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Even though most students believe that memoir essays must be awfully lengthy or even tragic, they should be inspiring and coherent in the first place. Essentially, no memory is too small for such task! Memoirs can be written by anyone as long as an interesting topic is chosen. It can be a first job experience, a favorite childhood toy, difficult conversation with a friend or any significant event. As a rule, writers implement diverse literary devices like dialogues, metaphors, and detailed descriptions to set the scene. For most cases, there is no specific structure or format, so be creative, writing to your heart’s content. For even more inspiration and ideas, have a look through several memoir essay examples we have.
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What is a memoir essay?
This type of writing is often mixed up with autobiography essays. However, it is not the same as it represents a first-person narrative that describes a certain part of a person's life. The topics and ideas are always chosen by the author. In terms of comparing a personal essay vs memoir, it is necessary to understand that memoir still keeps to a certain chronology even if describing a single day.
How to write memoir essays?
Even though it is not a fiction story, memoir essay writing still uses various metaphors or literary devices that increase an emotional effect. You can see our memoir essay examples that show how it is done in practice. The structure has a strong temporal effect and an overly emotional tone, which is acceptable for memoir writing. Remember to end your writing with an important argumentation that will make readers think.

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