells are shielded from DNA damage. It possesses anti-inflammatory properties which nourish our hair and skin. It is a magical drink for diabetic people. It also regulates cholesterol levels and boosts energy in the body.

  3. Black Tea: Having a bitter flavor, black tea has the most caffeine content. It is the most processed tea out of all. It is rich in manganese and fluoride and thus makes bones healthier. It is known for relieving stress and increase concentration. Due to the presence of cavity-killing bacteria, black tea is useful for oral hygiene. It lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack.
  4. Sugar levels can be controlled with the intake of black tea. Black tea gives a major boost to metabolism engendering weight loss. Relive your stomach problems with a steaming cup of black tea. In addition, it helps to fight bacterial infections effectively. The most important property of black tea is its cancer-fighting nature. It is important to note that the addition of milk reduces the antioxidant properties of black tea.

  5. Green Tea: Green tea has high amounts of antioxidants called catechins. You might have heard dieticians recommending inclusion of green tea for weight loss. This is because green tea helps to level up metabolism rates. It is advised to be a substituent for coffee. It affects the nervous system and increases concentration.
  6. People who consume green tea are observed to be active and smarter than the rest. The presence of antioxidants protects our brain from old age diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This is because antioxidants shield neuron cells from getting destructed. Dental health and obesity can be easily regulated with green tea. It is a solution for infections, type-II diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases.

  7. Oolong Tea: A hybrid tea with second highest caffeine level, it is similar to black tea. It is, however, richer in flavor. It combats the formation of free radicals helping to fight skin infections. It is also good for relieving stress and anxiety. It destroys fat cells and inculcates fitness. With the goodness of minerals and vitamins, it fights infections actively.
  8. A cup of oolong tea freshens up the breath and prevents cavities. It maintains a healthy heart along with good cardiovascular health. Polyphenols like thearubigin and theaflavin have been proved to combat carcinogenic cells in the body. Hence, prevent cancer by sipping tea in routine.

  9. Herbal Tea: There are several varieties of herbal tea. They include peppermint tea, chamomile tea, lemon balm tea, nettle tea, ginger tea, rosehip, and echinacea tea. Each of this tea is full of the goodness of properties. Peppermint tea cures muscle cramps and digestion problems. Chamomile tea treats insomnia effectively. Lemon balm tea is full of antioxidants good for skin and hair. Nettle tea is known to treat inflammation smoothly. Ginger tea is an energy drink and instant solution for nausea. Echinacea tea eradicates toxins and even treats snake bites.

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