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APA Newspaper Article Citation Guide

Regardless if you are majoring in Journalism or would like to explore the depths of the educational sector for your Sociology course, the chances are high that you will require at least one newspaper source. Even if you will not encounter certain newspapers still in print, it does not mean that their online counterparts are not available online. As we are getting constant how to cite a newspaper article APA style, we would like to remind you that knowing what information must be included will help you to avoid plagiarism and earn good grades. Our guide’s purpose is to assist you by providing the basic rules, templates, and examples.

The Basics of APA Citation Newspaper Article Rules

According to the latest APA academic writing style, as composed by the American Psychological Association, the citation of newspapers will require a similar style to what we usually require when using any print or digital sources. In brief terms, what we need to include looks this way: 

  • Author’s Last Name, First Name Initial(s). 
  • Year, Month Date of Publication in parenthesis. 
  • Article’s title with only the first word starting with a capital letter. 
  • Newspaper’s Title in italics. 
  • Page(s) xx-xx. 

If we place it as a template (APA citation newspaper article in print), it will look this way: 

Last Name, A. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Newspaper Title, pp. xx-xx. 

Marchese, D. (2020, October 30). Greta Thunberg Hears Your Excuses. She Is Not Impressed. The New York Times. P. D12.

The in-text APA citation for newspaper will remain in a classic style: 

(Marchese, 2020)

As you deal with your newspaper citation in APA for sources found in print, remember to: 

  • Add the p. (if it is a single page) or pp. (if you have more than one page) as you cite. 
  • If your article appears on discontinous pages in a newspaper, it is necessary to provide all page numbers that relate to your citing and separate these numbers with a comma. For example: pp. D2, D13, C1-C7. 

Speaking of digital newspaper sources discovered online, we have mostly the same reference structure with the addition of the “Retrieved from” part and the newspaper’s URL. 

Basically, it will look this way:

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year, Month Date). Your article’s original title. Newspaper (in italics), Retrieved from http://www.newspaper.url 

The other set of APA newspaper citation rules includes: 

  • According to APA 7, you do not have to include the date of access for electronic sources. 
  • Even if you use a newspaper article that you have obtained via an online database or university’s library, the information about access date is not required as well. 
  • Quite often our newspaper article URL will run onto a second line, which is why it is recommended to break only the part before punctuation. The only exception is “http://” part. 

In general terms, citing newspapers in APA 7 format will be similar to citing books since you will have to provide the author’s name, the article itself, and the original source that can either be a newspaper in print or something that you have found online. The most important is to check the publication date and keep it accurate in terms of the latest updates or modifications. If you see the updated date, use the latest that you have available. 

APA Newspaper Article Citation Examples

Without a doubt, things may easily sound confusing as you are learning how to cite a newspaper article APA style, which is why our APA guide will proceed with the actual templates and examples that will help you see what information must be included and how exactly. 

Newspaper Article in Print

Last Name, A. (Year, Month Date of Publication). Article title. Newspaper Title, pp. xx-xx. 

The actual example for the APA news article citation: 

Fitzgerald, J. (2019, December 17). Lesson from the spirit of the season is we have much in common. Boston Herald, pp. A4-A5. 

The in-text citation:

(Last Name, Year) 

(Fitzgerald, 2019) 

Online Newspaper Article

The digital versions of newspapers that you might use for your college assignment will only have a link addition that will look this way as a template:

Last Name, Initial(s). (Year, Month Date). Your article. Newspaper (in italics), Retrieved from http://www.newspaper.url 

Turkewitz, J. (2015, November 22). ‘I Want to Be a Boy Scout.’ There’s Just One Hitch. Retrieved from

Citing online newspapers in your text will also include the general pattern of Last Name and the Year, separated by comma:

(Turkewitz, 2015)

Newspaper on a Database

It must be noted that if you are dealing with a library database, it does not have to include anything extra since you have to reference the basic information except for the cases when you are dealing with two publishers like shown below. 

Last Name, First Initial. Second Initial (if available). (Year of Publication, Month Day). Title of article. Name of Newspaper, (Originally published: original source’s name), p. Section or Page(s) 

Dazio, S. (2021, February 26). Lady Gaga’s dogs recovered safely. Los Angeles Daily News (Originally published: Associated Press), p. N2. Retrieved from:

Newspaper Articles Published Directly Online

If you have encountered a newspaper article that has been published directly online, it is necessary to treat it exactly as the digital source by naming the website where you have obtained it. Remember that your link must be identical to the source that you are using. 

Let us take Huffpost as an example. We can see that the author is Paul J. Weber, which gives us the following template: 

Surname, First Initial. Second Initial. (Year, Month Day). Article Title: Subtitle (in italics). Newspaper Title (no italics in this case), page range. URL [if available online]. 

Weber, P. J. (2021, April 1). Corporate criticism of GOP-led voting bills spreads to Texas. HuffPost.

The in-text citation will include: 

(Weber, 2021). 

Notice that we did not include any pages or sections for this particular link, yet you can use “para.” prefix if you are dealing with the certain paragraph only as you cite. 

How to Cite Different Authors in APA Newspaper Citations

Sometimes we may have no author at all, which is why one must start with the article’s title without italics. However, if the article has has “Anonymous” or “Admin” as an author, it is used in parenthesis. Let us take a look at the examples: 

No Author

Title of article: subtitle. (Year of Publication Month Day). Name of Newspaper (in italics), p. Section/Page. 

For the in-text citation, it will be this way: 

(“Article’s title”, Year) 

The ways how the local youth helps to preserve the nature. (1995, October 6). Arlington Morning News, C34.  

One Author

When we have only one author, APA newspaper citation format goes this way: 

Last Name, Initial. Second Initial. Title of article: subtitle. (Year of Publication Month Day). Name of Newspaper (in italics), p. Section/Page. 


Jones, A. B. 

In-text citing a newspaper article APA with one author: 

(Last Name, Year)

Two to Seven Authors

Last Name, Initial. Second Initial. & Last Name, Initial. (Year of Publication Month Day). Name of Newspaper (in italics), p. Section/Page.


(Carl & Dalton, 2016)

More Than Seven Authors

Even though it is not so frequent in newspaper practice, it may be that you have more than seven authors. In this case, cite a newspaper article APA style this way: 

Last Name et al. (Year Month Day) Name of Newspaper (in italics), p. Section/Page.

As for the in-text citations, it will follow this template: 

Jones et al. (2009) believe that the street riots have been caused by 

… which has made it possible (Jones et al., 2009). 

If you already know how to work with the authors for books and magazines in APA, you will already know how to deal with the newspapers because when you cite newspaper article APA style, it will follow the same set of rules as provided in the 7th edition’s manual. 

The Advantages of Our APA Newspaper Article Citation Generator

According to our experience, even the brightest college students can overlook a typo or an extra space when citing newspapers in APA. While it will affect the writing mechanics grade and evaluation of your college professor, you may also forget to provide sufficient information for your reference. It can end up in plagiarism accusations, which is a something one must avoid. Thankfully, our free APA newspaper citation generator will help you to get rid of mistakes as you can approach it both manually and automatically. 

Here are some benefits to consider: 

  • It requires no registration and lets you cite as much as you wish. 
  • Our reference machine follows the latest APA 7th edition format to keep you updated. 
  • It works automatically as you just paste the link to your newspaper article. 
  • It helps to save time and avoid plagiarism. 
  • Our APA 7th edition newspaper citation generator does not store your information anywhere. 

Most importantly, it helps to keep your citations accurate since you can also enter your available information manually and double-check your References page as you cite. 


Is your APA Newspaper Citation Generator safe? 

It does not store your information anywhere unlike TurnItIn, which makes it safe. 

Can I just paste my newspaper link online and have my reference done? 

Yes, you can do so because it is exactly how it works! If some field is missing, you can add it manually if you have this information. 

Should I provide the date when I accessed the website for my APA newspaper article source? 

According to APA 7th manual, it is no longer necessary. 

Can I also use your citation generator APA for books or magazines? 

Yes, you can do so by choosing appropriate source. 

Should I ever italicize my newspaper title? 

It is done only when you are citing from the webpage where the article has been provided (not the original source webpage like The New York Times or The Guardian). 

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