Cause and Effect Essays Examples

Cause-and-effect is one of most popular essay assignments regardless of discipline. It is a research paper where student should analyze the causes of specific problem, event or belief with a focus on consequences. As an example, if student writes about river pollution in eastern Montana, there are reasons that have caused it. Writing cause-and-effect essay means listing the reasons (chemical plant) why the water has been poisoned and what effect it had on the wildlife and the eco system. The most challenging part is correct organization, which requires an outline. It is recommended to divide such paper in two parts. The first half should list the strongest causes, while the other part should bring a summary exposition of an outcome.
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What are some examples of cause and effect?
As a rule, the majority of cause-and-effect essays deal with challenging issues like ocean pollution or corruption in the country. While you do not have to provide a solution per se, the task here is to tell about what it causes. For example, “Frequent smoking leads to lung diseases” or “The introduction of stricter driving laws has led to fewer road accidents”. In all these examples of cause-and-effect essays, you can see the reason that has brought something up. You can also check our sample ideas to determine how to connect both parts of your narration and make the structure right.
How do I write a cause and effect essay?
The good old trick that you can use is the creation of an outline or a table with two columns where one part contains the causes for something and the other column discusses the effect it has had. For example, you can talk about better furniture for college students and talk about what it has caused in terms of back pains decrease, better posture, and so on. The effects would contain more efficient studying, an improvement in a mental state, and other positive aspects. The most important is to use the bridge words and expressions that help your readers understand why something took place.
What is a cause and effect essay definition?
Your purpose is to describe the chain of events and reveal the logic between the causes and the consequences. Some cause-and-effect essay examples may contain topics like “drinking coffee in the morning leads to…” where the “drinking coffee” aspect is the cause, while “leads to” would talk about the reasons that have been caused by the practice. You can check our existing ideas to see what it means in practice and what kind of narration is used. Of course, you must provide evidence for the causes if there are any. It is not only an assumption that must be made as you write.
What does “cause and effect” mean in writing?
In most cases, the talk goes about the logic link between some action and the various consequences that relate to it. You can safely sample cause-and-effect essays to see that it is not only Political Science or Environmental Sciences that relate to that. As a rule, you can write about bad nursing practices that you would like to change or tell about how workplace bullying leads to depression. If you make a claim, an argument, or an assumption, you speak of the cause-and-effect model by explaining how something leads to a certain state. Do not forget that it involves analytical work, too.

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