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Assessing essay samples by selected experts from various academic fields.

Not just free essay samples, but assessing them as well

Our team of professionals ranks the overall quality of each essay, it’s structure, focus and organization, and leaves corresponding comments to support their arguments.

It helps you understand what aspects professors usually pay attention to when assessing your work and use these tips to improve your writing.

What Is Essay Grading

Essay grading is the process of assessing various factors that determine the overall quality of a particular essay, such as grammar, style, formatting, and readability. It considers how all the elements fit together to help support the main idea and provide value to the reader.

A student may find it useful for:
  • Defining general requirements for organizing an essay
  • Learning how to improve focus when writing a paper
  • Understanding the tone of voice that should be used for formal academic writing
  • Considering examples of a correct sentence structure (and get familiar with cases when it is not)
  • Looking for a needed number of resources used for each particular type of essay

Why we implemented an essay grading service

A quality essay grading service can help students get an accurate grade estimate for their essays. It can help them understand the key factors influencing their grade to improve their writing.

Exploring already graded essays is just as important, as it can provide students with a bigger picture of what it takes to write a superb paper.

How Do We Grade Essays

Each essay should have a clear focus from the get-go. Its introduction should define the topic properly, include definitions of new terms and all the relevant background information.

Our experts make sure that an intro has a clear thesis statement as the last sentence, which delivers the main idea of the entire paper without giving any specific details.

Our experts know that a quality essay should be well-organized, with all the ideas, supporting topics, arguments, and concluding sentences flowing into one another logically.

So that they check whether a paper has an introduction-body-conclusion structure and if there are transition phrases to connect an essay’s ideas and paragraphs together.

The word choice, vocabulary, tone, and syntax are some of the most important voice-related factors for creating a consistent flow.

Only those essays that are written in formal language, without any shortened forms and colloquialisms can be graded high.

Complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling help create a framework for expressing thoughts and ideas clearly.

So our experts make sure that each sentence is an independent clause, meaning that each one has a subject and a verb.

Every essay must refer to relevant sources on the topic that support all the claims. Proper citations are crucial for establishing credibility and avoiding plagiarism.

Furthermore, a high-quality essay includes an author’s personal analysis and outcomes of the statements mentioned in the thematic sources.

Who Grades Essays at GradesFixer


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We provide permanent quality checks and always make sure to have a certain number of specialists able to cover all the essays available on the website.

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