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Why We Should Change The Idea Of Stigmatizing Prostitution

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According to the Mirriam Webster Dictionary, “Stigma is a set of negative and often unfair beliefs that a society or group of people have about something”.

For years prostitution has been stigmatized, with very little tolerance or effort to understand why would one enter the field of prostitution. So critics believe that is the dehumanizing of the female gender, while other classify it as an assault against women, but what about those who chooses prostitution as a mean of survival and have successfully made their lives better by trading their God given blessing with whomever they want to; it therefore cannot be an assault, if the age of consent is legal and it is not done by force.

Many would not agree but, in today’s world, prostitution can also be seen formally as trading self for benefits, not for love or companionship but rather material benefits. Most perhaps will not agree, most certainly not, because this would absolutely be seen as a stigma that they themselves would not want to be a victim.

The idea of stigmatizing prostitution is old and outdated, for new research has found that due to the stigmatization; governments, under the influence of civil society and the church refuse to legalize the “world oldest profession” , simply because of stigma. This same stigma has created a vacuum for the profession, which means that the “ladies of the night” are left to the mercy of just about anything, which include diseases, mistreatment, promulgate underage sex, teenage pregnancy, lack of guidance as to the safe and healthy practices and lastly, and more crucially, human trafficking.

It is my opinion, based on research done in the field that sensible governance must take this issue more serious than the surface display and description. Any failed effort to continue to allow prostitution to remain illegal with a growing stigma, is also a direct and knowing fertilization to the “defabrication” of society through increase of the causes and effects of prostitution.

Governments must act now, as what simply was just sex for money, has become under their noses an industry that clouds the growth and fostering of crime and violence which some minister have left up to faith to cure.

Some elements to support the framework of the legalization of prostitution would be:

  1. Establishing a Prostitute Registry through the Ministry of Labour and Social Security. The registry will see to the legality, suitability, qualification and fitness of applicants in an effort to control, increase value and reduce the stigma to the profession. The Ministry will also be responsible to issue and revoke identification Cards and Licenses.
  2. Implement and Enforce quarterly health screening/testing through the Ministry of Health. Quarterly testing will serve as as a fail safe system, to detect any possibility of STI’s and treat in order to prevent further contamination of clients/customers. This will encompass the recommendation and removal of the licence/permit to practice prostitution.
  3. Develop a suitable, adaptable training center to educate on the safe and healthy way of prostitution, to reduce cervical cancer and STIs through the Ministry of Education, Women’s Center and Men’s Health Program. The Ministry will issue certificate of participation which MUST encompass no less than 70% grading to pass such training course.
  4. Incorporate training through Jamaica Tourist Board/Tourism Product Development Company (TPDCO)/Team Jamaica in order to enhance customer service for both locals and foreigners.
  5. All Agencies must provide monthly reports to the Ministry of Labour and Social Security on all applicants, trainees and primary stakeholders in order to be decisive in the mitigation of risk or any liability experienced by the profession.

The idea of a society man and/ or a woman of worth, being exposed by prostitutes promotes a need to act in order to protect ones character. The action in most cases is a carcass found in a bush, a bag, shallow grave or just tossed around a lonely strip of road. Stigma in this sense, is now no longer a prostitute’s problem but also the customer’s problem and the fear of his/her character being compromised by who he/she think was just suppose to be an opportunity to dominate through fetish, kinky and aggressive behaviour.

Stigma is stigma and any stench of it should be closely monitored for no one wants to be stigmatized and will go to the extreme circumstances to prevent its ugly head from surfacing to the mind of a well civilian. And we sit and wonder, what are the causes of crime and the most common answer is “poverty”, but is it?

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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