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APSA Newspaper Article Citation

The American Political Science Association was founded in New Orleans back in 1903. The original members operated from Tulane University’s library, but today APSA’s headquarters are based in New Hampshire. APSA publishes several prestigious academic journals on a variety of topics. 


The APSA also has its own citation system based on the 15th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. This citation system is used for Political Science documents, papers, research, and other publications. The American Political Science Association did the last revision of the system in August 2018. 


APSA Newspaper Article Citation is a formatting style used to cite other authors who have contributed to creating a written work.

Principles of Formatting Reference Lists in APSA for Newspaper articles

When adding a reference list or a bibliography using APSA citation style, it should have a separate page located at the bottom. The names of the authors are placed in alphabetical order. 


Besides referencing newspaper articles in APSA, the format can be also used for various other sources, including blogs, videos, e-books, books, journals, websites, movies, etc. In this part, we will explain how to format reference lists with APSA citation style when citing newspaper articles. 


Here is the typical format when using the APSA format to cite a newspaper article. All of the information should be added to the reference list or the bibliography that is located at the end of the document you’re writing:

Structure: Last name of the author, first name, year of publication, the title of the article, name of the news media, pages that were used, and their URL addresses.


Wong, Edward, and Lara Jakes. 2022. NATO Won’t Let Ukraine Join Soon. Here’s Why. The New York Times.

Coldwell, Will. 2018. Hawaii Becomes First US State to Ban Sunscreens Harmful to Coral Reefs. The Guardian.

Requirements for APSA news article in-text citations

For this style, it’s also possible to include in-text citations. These citations are added right after the reference has been made or quotation of the source. The in-text format is quite simple, and it only includes several points, mainly:


Structure: (Last name of the author(s) year of publication). 



(Wong and Jakes 2022) 

(Coldwell 2018)

How APSA News Article Citation Generator Can Help You

No matter what type of source you are citing in your document, it’s important to use the reference style accurately and add relevant source information. If you don’t follow these rules, your work could be compromised as well as your reputation. 


To make sure that you’ve adequately cited a newspaper article using APSA citation, consider using the APSA news article citation generator to get reliable sources, title names, and accurate formatting for your citation. With this kind of tool, you can add proper citations in no time.

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