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APSA Video Citation

If you are working on a paper focusing on one of the political sciences, the chances are that requirements state that you need to use the APSA formatting style. It stands for the American Political Science Association, and APSA, in this context, is the association’s official formatting style for research papers.


If you need to cite a video source in your paper, you’ll find the following rules quite useful.

Principles of Formatting Reference Lists in APSA

There is one formatting style that makes APSA unique. It utilizes the author-date style, which means that unlike in other styles where the year of publication is the last, in reference lists of this format, you will find it as the second element. 


When you want to add a video citation entry to a reference list, APSA dictates to separate every part of a reference by a period. Also, every part should begin with a capital letter. Here is the APSA style formatting for video citation.


Structure: Author’s Last Name, First Name. Year of Publication. Title of the video. The Publisher. Information about the medium or format. URL to the video (Month Date, Year of access).


Example: 2021. The Potential Origin of Mummification. National Geographic. (January 18, 2022).

Requirements for APSA In-Text Citations

The format has specific rules for citing video sources inside the text. APSA uses so-called parenthetical citation formatting. You are required to put the author’s last name and year of publication. However, sometimes you might not be able to check online to see when the video was published. In this case, you need to replace the year of publication with “n.d.”. 


If the video is yet to be published, you need to replace the year of publication with the term “forthcoming” set in roman. 


APSA in-text video citation template


(Author last name 2022)


APSA in-text video citation no year of publication


(Author last name n.d.)


APSA in-text video citation soon to be published


(Author last name forthcoming)

How Citation Generator Can Help You

Formatting reference lists according to the specifications in your paper requirement sheet will ensure you get the highest grade possible. There are two more reasons why you should do it. First, you will give credit to the author of the video you cited. And secondly, you will make it easy for the readers to find it. Still, it may be hard to do it properly on your first try.


That’s why GradesFixer created an APSA video citation generator for you. Select the needed format from the ”Change citation style” drop-down menu, paste an URL or video title, and hit the “Search Video” button. The generator will return copy-paste-ready citations you can use instantly.

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