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How To Use AMA Style Citation Properly

The essence of citing a source in your research paper cannot be overemphasized. Citation is vital for a well written paper. It gives the reader proper direction to more resources for better understanding of your writeup. It also eliminates the possibility of plagiarism. 

The American Medical Association, AMA style citation is one of several citation styles that stands out. This is because it has proven to be easy when referencing intext. AMA citation style was first created to cite medical research papers. It was afterwards adopted by colleges and publishers for efficient referencing of relevant sources aiding their research paper. 

Perhaps you are working on an essay, and you don’t know how to properly cite your work. You are in luck, as an overview of how to cite AMA for any kind of resource, be it books, journals, online sources videos, is here for you. Our guide reveals all the rules for proper structuring of citations both in reference list and in-text, as well as providing some examples for each.

Basic Requirements for AMA Citation Format

While many students may find it hard to cite, this format of referencing required sources provides an easy solution. The latest and most widely used AMA style at the moment is its 10th edition. You may use our citation giuse below or employ an AMA citation machine to generate citations for your research paper easily. 

It processes AMA style citation based on superscripts, footnote, Arabic’s, and numerals, as either of them is used to conveniently cite and reference sources in your research paper. The format has some peculiarities that differ it from other styles, sources, so we’ve collected all the essential rules that govern this rather eccentric style of citation in this guide.

  • AMA offers this order of listing: Reference number, Author name, title name, location, publisher name, date published, URL (for web sources), volume and pages (for journals).
  • Reference number is the numeric attached to every source cited in your paper. While these reference numbers are placed in order, it’s easier to place the intext citation. In AMA you do not need to cite the source all over again. Instead you place the reference number of the already referenced source as a superscript.
  • The author’s First Name and Last Name should be written in line with no comma separating them.
  • Titles of books, journals, and movies should always be written in italics. In addition, first letters of nominal words should be capitalized.

General Bibliography AMA Citation Format:

Reference number) Author’s First Name Author’s Last Name, Title of Entry, In Editors Name, Edition, Location: Publisher, Year. Page number, Volume number, URL. Accessed date.

Please NOTE:

The format is subject to minor alteration based on the source you want to reference. Let’s see how to cite AMA style for certain sources.

How To Create Citations In AMA Formatting Style

Citing in AMA style becomes easier if you know the type of source you want to cite. Here are some source entries with their respective structure.


Books are rather common types of sources for this type of citation. Below is a structure and example for referencing books that have one or several authors, as well as proper citation of just a chapter from a book or its electronic version.

One Author

Bibliography Structure:

Reference Number) Author’s full name. Title of Work; Edition (if it’s not first). Location: Publisher; Year.


1) Roger Millers. Possibilities of a new age; 3rd ed. Gentri Park, LA: Full steam; 2013.

Two or More Authors


Reference Number) First Authors’ Full Name, Second Author’s Full Name. Title of Work; Location: Publisher; Year.


4) Roger Millers, Morgan Jenkins. Losing your temper. Central perk, LA: Full steam; 2004.


If there are more than two authors, write “et al” after the name of the first author.

Chapter in book


Reference Number) Chapter Author. Title of chapter; In: Editor’s Name, Ed. Title of Book; Edition. Location: Publisher; Year: Page-Page


3) Roger Millers. How to manage Stress; In: Morgan Jenkins, Ed. Overcoming Depression from Medical Point of View. 4th ed. New York, NY: Springer; 2016:65-87.

Electronic Book


Reference Number) Author’s Name. Title of Work. Publisher; URL. Accessed date.


2) Roger Millers. Patience and Goodluck. Full house media; Published April 4, 2008. Accessed December 17, 2008.

Journal Articles

Journal articles are widely used in creating research and can be easily cited using AMA style. Below are some examples of proper AMA citation format for a journal’s single author, multiple authors, as well as for the electronic version of an edition.

One to Five Authors


Reference Number) First Authors’ Full Name, Second Author’s Full Name. Title of article; Abbreviated Journal Title; Year published; Volume (Issue): Page-Page


8) Roger Millers, Morgan Stacy. How to handle PTSD. J Inter Studies. 2015; 13(5): 302-321.


If more than two authors, write “et al” after the name of the first author.

Electronic Journal Article


Reference Number) Author’s Name. Title of article; Abbreviated Journal Title; Year; Volume (Issue): Page-Page; URL; Published or Last updated date; Accessed date


2) Roger Millers. How to handle PTSD. J Inter Studies. 2015; 13(5): 302-321. Published April 4, 2005. Accessed December 17, 2008.

Newspaper or Magazine Article


Reference Number) Author AA; Title of article: Subtitle. Title of Magazine or Newspaper; Month Day, Year: Page-Page


3) Roger Millers. Health is wealth. Daily Sun; April 4, 2013. 13-14

Lectures & Presentations

Yes, you can even cite your professor’s lecture in AMA. There’s actually nothing difficult about ir, just follow the structure and consider the examples illustrated below.

Course Lecture


Reference Number) Professor’s Name. Title of Lecture; Type of lecture [class lecture or class lecture notes]; Location: Institution; Date


2) Prof. Roger Millers. Mental disorder and possible remedies; Class Lecture; AUD1 Lecture Hall, Princeton; 2013.

Online Report


Author Name. Title of Report; URL; Published/Updated/Revised date; Accessed date


2) Prof. Roger Millers. Mental disorder and possible remedies; Published April 15, 2005. Accessed April 17, 2005.


Sometimes there’s a need to cite not an electronic journal or magazine, but a web page itself. AMA has its requirements for this type of source as well. Check it below.

Webpage: Organization


Author(s). Webpage title. Name of Website or Organization. Date published. Updated date. Accessed date. URL.


How to effectively manage OCD. Medical Experts. Published April 15, 2005. Accessed April 17, 2005.


This source is rarely cited in AMA, though you can refer to the example below:


1) Creative Writing. Summer faculty promotion [Video]. YouTube. Published May 23, 2011. Accessed March 17, 2013. writing.


Never cite who the person that uploaded the video, except if that is the author.

Requirements for In-text Citations in AMA Style

This is basically an intext citation. Having referenced all the sources with an accrue reference number, intext citing becomes very easy. The idea is to place the reference number right after making a statement extracted from a source. The reference numbers are usually placed as superscripts. 

Page number requirement

It should also be noted that AMA style does not necessarily require that page number is cited, however, it may be requested by your professor or any research publication. Hence it should be in parentheses. The idea here is to place the page number of the referenced source right after the reference number.


Statement from a source (reference page)


Study has shown that up to 40% of teenager “fall into depression.”1(p92)

One author

You can cite one author in-text in two ways. Either you state the author’s name accompanied with the sources’ reference number, or you make the statement and place the reference number as superscript.


Millers 1 believes that OCD patients need to be properly studied.


OCD patients need to be properly studied1.

Two authors


Millers and Stark 3 proposed the appropriate advanced medical benefits would solve such a problem.

Three or more Authors


Miller et al5 created another insightful report that led to this discovery.

Organization as author


WHO7 presented the report that tackled this problem

Unknown author

In this case, the title of source is used followed by the reference number.


It is largely discussed in the Overcoming depression4 book.

Multiple sources

There are two options for citing an idea that come from multiple sources. The first one is to place the reference number after making a statement; it should be separated by a comma.


Stress is the first step to depression,4,7,9.

Another option is to include only the first and the last source with a hyphen between the two; it can be done so only in case the particular sources are placed in order in the reference list.


It is proved that depression can kill 1-4.

AMA Citation Generator, And Why Use It?

As from the guideline discussed above, you can see that AMA style citation is rather eccentric when compared to other citation styles like MLA, APA, and the likes. Truthfully, it might get confusing sometimes. 

Not to worry, EduBirdie’s AMA Citation Maker will save you the stress of trying to cite by yourself. All you need to do is to visit the website, fill in the information about the source you wish to cite, and get a well-formatted citation you can use for your paper.   


What if I need to cite a source that the AMA manual doesn’t have?

In this case, you’re good to go with the general structure.

Can the Citation Generator work for all types of sources?

A very big YES, it will work perfectly for whatever source or case.

Is this APA Citation Maker free?

Yes, it is charge free. Also, it works online, so there’s no need to download some application or register on third-party websites. 


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