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Compare and contrast essays require students to explain similarities and differences between one or more subjects. It is usually done in several paragraphs starting with a brief topic introduction and description of a research method. As an example, imagine comparing healthcare access in the city and natural remedy practices in the rural areas. Such essay will have to seek what both approaches have in common along with list of major differences. The key part is keeping up with relevance, which means that each argument should be support by evidence or citation, in case there is an article to work with. Another important point is strong thesis statement, which should sum up both research method and primary author's point.
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It’s one of the most popular essay types among college students today as this kind of writing makes it possible to choose a topic and focus on various ideas that stand at the opposite ends of the issue. For example, you may be dealing with gun control rules in the United States and compare them with the same laws in Sweden or Brazil. It means that you should seek similarities, the differences, and try to contrast things. The purpose here is not to state an opinion but present facts first. Once you are done with this part of the task, you should continue with a brief analysis where you sum up what was discovered and talk about what objectives have been achieved if your task included that particular instruction. It’s also essential to check out our free compare and contrast essay examples first before you continue to see how the facts can be presented with the help of a table or two different paragraphs, depending on complexity, methodology, and the word count that you must follow. 

Regarding compare and contrast essay structure, the most important is to include basic information about the problem or an issue that you explore and to narrow your topic down to a particular argument. Here is what you must include: 

  1. Introduction with the brief exploration of the problem and the things you plan to compare. 
  2. Your objectives and methodology paragraph where you state what you would like to find and achieve. It acts as your main argument and replaces your thesis statement. 
  3. The body paragraphs can be either used in two column tables or be formed according to your comparison method. If you would like to seek neutral, similar, or different aspects, you may require up to four columns, depending on how you approach things. 
  4. Your conclusion paragraph should sum up the key facts discovered and offer some analysis regarding the findings on your topic. 
  5. References. If any external source has been used to support your ideas, mention it here to give due credit and avoid plagiarism issues. 

Don’t forget to explore an example of compare and contrast essay to get the visual representation of two different structure points and refer to our compare and contrast essay checklist to avoid possible mistakes: 

  • You provide basic information about the problem and set your research objectives.
  • Your methodology of comparison is clear.
  • You focus on similar, opposite, and neutral points.
  • Your conclusion paragraph lists all the important points and findings.
  • Your tone of comparison is neutral. (It means presenting facts based on your findings before turning to your analysis in the conclusion)
  • There are sources and facts to support each argument that you use.
What is a compare and contrast essay?
Compare and contrast essay writing aims to provide a comparison of two subjects, notions, objects, beliefs, or personalities by listing several qualities or elements that are required by a chosen methodology. You must contrast your discovered information in an “A vs B” pattern style. Good compare and contrast essay topics can be as simple as cats versus dogs or go as complex as cloud services versus physical data carriers comparison.
How to write compare-and-contrast essays?
The rule is to do such kind of essay writing in two takes. First of all, collect and structure information that you would like to compare. Once ready, it is time to contrast your information by using the same criteria and requirements. See our compare and contrast essay examples to get a better idea of how to connect these two writing stages. If you use any sources, cite them accordingly.

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