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APA Website Citation Guide to Citing Sources Like a Pro

APA stands for the American Psychological Association and refers to the standard format for citing social and behavioral sciences sources, including psychology, linguistics, business, education, economics, and other related fields.

The Publication Manual of the APA is the official document for APA Style that you should use to format research papers and cite sources properly.

Here are the most important APA formatting guidelines for reference lists and in-text citations when it comes to citing websites.

Basic Principles of Formatting Reference Lists in APA Style

The basic APA format for creating reference entries for website pages (including online-only news sites) is this:

Author’s Last Name, Initial(s). (Year, Month Day of Publication). Title of web page: Subtitle (if any). Website Name. URL


Steward, E. (2020, June 17). What’s trending? The happiness drop. The Society Pages. 

Ghosh, P. (2021, November 24). Universities to combat race bias in research. BBC News. 

When citing a blog article or an online article from a newspaper or magazine that has a print equivalent, use the same format but italicize the publication/blog name instead of the title.

In the case of a corporate or group author, replace the author’s name with the website name, like this:

National Education Association. (2021, October 17). Invisible disabilities.

When citing a website with an unknown author, start with the italicized page title. If the page is likely to get updated, specify when it was last edited and state when you accessed the source. Do the same when there’s no date and place “n.d.” in parentheses.


APA style. (2021). Retrieved December 22, 2021 from University of Washington. (n.d.). About the UW. Retrieved December 14, 2021 from 

When citing online videos and other multimedia, use this format:

Last Name, Initial(s). [Channel Name]. (Year, Month, Day of Publication). Title of work [Format]. Website. URL

Start with the channel name if the producer/uploader is unknown or not an individual, like this:

American Psychological Association. [American Psychological Association]. (2021, October 29). APA Impact 2021 

APA In-Text Citation Rules to Follow

When referencing websites in APA Style, you need to document them briefly in your paper’s body using in-text citations.

You can write APA in-text citations in two ways:

  • Parenthetical: (Author’s Last Name, Publication Year)
  • Narrative: Author’s Last Name (Publication Year)


(Ghosh, 2021)American Psychological Association (2021)

When referencing a Wikipedia article, you only need the title and the year of the latest revision, like this:

(“Evolutionary psychology,” 2021)

Use “n.d.” when there’s no date, a page number after the year when writing a direct quote, or an alternative locator when there are no page numbers (e.g., a timestamp, “Chapter 4,” “para. 5,” “Table 1,” Slide 6” etc.).


(“Evolutionary medicine,” 2021, para. 2)

(BBC News, 2020, Arctic sea ice is also in danger section)

You can abbreviate long headlines like this:

(BBC News, 2020, “Arctic sea ice” section)

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