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Defining Economics Research Areas 
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100 Economic Research Topics

economic research topics

Studying economics can be quite challenging and even confusing at first, yet once you brainstorm various helpful research topics, you instantly understand the range of ideas that can be explored. You may not be majoring in economics per se and studying Sociology or Education since economics is always involved in every discipline. It makes it extremely difficult to find good economic research topics for your Master's thesis, dissertation writing, or a simple essay that you plan to use for debates. Keeping all of these challenges in mind, we have collected 100 competitive economic research topic ideas to assist you in making your scientific work perfect! 

Defining Economics Research Areas 

Economics studies can be defined as a branch of science that deals with the production, analysis, distribution, and behavioral consumption of goods and services. You can study economics that relates to individuals, corporations, businesses, governmental aspects, and the countries as the resources are being shared. Science can take different shapes and talk about social factors, technology, banking, finances, and international relations. 

There are two main research areas which are micro- and macroeconomics. Microeconomics deal with small-scale issues, while macroeconomics is mostly dealing with global challenges. You can also deal with calculations, accounting, social development, and analytical writing. You can also deal with econometrics, which is a complex economic theory that implements statistical interference to explain and quantify the economic state. 

Choosing Interesting Economic Topics For Your Economics Paper 

Although we are not dealing with creative writing and disciplines like Philosophy and English Literature, it's still necessary to choose something interesting and inspiring. The subject should motivate you to research and make a statement. First of all, you have to determine whether your problem is closer to microeconomics or takes a larger range of economic factors, thus requiring macroeconomics. This way, you should follow these 7 tips on how to choose an interesting subject: 

  1. Choose something that you know well based on what makes you feel inspired. 
  2. Research the subject that you would like to explore and see what gaps are present. 
  3. All economic research paper topics must be connected to the main thesis statement. 
  4. If your paper is explanatory or descriptive, you can make a statement in your title. 
  5. When you write an argumentative paper, you can ask a question in your title. 
  6. Always narrow things down when you are dealing with the general concepts. 
  7. Your topic should be clear enough, yet should not give out the results of your work. 

What a Research Paper in Economics Should Look Like? 

Your econommics paper structure should contain introduction with a thesis, three to five body paragraphs, a statistical paragraph, and the conclusion. Getting into details, your paper should represent: 

- Introduction must start with a statistical fact, an assumption or an interesting idea that acts as a hook sentence. The final sentence should be your thesis. 

- Body Paragraphs must include at least three arguments with quotes and examples. Once you provide an example, it's vital to offer analysis. 

- Analytical Bits. Since you are dealing with economics, make sure that you add statistical information or an explanation of your methodology before you come to the final part. 

- Conclusion part should either make a call to action or sum things up in simpler terms. You can also make recommendations and explain what your research paper was able to achieve. 

The Main Economics Topics for Research Paper Studies 

Since there are so many topics that can be explored in economics, our experts decided to narrow things down and outline ten important subjects that are most popular among college and university students: 

  1. Investments and the management of risks.  
  2. Digital economics and social media marketing. 
  3. Economic development across the world. 
  4. Econometrics and explanation of the cases. 
  5. Competition and market management. 
  6. Ethical aspects of consumerism in economics. 
  7. Digital vs human challenges in accounting. 
  8. Cryptocurrencies and data mining. 
  9. Sustainability and interdependence of corporations. 
  10. Microeconomics and financial risk avoidance. 

These are only the basics that are constantly encountered among college tasks. If you want to explore more, follow 100 research topics for economics as you plan to write your assignment! 

100 Economic Research Topics Divided By Subject 

- Bachelor's Topics in Economics.  

When you are writing an economics paper for your Bachelor's degree, the most important is to conduct due research and include examples. It creates a challenge because you have to provide high originality as you balance your sources and analytical information. Regardless if you are dealing with the business managerial side of economics or researching global investments with the elements of accounting, these research topics will provide you with helpful information. 

  1. The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic in relation to housing prices in the United States. 
  2. The history of the foreign exchange market. 
  3. The Indian heritage and allocation of the economic resources in India. 
  4. Irrational behavior in the field of digital marketing. 
  5. Free market economy versus free enterprise systems. 
  6. Economic influence when dealing with poverty. 
  7. The role of education in the field of economics. 
  8. Criminal groups and the development of economic methods in Brazil. 
  9. The Ukrainian conflict and the European economy. 
  10. Productivity and bias in the employment selection. 

- Master's Topics in Economics. 

When you are asked to write an assignment that matches the Master's level in economics, you should start with a deeper type of research or consider subjects that are not so common. At the same time, you can choose a topic that is widely discussed, yet narrow things down a little bit. You can choose both local and international events or focus on a case study as you provide analytical information. Here are some research paper topics in economics that you may start with as you brainstorm these topics: 

  1. The role of personal data management when making an online payment. 
  2. Random events in the United States and planning short-term economic success. 
  3. Economic freedom through the lens of paternalism: Amazon case study. 
  4. Demographic factor after WWII: a forced economic growth? 
  5. Experimental preferences and the digital economy: shaping social preferences. 
  6. Cryptocurrency as the addictive practice: mining versus the classic stock market. 
  7. The effect of bulk consumption through the lens of the famine in Africa. 
  8. Economic perspectives in the regions that have been affected by the armed conflicts. 
  9. The pros and cons of Green Energy technology as the financial sector expands. 
  10. How does the inclusive workflow affect economic development in the workplace? 

- Microeconomics. 

If you require something more small-sized and related to a specific branch of economics, you should think about considering this list of topics that deal with microeconomics. When you are dealing with single methods, factors, and the effects of the individuals, you will be able to find relevant sources and examples. Here are some outstanding ideas to start with:

  1. The most efficient methods to help small businesses avoid debt. 
  2. The post-Brexit effect on the companies that are dealing with bankruptcy. 
  3. A comparison of the EU taxes and the American system of taxation in the economy. 
  4. The role of microeconomics when dealing with local economic crimes. 
  5. How can digital marketing help to maximize profits via seminars
  6. How can supply and demand be made transparent for the audit? 
  7. The methods to track consumer equilibrium. 
  8. Allocation of funding in the local bakery: an economic plan. 
  9. Spending a government surplus: what are the legal aspects to know in the USA? 
  10. Starting a small business overseas: what is the Matthew inequality effect? 

- Macroeconomics

In simple terms, when you are asked to compose an assignment based on macroeconomic research studies, you will have to deal with the large-scale analysis of the global or basic economic ideas that take place. It can be the national interest or the economic output of an entire country. The subjects related to this field may include the gross domestic product or the employment rates in a particular country. You may check these essay topics for economics

  1. History of the monetary policy in the United States. 
  2. Sustainability of the economic growth in South Africa.
  3. The pros and cons of equitable distribution. 
  4. The most efficient method to address unemployment in the economy. 
  5. How to address the challenges of total consumption? 
  6. Economic system of Iceland versus Norway. 
  7. The role of a single household in the general economic system. 
  8. The controversies related to inflation studies in financial department
  9. Geopolitical events and the challenges of the national economic systems. 
  10. The reasons why outsourcing ruins the national economy. 

- Financial Economics. 

It deals with the resources that are related to markets and financial calculations. It means that you are dealing with various economic theories as you address the risks, costs, opportunities, and temporal challenges. The most challenging is that you have to deal with a correct distribution of available resources. Since it is a very complex branch of economics, you should consider brainstorming various ideas: 

  1. The dangers of AI-based calculation and strategic planning for large corporations. 
  2. Investment risks related to individual stock systems. 
  3. Creation of a financial portfolio in the digital realm: the changes in 2022. 
  4. Public finances law versus private investment stocks. 
  5. Present value through the lens of Pharmacology and epidemics. 
  6. Risk management diversification when econometrics is used. 
  7. Monetary issues and the current Swiss system: what are the pros and cons? 
  8. Online banking and the accessibility factor: how far can safety go? 
  9. Digital accounting and the job on-site training challenges. 
  10. Approaching large markets through micro private foundations. 

- Economic Discussions. 

The majority of college and university students majoring in Economics have to go through various debates where they must provide arguments or argue regarding the best methods to approach a particular problem. This can easily get challenging, which is why you should either come up with a general idea or make a statement that will be hard enough to challenge as there will be several opinions. See these economic essay topics for your ECON degree to get a better idea: 

  1. The controversy of the federal fiscal policy in the United States.  
  2. The economic damage that is caused by data mining and cryptocurrencies. 
  3. Green Economics is the only future approach to addressing poor countries. 
  4. Immigration helps to achieve better equality in our economic equilibrium.
  5. The reasons that cause an imbalance between demand and supply. 
  6. How can a small business protect production costs through competition? 
  7. The pros and cons of the consumer demand strategy in practice. 
  8. Apple and Amazon corporations: are these monopolies? 
  9. Digital media is helpful for economics: branding and influence. 
  10. Marginal analysis of college budgeting when using several plans. 

- Development Economics

Development economics is one of how branches where you study the ways how emerging nations achieve certain financial stability via strategic management and cooperation. Economists study this field of science when dealing with poor countries, yet it's also encountered when one has to create both domestic and international policies. As you develop economic policies for your research, you should define whether you are dealing with the micro or macro environment. Here are some ideas to consider: 

  1. The methods how outsourcing methods can help improve economic productivity. 
  2. The bond between higher literacy rates in rural areas and economic growth.
  3. Traditional economies versus command economies strategies. 
  4. The use of natural resources in Iceland as a major factor in economic development. 
  5. The most efficient ways to achieve better physical capital outcomes. 
  6. Mixed markets distribution n Asia: why do some brands become more famous? 
  7. The role of entrepreneurship for economic growth. 
  8. The real estate investments and the strategy of bulk economy purchases. 
  9. Short-term and long-term goals when dealing with economic development. 
  10. The importance of industry diversification during times of globalization. 

- Social Economics. 

In simple terms, when you are dealing with social economics, you are researching the social aspect of economics where the main focus is a set of social methods, behavior strategies, and calculations. The practical examples are stability in employment, strong business networks among small to medium companies, social security, good schools, and the aspects like medical care and the daily sides of life. As you research the social aspect of economics, consider these economics topics for essays

  1. Occupational factors for economic growth between the United States and the UK. 
  2. Environmental care campaigns and the funds allocated for delivering the message. 
  3. Green energy and the climate change challenges required to make the industrial transition efficient. 
  4. Social inequality and the educational requirements. 
  5. The benefits of an equitable distribution of global wealth and education. 
  6. The minimum standards between Germany and Sweden (you can choose any other country). 
  7. Establishing socialist economy in the model country: an economic outline. 
  8. Analysis of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam through the socio-economic lens. 
  9. The core principles of the moral side of economics. 
  10. Corporative protection of private information and personal data when making investments. 

- Technology and Economics Ideas. 

Technology is a part of modern economics that always comes along and becomes an integral factor for the successful integration of digital strategies, online banking, and, most importantly, cryptocurrencies and data mining. If you are dealing with the Data Sciences discipline or require assistance with the SMM or digital economics in the modern era, you must take your time to explore the topic ideas below as you seek an innovation

  1. An ethical side of data mining practices for private economic growth.  
  2. Technological differences between microeconomics analysis and global statistics. 
  3. Economic analysis of the vaccination campaigns (Covid-19 analysis case). 
  4. The pros and cons of online banking for the elderly population. 
  5. AI-based tools as a method of the safer management of funds. 
  6. Simplification of accounting with the help of digital solutions. 
  7. Advertising as a way to achieve rapid economic growth. 
  8. The controversy of digital bankruptcy. 
  9. Transnational corporations and the ethical standards of intellectual property sharing. 
  10. Cryptocurrency markets and the closed-circle environments. 

Ph.D. Economic Topics to Write About

When you are planning to compose a dissertation and need excellent Ph.D. topics in economics, it is possible to approach the subjects that are widely discussed in the media or narrow your studies down to something specific. Generally, it's not recommended to use a single case study to research the Ph.D.-level topics. You may include a challenging problem and provide a synthesis with several solutions based on literature reviews. You can check these ideas and identify the scientific areas that you can work on as you become enrolled in a Master’s program. Use them as the starting points as you explore these ideas for a presentation or research writing: 

  1. Development economics in Congo: why is the wealth not becoming an efficient solution? 
  2. The challenges of the foreign direct investment strategy during the post-Brexit period in the UK. 
  3. Trade policies in the Asian markets: analysis of the free markets and the public reports. 
  4. Why is China remaining one of the most powerful economies while following a socialistic model? 
  5. Analysis of the perfect competition in the online markets: the role of influencers. 
  6. Social media as the new method of demand and supply: learning the restrictions. 
  7. The role of education in economic growth: why education is not always helpful? 
  8. Unemployment in the European Union: the pros and cons of forced immigration. 
  9. Marine trade barriers and finding advantages as the exchange rates are involved. 
  10. Linguistic factors and the words lost in translation when dealing with economic global reports. 

When You Require Assistance

When you are feeling lost and need assistance with a subject that relates to economics in this way or another, you should not seek elsewhere as we have good subject ideas for college and university students. Even when you need competitive ideas for your undergraduates debate class or would like to focus on the social side of economics, you can easily find an essay on the topic on our website. Brainstorm the topics, play with the wording, and never hesitate to ask for help if something is unclear. Remember that your main thesis statement should be connected to your title, so make your choice wisely and take your time!