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Descriptive essays are actually encountered by far more people than just Arts students who have to describe a painting, museum visit or a personal experience. Most colleges in the United States use this assignment type to examine basic student writing skills. Descriptive writing has to be interesting and filled with details, use of metaphors, allegories, comparisons, descriptions of beliefs, principles or emotions that take place. It is often approached as a creative writing task where student has to paint a picture with words, allowing readers to imagine how something took place and made an author impressed. Essay usually includes chronology and follows structure among the lines of "event - action - lesson learned". It definitely takes some time and inspiration!
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What is a descriptive essay?
The aim of this essay type is to provide a description with the help of narrative writing, use of metaphors, comparisons, statistical information, surveys, or anything that may be applicable to your subject. Write down the adjectives that help you describe particular topics. The famous descriptive essays that most students receive deal with the description of an American Dream, writing about one’s vision of success, profession, favorite past-time, and more.
How to write descriptive essays?
Start with an outline of things that help you describe an object of your attention. Use it as a game to help your audience guess and understand the subject. If you have to write about some emotion or friendship, things can easily get tricky. Therefore, you can think over ideas by browsing through descriptive essay samples to boost your creativity. Simply describe by comparing and staying creative as you write.

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