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Why People Are More Obese Nowadays

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Why People are more obese now days than past?

In the modern era, a new concern coming to the world, that is obesity, which effects all age groups. The word obesity comes from the Latin “obesitas,” meaning fat or plump. It is calculated by the help of BMI calculator (Body mass index). If BMI is more than 30-40 then individual is classed being obese. There are numerous reasons for obesity nowadays, first one is technology, second one is unhealthy eating habits and at last some medical reasons also evolved like as Prader-Willi syndrome, genetic factors, menopause and pregnancy. Obesity is a complex issue with many causes along with consequences.

Technology is excessively used everyday and it is the urge of modern world. New innovations coming to the world every week for which people are crazy and participate in race to attain them first. As, they are helpful to do work in easy way and less time which leads them into sedentary lifestyle. Moreover, the decline in physical activities observed, due to these inventions which give rise to new gadgets. To set an example, adults and children use the modern technology to do work rather than doing them by hands. Moreover, lots of things humans can do by just giving commands to robots. Children also prefer sitting in front of laptops, TV and smart phones for enjoyment rather than playing games. Since childhood parents put them in electronic babysitters which includes multi gadgets in it. Consequences of these activities led to reduction of face to face interactions, fat, laziness, depression and some physical problems (hearing loss, vision problems and neck strain).

One worldwide survey reveals the obesity rate along with the advancement in technology, “In the United States, where investment in communication technologies is the highest in the world, the result has become a rate of obesity that at 34% obesity rate. China’s obesity rate, which stood at 2.5% in 2002, hovered at 5.7% by 2008. India’s went from 0.7% in 1998 to 1.9% in 2008. This is great concern among all countries because it rises tremendously, which is not good for humans. Furthermore, parents must remember that children are upcoming future of this world, so they must teach them good habits other than becoming reliant on technology as they keep those habits with themselves for the lifetime.

Unhealthy eating habits also leads to obesity. Like, overeating and eating junk food which includes intake of lots of carbohydrates, salt and sugar. Poor nutrition become trending behavioural health issue because nutrition and diet can affect how someone look like, think and respond. Today people have no time to prepare their food by own in their homes and they are more rely on restaurants and their child copy their parents. Furthermore, restaurants and on street stalls food is more contaminated as compared to home because in food-courts they must serve so many people rather than one or two individuals. If someone consuming bad diet it results in lower strength, slow problem solving and laziness. A survey shows that 2.7 million deaths are attributable to diets low in fruits and vegetables.

According to Karen Sessions “Processed foods not only extend the shelf life, but they extend the waistline as well”. Worldwide low intake of fruit and vegetables is estimated to cause about 19% of gastrointestinal cancer, about 31% of coronary heart disease, and 11% of stroke. In addition physical inactivity is another inflict for fatness which is responsible for numerous disease. Some of them are non-communicable diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular diseases (CVD), type 2 diabetes and certain cancers”. Another study of Francis showed that an average child spends 93% of their lunch time and 97% of the time during snacks in front of a TV screen. Watching TV while eating increases the amount of food consumed by a child, especially soft drinks, fried foods, and snacks.

Eventually, the reason for that is Prader Willi syndrome it is genetic disorder in which one or more genes have errors and they located at chromosome number 15. Individual having this syndrome never feel full after eating enough this term known as binge eating, which results in over-weightiness and it’s starting period is from age of 2 year. People having this disease are unable to reproduce due to unproperly development of sexual parts and body size. Reduction of quality life is another consequence find in obese people that they are not able to do studies with their peers and have less movements to enjoy due to their weight and behavioural problems that is why they stay inside most of time, people irritate them some time.

In addition, after pregnancy girls mostly become fat because, they do not lose weight gained in pregnancy. Afterward surgeries for baby birth, they are not feeling well for at least 3-6 months in which they must feed their child as well that’s why they must have to eat healthy diet which results in attaining much more weight than before. The next condition that, also contributes obesity that is Menopause. This problem is only occurs in ladies after pregnancy and at the age of 45 it is also known as end of reproductive period. It is just because of hormonal change or estrogenic level increase which lasts up to ten years for some ladies. During this condition women usually gain up to 12 to 15 pounds weight normally.

To put it into a nut shell, obesity is a great uprising concern for the contemporary society. So, this problem must be cured by giving proper education to children to taught them about the consequences of the obesity. In addition to this, free gym must be provided, and sports events should be organized on monthly basis to encourage individual of every age to be participate in that event. This is helpful to get rid of obesity. Limited hours must be provided to children to use the technology. Quality of fast food must be checked in restaurants. At last, it is responsibility of each person to stay healthy.

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