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Also defined as rhetorical analysis essay, it is one of most demanding writing assignments because a writer has research, focus on details, and implementation of strong rhetoric to prove chosen opinion or idea. It is an art of persuasion based on analysis of existing text. As an example, there is an article where author tries to deliver a certain idea. Now the student's task is to analyze the content and find out what kind of rhetoric has been used, who is the target audience. Additionally, such paper identifies writing style, logic, corresponding evidence, ethics, and the ways how an author communicates particular message to the readers. Often defined as, "writing about writers", rhetorical essays require careful examination of original text.
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What is a rhetorical essay?
Rhetorical essay writing is quite challenging since it is necessary to provide an explanation of how an author uses words to have an impact on the target audience. In most cases, rhetorical essay examples represent an already existing set of ideas where an author has provided a certain writing style. The topics of rhetorical writing will vary from the dangers of smoking to the role of teachers in the classroom.
How to write rhetorical essays?
Start your essay with an analysis of the content that you work with. Once a certain argumentation is studied, analyze how a certain verbal effect has been achieved. See our free rhetorical analysis essay as a reference to see how the ethos, logos, and pathos elements are analyzed by citing parts of the original text. Do not give an opinion regarding the content itself but focus on the rhetoric alone.

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