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An interesting writing assignment task, often completed by engineering students, process essay aims to provide detailed, step-by-step description of a certain procedure. It acts as a guide at different stages of certain occurrence. For example, student may explain peculiarities of how a synthesizer works or how to turn on a fire prevention alarm. Due to differences in approach, there are two process essay types. One of them has directional background since it provides detailed guide regarding how to achieve something. Next, there is informational essay category, which explains an actual process that takes place, followed by detailed analysis. Clarity, structure, and chronology is what helps to make such assignment successful! Just remember - it is not a dry manual writing!
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What is a process essay?
As the name implies, this kind of essay writing deals with a detailed description of a process. Some process essays examples include a description of woodcutting or the ways how a violin is crafted. It can be compared to manuals where an essay does not focus on general information or argumentation but talks about the process and the key facts.
How to write process essays?
If we take baking a cake as an example, it is necessary to start by describing what kind of a process it will be in general. The good examples of process essays will also include the list of required tools or the components. Then it must have an outline where the key information is listed. As a rule, successful process essay topics will always provide accessible, step-by-step process guidance.

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