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In most cases, problem-solution essay represents an argumentative writing piece where a particular challenge is chosen as a research topic. Once a problem is identified, one or more solutions are offered with brief explanation as to why specified method has been chosen. Tasks of this type are usually divided in two important parts: the first should identify the problem and tell about possible causes, the rest of the paper proposes solutions, thus persuading an audience that offered research method is efficient. Before allowing the readers to examine the claim of a thesis statement, remember to introduce a list of reasons that help explain why particular problem exists. Unless specified otherwise in a grading rubric, writing outline follows classic “introduction-body-conclusion” structure.
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The majority of problem solution essay topics that you will encounter deal with a special prompt where the problem is approached through the lens of some theory or argumentation. As a rule, you should provide a clear solution with evidence-based writing on a synthesis of available information. It should be done either in a step-by-step guide to offer a certain solution or as the sum of what can be done to address the topic. 

The problem solution essay structure that you must follow should provide the following sections: 

  1. Introduction paragraph with the description of the problem. 
  2. Statement of your objectives to the problem and “why you think it’s important” paragraph. 
  3. Thesis statement with a clear proposal, meaning your solution. 
  4. At least 3 body paragraphs where you sort your arguments from the strongest to the weakest. 
  5. Conclusion. This is where you explain whether you could achieve your solution to the problem. Since you may talk about a practical task, you should explore problem and solution examples that will show you how to connect your thesis statement to your achievements. 
  6. Research suggestions paragraph. If something has been missing as you have done your problem solution research, you may provide certain ideas and solutions that would be helpful. 
  7. References paragraph. Make sure that you provide every source that has been used to avoid plagiarism issues. 

Here is the checklist that you should follow to come up with an excellent problem and solution essay structure:

  • You should provide a problem-solution essay.
  • Challenge, methodology, and solution included?
  • Clear piece of evidence where you talk about why the problem is important
  • Clear thesis statement (Your thesis statement can be up to 2 sentences where you may add an explanatory sentence that talks about your methodology.)

Don’t forget to check our free examples of problem solution essay to see how to narrow your topics down as you talk about the challenges and offer solutions suitable for a specific region or an event. It’s an important structure factor you should consider.

What is a problem solution essay?
An essay that identifies the problem or an issue, providing several ways to resolve it. A typical problem solution essay example is river pollution or youth gang problems. Include a description of a problem with statistical data or references. As a rule, a solution is offered with due analysis. All problems and solutions examples must include strong argumentation and references.
How to write a problem solution essay?
An introduction part must provide information about the issue and explain why it matters. Provide a list of solutions or mention a methodology. Good problem solution essay topics analyze the strengths and weaknesses of existing solutions by coming to a conclusion and a list of recommendations. Remember about references and backing up your argumentation with evaluation in the Conclusion part.

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