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AMA Newspaper Article Citation

AMA was created by the American Medical Association back in 1962 when it served as a guide for in-house scientific publication staff. After almost 60 years, 11 editions, and more than a thousand pages added, the AMA Manual of Style is a go-to style manual in medicine.


If you’ve found an interesting article you want to cite in your medical research papers, the chances are that the requirements state you should use AMA. Here are the rules you need to know to cite it properly.

Principles of Formatting Reference Lists in AMA

Unlike some other manuals, AMA is really easy to pick up. Your reference list should be at the end of your paper, and it should be titled — References. The rules state that you need to cite newspaper articles both in text and in your reference list. 


The reference list should be numbered, and the items should appear in the same order as you cite them in-text. These rules apply to all sources, including newspaper articles. To avoid confusion, you should:


  • Keep items on reference list single-space;
  • Assign one number to one reference only;
  • Cite names of three authors and add “et al” if there are more than six authors.


Here is the AMA journal citation template you can use for citing newspaper articles:


AuthorLastname FirstInitialMiddleInitial. Article title in sentence case. Abbreviated Newspaper Title in Title Case. Date of issue; (Issue#):PP-PP.


Instead of the journal title, year, and volume, you need to add the newspaper’s name and date of the issue. However, AMA doesn’t allow you to abbreviate newspaper names. 


If you are citing an article from the online newspaper edition, you need to add “Accessed Month Day, Year. Full URL.”

Requirements for AMA In-Text Citations: Parenthetical References

In-text AMA newspaper article citations are straightforward. You are required to use Arabic numerals. You need to add numerals when you want to cite a source and superscript it. AMA enables you to cite several references at once if need be. 


If references are sequential, you need to use hyphens to indicate that. If you cite nonsequential sources, you are required to separate numbers with commas. Here is an example of citing one newspaper article in text:


A team of scientists has identified the potential game-changers in coronavirus treatment8


AMA doesn’t use parenthetical references by default. There is only one exception when you are allowed to use parenthetical references — when you want to cite an unpublished newspaper, you can include URL or DOI in parenthesis without adding it as an item to the Reference List.

How Citation Generator Can Help You

If your paper requirements state that you need to cite sources according to the AMA Manual of Style, you have to do it unless you want to risk failing. Citing sources also helps your readers to quickly discover which sources you’ve used to back up your claims and look for ideas. Not to mention, that with the proper citation you give credits to all those authors whose work you’ve used. 


If the AMA newspaper article citation sounds too complicated or seems like something you simply don’t have enough time for, there is a solution. You can use the AMA newspaper article citation generator by Grades Fixer. The generator is created to automate the citation for you completely.  


Just select Newspaper, change citation style to AMA, paste the article title in the box and click the search button. The generator will return to you a citation you can copy-paste to your paper.

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