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Are you a graduate looking to apply to university? A college application essay is vital when applying for university. It is a chance to showcase who you are as an individual and that you are more than just your transcript. The admissions board will be grading your college admissions essay. It can make a difference whether your application is accepted. If, for instance, the admissions are deciding between you and another candidate with similar credentials ... having an impactful, well-written paper could tip the odds in your favor. The chances of being accepted increase when you showcase your personality and commitment to learning as well as why you would be a good match for the school. We have compiled some great tips for how to write your college application essay and stand out from the crowd. You will also have access to college application essay examples that will put you on the right track.

Getting Started – The Process Behind How to Write a College Essay

The first thing to do is research the institutions that you are applying to and find out their values, culture, and what the community is like.

You need to pick a topic, so think about your story and what makes you unique. Once you have an idea, start with your first draft as early as possible, so you have time to revise and edit.

Throughout the process of writing, you will need to revise and make changes to your work, edit it, so it is more concise, and rewrite it.

Once you feel like you are almost there, have someone else critique your work and give you advice.

Continue to revise, edit and rewrite until you have a final draft and have reached the point of satisfaction.

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How Long Should Your College Essay Be?

The requirements may differ between each school. You must read and reread the criteria.

A title is usually optional, but if you can think of a captivating title, it could be beneficial in grabbing the reader’s attention.

The number of paragraphs you use will be up to you. The most important aspect is to create a concise piece of work that sticks to the word limit outlined by the college.

In terms of structure, there isn't a one size fits all template, but it can be beneficial to look at the format of college essay examples to understand how it should be structured.

When it comes to length, you will only have a few hundred words to leave a favorable impression. Your college admission essay needs to be concise and generally between 500 and 650 words long, with an introduction and conclusion.

Our Top Tips for How to Write a College Essay

Admission decisions can come down to your college application paper. Writing quality and having an excellent personal statement are a must.

Here are some top tips to help your college admission essay stand out.

Picking a Topic

Choosing a topic should come from the heart and be something you care about instead of something you think will impress admission officers. Topics with a personal connection will be more authentic and will hold the reader’s attention.

Carefully Read the Instructions

Carefully read the instructions and follow the guidelines. Make notes of what is expected, so you are prepared to create your first draft.

Support Your Ideas with Examples

Everything you write will need to support your viewpoint to ensure it is credible. Spend time thinking about how the essay questions relate to your attributes and write from that viewpoint.

Continuously Edit

Once you have written your first draft, leave it for a while and return to it with fresh eyes. You will edit it several times before reaching the perfect essay. It is always good to have someone else check your work and offer advice.

Avoid Clichés

You may find inspiration from doing research and finding examples. While this may help your essay, you should avoid being over-influenced by these.

Compel with the Introduction

The introduction will need to grab the reader’s attention. Admissions only spend a little time reading essays, so the introduction needs to engage.

Why Should You Read College Application Essay Examples?

Gaining inspiration is normal for any creative, whether it be an artist, a designer, or a writer.

Inspiration from other college application essay examples can be used to create something new. Before writing your college admission essay, it is a good idea to look at samples and also seek advice.

Read a few of these to better understand what your work should consist of and look at the format college essay examples use.

We have put together several college application essay examples on our website.

College Application Essay FAQS

If you still have questions regarding your college admission essay, take a look at the FAQ

Why shouldn’t I highlight my accomplishments?

Your application will already show your credentials and achievements, so there is no reason to repeat these.

How can I make my essay stand out?

Picking a topic that highlights your strengths helps in standing out. Keeping it personal and showing who you are as a person will allow admissions to delve into your mind.

How personal should it be?

It should be genuine and honest and avoid discussing anything personal.

Is it essential to have a polished essay?

Your paper should be balanced, as it needs to be authentic. Don't use over-complicated language to impress, but speak in your voice. However, it will need to be free of grammatical errors, etc.

When should I start planning my college essay?

It is a good idea to start planning the summer before your senior year, so you can gather what it is you would like to express to the college admission commissions. Your first draft should ideally be done before September.

What is the deadline for the college essay?

The deadline will be the same as your application, as all documents will need to be submitted together. Make sure you are aware of the submission deadline for your chosen school. If you need help with your college application essay, turn to the GradesFixer. GradesFixer will help you create original, formatted college admission essays tailored to you. Commission GradesFixer to help you stand out from the crowd.

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