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Typical research essay assignment follows classic academic writing structure, which includes introduction with a thesis statement, three to five body paragraphs, and conclusion. In simple terms, research paper aims to analyze published academic works for ideas related to chosen subject in order to compare it with personal opinion and findings. An argument that writer finds the most crucial should be included in a thesis statement at the end of Introduction part. This is the heart of any research essay. A rule of thumb is to use academic sources to support each idea, which is not author's personal contribution to avoid plagiarism risks. Both introduction and conclusion should mention why an essay in question is significant. Check these research paper samples.
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How do you write a research essay?
Just like any research paper that a college student encounters, you must follow the classic pattern of “Introduction - Thesis - 3 Body Paragraphs - Conclusion”. Some cases may differ, depending on what you have been asked to do, yet a research paper is the one where you must synthesize available information and make a strong argument regarding the main topic or subject of your research. Check our research paper example to see how the sources and evidence are incorporated and mixed with the author’s opinion. Remember about formatting and style requirements in terms of indents and the spaces.
What is a research essay?
Unlike reflective or comparative writing, the research essay will always contain a strict academic structure. An example of a research paper usually represents writing with a thesis statement that makes a proposal, assumption, or uses a strong argument about some scientific idea. It is usually not written in the first person since an author must combine various resources, include quotations, and implement evidence to support certain ideas. The presence of focus on the ideas and the analysis of information is what makes it stand apart from the author-based essay writing.
What is an example of research?
In short, research always implements a certain methodology. While there is no universal formula that would explain what does the research mean in writing, it is sufficient to say that research must contain a topic, strong thesis statement (or an argument), a list of reliable sources, a counter-argument paragraph (if relevant) and the conclusion where information is summed up and stated in a clearer or simpler way. Check our college research paper example to examine the structure in practice and see the key differences when compared to the usual college essay papers.
What type of essay is a research paper?
The research paper always represents analytical work, strategic thinking, and argumentation, which is why the types of writing that belong here include argumentative, analytical, based-upon-subject, and cause-and-effect writing. The types that do not generally belong to research papers include persuasive writing, narration, literature reviews, or those papers where the focus is on the author. The research paper examines things that the others have written on the topic to let you synthesize what you have discovered or researched.

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