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Evaluation essay task can be met by any student, yet most often it is submitted by Law and Philosophy students because there is a lot of critical thinking, analysis, and strategic approach involved. In certain sense, such assignment is re-synthesis of available information. An evaluation paper should help an audience see what emotions and thoughts occur after the reading. If there is a news report or research paper to analyze, evaluation can focus on proper use of sources, style, rhetoric, grammar, logic or basically any element that makes written content tend more towards weak or strong side. While it is not a critique paper as such, this essay type should let readers form their personal opinion based on provided clues.
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What is an evaluation essay?
The purpose here is to evaluate an already existing work by presenting an analytical opinion with a clear point of view. It can be compared to a summary writing with the help of argumentation. You must follow a clear structure and support your ideas with related examples and references. The topics for the evaluation essay may deal with the recent movies you have seen or talk about your favorite author.
How to write evaluation essays?
The topics that you choose must have enough evidence to include in your essay. The trick is to write down all the key elements to show the value or the importance of what you describe. See our evaluation essay example to see how the structure analyzes available information and connects the dots. It will help you to see how you can work both with existing or newly created essay content.

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