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Narrative essay has to tell a story based around particular concept constantly followed by an author. Speaking of subject, while it can be anything, it is necessary to base narration upon a pre-set motif. Challenging part is that there are usually five paragraphs to follow (introduction - 3 body paragraphs - conclusion), which is not always easy to achieve as confusion sets in. Narrative writing is not equal to storytelling format per se since it has a conclusion part where general idea or narration come to a logical point. It brings up outline structure concerns, yet it should simply revolve around a single theme or an idea that describes an event, explains why it matters, concluding with a lesson learned.
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What is a narrative essay example?
The typical narrative essay example is writing about your memorable experience or telling about how you have met your hero. The key is to tell a story that will inspire your target audience and come up with a lesson that you have learned. You can sample narrative essay ideas by checking our examples. The most important is to introduce your readers to the background and the key elements of your narration so they can see what makes it important. Another example may be telling about traveling to another country or breaking up with your crush. Just keep your storytelling interesting and inspiring!
How do you start a narrative essay?
The most important element is coming up with a hook sentence that will catch the attention of your readers. It can be something like “Going to Egypt seemed to be all about Pyramids to me, yet I found out that…” or “Planning to meet my favorite athlete, I would not expect that…”. It has to be interesting and introduce your purpose as it is done in our narrative story examples that you can check. See how the introduction part does not give out any secrets but keeps the reader waiting for me. You have to tell a story, so do it like you would tell it to a friend!
What are some good narrative essay topics?
The examples of narrative essays that work for the typical college professors are those that help to reflect your personality or focus on important issues that will feel close to most people. Some good topic ideas for narrative writing include “Studying abroad in...”, “My first job experience”, “The book that has inspired me as a child”, or “My internship experience at…”. If you do not know what to write about, just tell about what you would like to become in the future or what things you would change as a politician or a person with certain resources.

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