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AMA Video Citing

The AMA Manual of Style, or just AMA, is a style guide developed by the American Medical Association, hence its name. It was first published in 1962. The first version was written by the editors of JAMA (Journal of the American Medical Association). Today, it’s published by Oxford University Press.

Ever since it was created, AMA has been widely used for scientific work – medical and other health care journals use this citation style today, alongside other scientific journals, textbooks, and academic papers.

AMA Manual of Style is regularly updated, and the latest 11th edition was released in 2020. Considering the fact that video sources are now widely used in different types of research, it also includes requirements for proper citation of media materials.

Principles of formatting reference lists in AMA

References used throughout the document can be found on the last pages of a paper. The section with all the resources is titled “Reference List”, and each item is listed in numerical order. More references can’t share a single reference number, and each source must have its own reference number. Finally, a single-spaced format is used throughout reference lists.

However, not all sources are cited in the same way. The rules of citation are different depending on whether you want to cite a book, website, journal article, video, online content, or something else. When it comes to AMA video citing, here are some useful citation examples:

  • Movie references

Nguyen H, Solanki V. Caffeinated: Every Cup of Coffee Has a Story. [Amazon Streaming]. United States: Film Buff; 2015.

  • Online videos with a definite author

Takayama-Ogawa J, Willette J. What is information literacy?  Published March 14, 2007. Accessed December 17, 2021.

  • Online videos without a definite author

The Positive Effects of Aging [Video]. YouTube. Published April 9, 2015. Accessed December 17, 2021.

Requirements for AMA in-text citations

The AMA writing style guide also includes in-text citations. These references are numbered superscripts in consecutive order in the text, tables, or figures throughout the manuscript. The superscript is inserted immediately next to the cited fact, idea, concept, or quotation.

Arabic numerals are used to cite the material, and the numbers used throughout the writing must match the references mentioned in the reference list. A reference used several times throughout the document uses the same number every time.

The superscript number is inserted:

  • Immediately next to the cited quotation: This drug is used to treat hepatitis.1
  • Outside commas and periods: Storing latex at high heat may cause degradation, 2,3-5,7 but it is difficult to keep materials cool in a desert environment.
  • Inside colons and semi-colons: Some physicians choose to store prescription pads in locked cabinets 8; others keep them in their coats at all times.

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All you have to do is insert video details, and the generator will provide you with an accurate AMA citation you can simply copy and paste into a document. Ideal for students, now you too can create video citations in just a few seconds.

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