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150 Sports Informative Speech Topics For College Students

sports informative speech topics

Sports educational topics are often encountered in various subjects that range from Recreational Medicine and Healthcare to Political Sciences and Arts. When you have to write a persuasive speech on the importance of sports in education or discuss the ways how tennis can be helpful when you plan to sign an important business contract, you will find our list of helpful subject ideas helpful. These sports informative speech topics already have a persuasive element to them and are sorted according to sports and speech types. When it's hard to concentrate on a specific topic that deals with sports, the most efficient solution is to see several examples and proceed with the ideas that you may have in mind!

How to Write Informative Speech Topics in Sports 

Writing an informative speech related to sports should follow the primary purpose of such writing - to inform your target audience about the subject that you would like to explore and the reasons behind it. If you want to talk about playing cricket in England, talk about the rules of the game since it's not so common beyond the Commonwealth countries. Likewise, if you talk about college athletes, inform your target audience about the number of college athletes in the United States and then proceed with the competitive thesis statement or a problem that you would like to explore. Your speech has to tell a story and inform by providing statistical information and setting a particular issue for the readers to hear and explore as you talk. Choosing sports persuasive speech topics, operate with the facts, and make your tone confident! If you have to use an element of persuasion, stay respectful and let your audience see why something is correct in your opinion as you provide examples based on a clear topic.

Tips to Choose Good Sports Speech Topics 

When you are determined to choose a good sports topic for your speech, always start with something that inspires you and a subject that you know well. If you plan to talk about baseball, make sure that you learn the history and talk about the reasons for the decline in popularity. If you want to talk about substance abuse in basketball, make sure that your topic reflects something that you can support with a piece of evidence. These tips will help you:

  1. Start by researching the facts about the subject that interests you. 
  2. Come up with a strong thesis idea for your speech that will be your main argument. Your topic's title should reflect it clearly. 
  3. Avoid vague speech topics and do not introduce any new ideas beyond what your topic mentions. 
  4. Provide both sides of the issue if your sports subject is debatable. 
  5. Offer examples and focus on athletes, coaches, and important personalities. 
  6. Mention statistical information and do not forget the socio-cultural element.
  7. Make your topic keyword-friendly and play with the order of words for improved readability.

Best Informative Speech Topics Sports 2022 

Although the perception of "the best" is always subjective, it is essential to consider those persuasive speech topic ideas that inspire you and reflect the issues that we have seen as of late or faced in our practice. Regardless of whether you are a college athlete yourself or a person studying Political Science or Education, these popular ideas will help you to find a starting point to work with. Take your time to explore and remember that there are many ways how sports can be implemented into your course curriculum! 

  1. The negativity factor in mixing sports and politics for the athletes. 
  2. Resolving misconceptions about the danger of rugby for children. 
  3. The reasons why cybersports should not be considered sports per se. 
  4. Moral preparation of athletes for participation in a marathon
  5. Socio-cultural interference of sports federations across the world. 
  6. The most efficient ways to make sports accessible for children with disabilities.
  7. Military veterans and the role of sports in the recovery from PTSD. 
  8. The factor of fair play in youth sports and the role of the educators. 
  9. The role of Scandinavian culture and organization of winter sports. 
  10. Sports as a way to overcome anxiety, social distance, and depression in college. 

Top 10 Senior Speech Ideas for Sports: Persuasive Speech Topics 

As our team of experts explored the most popular subjects dealing with sports during the last two years, we came up with a top ten of the most popular and inspiring ideas. As you can see, they are dealing with anything from school education and politics to the challenges of healthy competition in sports and cultural factors. Make sure that you narrow things down a little bit and choose your methodology as you start with an exploration to persuade your target audience. 

  1. Playing sports helps to develop high concentration skills in children. 
  2. Individual sports for business management and leadership building. 
  3. The luxury side of playing golf or why some sports are inaccessible. 
  4. The role of the "macho" factor and the culture of body-building. 
  5. The history of soccer in the United States: interesting facts. 
  6. Negativity in the perception of competition in team sports. 
  7. The role of celebrity status in sports: discussing charity versus luxury. 
  8. College athletes be treated like professionals as they are not different.   
  9. Political persecution in sports is unacceptable. 
  10. Schools should include chess learning as an obligatory subject. 

List of Persuasive Speech Topics About Sports 

This time we shall explore informative speech topics for college with a focus on persuasive aspects of writing that are related to specific sports. Of course, it does not mean that you should not compare football and rugby or talk about why baseball is better than hockey if you believe so. The trick here is to inform your readers about something and do your best to persuade them with the help of statistical facts and/or examples. 

- Football. 

The talk here goes about American Football, which is an important part of the country’s culture and an interesting way to train your stamina and have fun with your friends even if you are only watching the game. Here are some persuasive topics to consider: 

  1. The role of the evolution of American football from soccer and rugby. 
  2. The cultural impact of the historical game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869. 
  3. American football is becoming more popular in the United States surpassing hockey and basketball
  4. The Super Bowl became too commercial and has lost the spirit of the game. 
  5. The significance of American football in the media is becoming more prominent since 2000. 
  6. The difference in perception of American football between Americans and Canadians. 
  7. The competition and the racial injustice in the world of American football. 
  8. The role of colleges in the history and culture of American football. 
  9. How has the American football memorabilia changed through the years: a cultural analysis speech. 
  10. Politics and wealth have no place in IFAF: infographics and statistics study.

- Soccer.  

If we go beyond the United States, soccer is definitely the most popular sport in the world as you will have toddlers and old people kick the ball basically everywhere. When soccer games are on TV, you will see large families in remote areas of the world gather around the old TV and watch the players kick the ball as they cheer for their team. It's hard to underestimate the socio-cultural significance of this game, yet finding a good persuasive topic is a challenging task. Here are some persuasive speech sports topics ideas to help you start: 

  1. History of soccer proves that the game does not belong to any country in particular. 
  2. The popularity of soccer in England has a right for the British soccer terminology. 
  3. Soccer helps to eliminate cultural differences more than any other sport in the world. 
  4. The most efficient ways to make soccer accessible to poor communities. 
  5. The role of education for soccer players should not be ignored. 
  6. The heritage of Fergus Suter as the first soccer player that is gaining popularity. 
  7. Team spirit in soccer has changed and become more individual (offer examples). 
  8. Sports coaching for the children by females for male players versus male coaches for female teams. 
  9. Soccer is a method to help youngsters with disabilities gain confidence. 
  10. Soccer violence and the perception of the fan base. 

- Basketball.

It’s hard to find a game that would be that popular in the United States. In fact, when most non-Americans think of the United States, basketball always comes up. Here are some popular persuasive sports speech topics to consider: 

  1. The cases of substance abuse among professional NBA players.  
  2. Basketball players require professional psychological assistance. 
  3. The reasons why NBA as a sport can prove helpful for military training sessions. 
  4. The heritage of African Americans for the culture of basketball in the United States. 
  5. Joining college as a talented basketball player and the role of education. 
  6. Basketball players became too ignorant and should be paid less. 
  7. The reasons why racial issues are virtually absent in the NBA. 
  8. Basketball and the possible improvements regarding the game rules. 
  9. Commercialization of basketball games is unacceptable. 
  10. The moral side of basketball players plays a vital role for youngsters. 

- Baseball. 

Some people may say that baseball has lost its leading position among Americans, yet it is a game that constitutes an integral part of American culture. If you are ready to persuade others about this fact or another, start with these inspiring topics: 

  1. The cultural role of baseball in American society is decreasing. 
  2. The reasons why baseball is losing its popularity. 
  3. Finding links between television's emergence and the popularity of baseball. 
  4. Abuse of the player's rights during baseball games is the fault of the coach. 
  5. Competition in baseball compared to the competition in rugby. 
  6. MLB attendance rates are decreasing because of commercial disputes. 
  7. The cultural comparison of MLB and NFL audiences in the United States. 
  8. Popularity of baseball in the Netherlands: non-American strategies
  9. The reasons why baseball is still popular in Boston. 
  10. Baseball is one of the most dangerous sports for kids. 

- Hockey.

When you think of hockey in the United States and Canada, you instantly think of the real men and fighters who train hard to win the game and showcase their skills. At the same time, there are many subjects that can be brought up when dealing with hockey persuasive speech writing. Think about exploring the following ideas: 

  1. The political clashes between Canada and the Soviet Union through the lens of hockey. 
  2. The use of extra power and violence in hockey must be forbidden. 
  3. The safety aspect of using fans as goalies is not within US legislation. 
  4. The role of hockey in the Olympic Games. 
  5. Engineering aspect of hockey and high-speed sports persuasive analysis. 
  6. The French and Irish cultural heritage for hockey in the United States. 
  7. Canadian hockey is stricter than the American version. 
  8. The high prices problem and affordability of children's hockey. 
  9. Political situation with the Russian-born players in NHL. 
  10. Minnesota's working class and the origins of famous NHL players. 

- Athletics.

The majority of college athletes prefer to choose Athletics as a field of their research writing. While there are many options that can be explored, the trick is to narrow your subject down a little bit to explain what kind of information you would like to deliver and speak of the methods (with examples) that help you to persuade and instruct your readers. See these inspiring ideas:

  1. Athletes should be checked by more than one organization in terms of substance use.  
  2. Psychological training courses must be obligatory for athletes. 
  3. College athletes achieve high academic merits because of their organizational skills. 
  4. Athletic lessons as a way to fight procrastination: analysis with examples. 
  5. Trampoline training and the necessity of acrobatic skills. 
  6. Gender neutrality challenge and testosterone tests among female athletes. 
  7. The pros and cons of the political battles of modern athletes.
  8. Accessibility of athletic schools for children in the United States. 
  9. Development of motor and cognitive skills and the quality of school P.E. athletics
  10. Performance analysis and the bias of the international committee to specific countries. 

- Chess.

While some people will not consider chess as a sport per se and perceive it as a game that is played in peace and silence, the competition in the world of chess is fierce. If you are majoring in Psychology or Data Science, you may choose chess as an interesting subject to inform your readers and persuade them as you brainstorm all the interesting points. Here are some of them to explore: 

  1. The use of mathematical analysis is helpful for chess. 
  2. Having good luck is not playing any positive role when playing chess. 
  3. The most efficient ways to use strategic thinking in chess. 
  4. The reasons why small children can win a chess match playing with an adult. 
  5. The positive effect of chess on the cardiovascular system of a person. 
  6. Playing chess and the development of socio-linguistic skills. 
  7. Competition in chess and the impossibility of cheating. 
  8. The history of chess and the American culture. 
  9. Playing chess with an autistic child is possible. 
  10. Fighting depression by playing chess: a mental health benefit. 

- Gymnastics.

Dealing with Gymnastics as a subject is quite challenging because it is always necessary to remain specific and avoid general themes if you are dealing with sensitive or medical subjects. Since we are dealing with a speech, it is much safer to focus on the significance of gymnastics and talk about the aesthetic development of this beautiful sport. Think among the lines of these ideas: 

  1. The gender perception in gymnastics between male and female athletes. 
  2. The use of make-up should remain within acceptable artistic standards. 
  3. Substance abuse and stress relief methods among gymnasts. 
  4. The history of changes in the aesthetic perception of gymnastics. 
  5. Plagiarism in gymnastics: why athletes should not copy each other's artistic elements. 
  6. The use of music in gymnastics and the development of modern styles. 
  7. Coaching styles and tricks in gymnastics and the cases of physical abuse. 
  8. The factor of cruelty in the training sessions must be avoided. 
  9. Gymnastics as an obligatory part of school training: the pros and cons. 
  10. Evaluation of performance in gymnastics: bias in analysis between male and female coaches. 

- Martial Arts.

If you would like to choose martial arts as a subject to explore for your informative persuasive speech for college, make sure that you discuss more than one element and focus on the cultural significance and the history of each martial school that you choose. Our experts suggest these inspiring topics about sports related to martial arts: 

  1. The differences and commonalities in martial arts schools in Japan 
  2. Martial Arts education should be obligatory in primary and middle schools. 
  3. The portrayal of martial arts by the media is often distorted. 
  4. Aggression is unacceptable in martial arts. 
  5. The reasons why martial arts training is possible at any age. 
  6. The mental benefits of joining the local Judo association for children. 
  7. The history of martial arts in Vietnam through the lens of the Vietnam war. 
  8. The arms control challenges versus martial arts training. 
  9. Cerebral palsy and motor development via martial arts are possible. 
  10. Socio-cultural traditions in Aikido: a Buddhist philosophy approach. 

- Skating.

Skating is becoming incredibly popular not only in the United States but all over the world as well. Starting with the discussions of TV shows that focus on figure skating with celebrities to the scandals that surround this sport, you can go beyond the typical subjects and explore something like what is offered below: 

  1. The negative effect of popular TV shows on the perception of skating.  
  2. Physical readiness to start skating as a professional versus being an amateur skater. 
  3. Safety concerns when skating with the children. 
  4. Fashion trends in skating in the United States versus China. 
  5. Political bias in perception of Canadian athletes. 
  6. The Dutch style of skating is safer than other skating schools. 
  7. Evolution of skating since the 1850s: the major points. 
  8. Burning calories and muscle-strengthening practices through skating. 
  9. Blood pumping and the positive medical effects of skating. 
  10. Cognitive skills development via synchronization movements. 

- Tennis.

It's not surprising that tennis is often named the game of the royals or the game of the kings because it is one of the noblest pastimes and the practices that truly stand out from the rest. If you want to explore tennis as a subject for your persuasive speech, remember to talk about the socio-cultural aspect and all the health benefits that come along. Here are some ideas to keep you inspired: 

  1. Tennis is the best game for spending time with business partners.  
  2. Tennis and analytics were taken from chess: a game where you can move as an analyst. 
  3. British versus American tennis game practices. 
  4. Individual training of tennis players: reasons why psychological training is essential. 
  5. Nervous breakdowns and anxiety problems among professional tennis players. 
  6. Fashion trends in tennis during the 80s and 90s. 
  7. Playing tennis with children: a constant way to improve and develop your skills. 
  8. The links between prior badminton skills and becoming a successful tennis player. 
  9. Accessibility of tennis courts and pricing schemes in the United States. 
  10. The portrayal of tennis in the media and the commercial aspect of things. 

- Water Sports.

If you like swimming or would like to choose water polo or triathlon as one of the subjects to explore for your college persuasive speech, this list of topics will help you to achieve success and get over writer's block. Consider talking about the necessity of special training and discuss the benefits of water sports as you write. 

  1. The benefits of water sports for children with asthma.  
  2. The school P.E. lessons and inclusion of water sports in a curriculum must be obligatory. 
  3. Competition styles and honesty in triathlon. 
  4. American culture and history of YMCA: an evolution of water sports. 
  5. Cultural perception of water sports in the United States vs Australia. 
  6. Mental recovery methods when turning to water sports. 
  7. Water sports as a way to assist children with learning challenges. 
  8. Surfing is a part of modern American culture. 
  9. The pros and cons of parasailing through the lens of safety concerns. 
  10. Successful team building for businesses through the rafting water sports practice. 

Other Sports Presentation Topics to Consider 

You can always make things even more interesting by focusing on topics that go beyond the typical subjects. Think about the best ways how you may combine your course studies with sports. See these examples: 

  1. The perception of sports in Ancient Sparta. 
  2. Olympic Games should be free of political scandals and biased agendas. 
  3. Fashion design in soccer: the advertisement and style controversies. 
  4. Male versus female ways of playing sports: gender misconceptions. 
  5. Computer games as a way to develop better skills in sports. 
  6. Health concerns and playing sports at school. 
  7. The negative effect of parents attending sports games. 
  8. The moral character of celebrities in sports (case study persuasion). 
  9. The role of soccer in the African continent. 
  10. Substance abuse and college athletes challenges. 

Who Will Find These Topics Helpful? 

Any college student or educator will find our list of sports informative speech topics helpful as you prepare your persuasion or argumentative speech. Since we have divided topics by subject, it will be easier to consider something that relates to what makes you feel passionate as you make your choice. There is also an informative speech about sports collection of tips and suggestions that will help you to channel your thoughts and ideas correctly. Remember that these are only the starting points and you can always approach our experts and find an essay on the topic on our website by focusing precisely on something that interests you. The most important is to start with something that you know well and provide examples and facts to make your writing confident and filled with sufficient evidence. So take your time, explore the topics that we have for you and follow your inspiration!