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APA 6 Video Citation Generator

As one of the most popular writing styles, APA has been a part of the American Psychological Association since its first edition, launched in 1952. Created by a team of psychologists and anthropologists, APA is a writing style format that strongly focuses on simplicity.

Although the use of the APA Style is widespread, the most popular sciences that use this writing style guide are behavioral and social fields, including psychology, sociology, anthropology, education, and others. Therefore, the APA writing style can be seen in numerous books, journal articles, research papers, and other scholarly writings. 

The 6th edition of the APA writing style format was launched in June 2009 and is still widely used today.

Principles of formatting reference lists in APA 6

APA allows its users to cite books, websites, articles, videos, and other sources. If you’re wondering how to correctly cite a video, make sure to check out the explanations and examples below.

When it comes to citing videos in APA 6 format, the rules are similar to citing any other digital media source. However, the unique element video creators have are pseudonyms or screen names, which are also included in the citation. The general format for citing videos in APA 6 is:

Author, A. A. [Screen name]. (year, month day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from 

In this case, the author is the person who uploaded the video. Screen names should be kept in their original form, even if it doesn’t comply with standard spelling and capitalization rules:

Fantano, A. [theneedledrop]. (2019, December 21). Top 50 albums of 2019 [Video file]. Retrieved from 

If the screen name is identical to the author’s name, feel free to leave it out:

Cutts, S. (2017, November 24). Happiness [Video file]. Retrieved from 

Finally, if the author’s real name is unknown or the uploader of the video isn’t an individual, only the screen name should be included, without brackets:

PBSoffbook. (2013, October 3). How to be creative [Video file]. Retrieved from


Requirements for APA 6 in-text citations: Parenthetical references

In-text citation for video files in APA 6 is very simple. All you have to do is insert the name that appears first in the full citation, whether that’s the author’s name, screen name, or an organization, followed by the year of video publication:

(Fantano, 2019)

(University of Oxford, 2019)

Timestamps can also be used in the in-text citation if you’re only referring to a single point in the video:

(University of Oxford, 2019, 0:29)

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