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What is ASA style citation?

The ‘ASA’ in ASA style citation stands for American Sociological Association. This style follows the author-date format which is used by in-text citations of The Chicago Manual of Style. Fast forward to 2021, and it is now trusted by scholars, academics and institutions across the world. 

ASA citation allows people to show where somebody else’s work has contributed to their findings or theories in a clear and undisruptive way. This is of paramount importance since it provides evidence to your claims and conclusions, gives direction on further reading and lessens any likelihood of plagiarism. 

What are the Basic Requirements of ASA Referencing?

As with all referencing styles, there are some strict rules that you will need to remember when using ASA style citation. ASA style in general is closely related in its function and formatting to APA (American Psychological Association). Though the format doesn’t have any specific edition numbers, there is one recognizable feature of ASA citation, which is the “author-date” in-text citation system. 

Some other requirements include:

  • Title case should be used for all types of titles. Within the title, capitalize all nominative parts of speech except:
    – Articles (a, an, the)
    – Prepositions (though, of, between)
    – Conjunctions (and, or, but, however)
  • In case there’s hyphenated compound words in the title, capitalize only the first word. For example, Self-preservation.

However, if the second word is a proper noun or adjective derived from it, capitalize both of the words: Anti-American.

  • List all the references in alphabetical order with authors’ last names in the first place.
  • Instead of including the authors’ initials, use their first names. However, stick to the initials of the first and middle names in case an author used this format in the original manuscript.
  • List all the authors mentioned in the publication. ASA format does not require using et al. in the References. The only exception is when a work is authored by a committee member.
  • In case there are repeated authors/editors, include their full names in all references. The rule has become valid with the third edition of the ASA Style Guide.
  • In case there are several works of the same author in the Reference section, start with the oldest and place them in chronological order.

The basic format of ASA style citation is as follows:

Author’s last name, author’s first name. Year of publication. “Title of the article”. Title of the journal/book. Place of publication: The publisher’s name. URL (if online), volume and page numbers (if applicable). 

Therefore, a basic format example would be:

Stallings, Williams. 2020. The Wonders of Cryptography. 2nd ed. New York: CRC Press.

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Main Components Referencing in ASA Style

In our ASA citation guide we cover the basic differences this particular type of referencing has if we compare it with other citing styles. 


Basic Information to Include in ASA in Text Citation

When we’re talking about in-text citations needed with the ASA style, these will basically include the author(s) name(s) as well as the year of the publication.
Let’s consider some of the in text examples:

One Publication with One Author


(Author’s last name Year of publication)


(Stallings 2020) OR Stallings (2020)

Note: The second option in the example is mostly used when we first cite the author in the text.

One Publication with Two Authors


(First Author’s Last Name and Second Author’s Last Name Year of Publication)


(Stallings and Walker 2020) OR Stallings and Walker (2020)

One Publication with Three Authors


(First Author’s Last Name, Second Author’s Last Name, Third Author’s Last Name Year of Publication)


(Stallings, Walker, and Bradley 2020) OR Stallings, Walker, and Bradley (2020)

One Publication with a Group of Authors


(Abbreviation of all authors’ Last Names Year of Publication) OR (Educational Institution Year of Publication)


(SWBI 2020) OR SWBI (2020) OR (Stanford University 2020) OR Stanford University (2020)

Basic Information to Include in ASA Reference List

When dealing with bibliography in ASA style, at the end of your work. The original idea behind including the in text citation if your scientific paper flow was to try to prevent readers from getting too distracted when reading them. On the contrary, when including a source in the reference list of the paper that deals with serious and important issues, it is essential to include all the required information. And to include it properly. 

Of course, as with most styles, the way you reference in your bibliography will depend on the type of text that you are citing. Below are examples of how you would reference some popular texts in ASA citation format depending on the resource you are using. 


For a book with one author, you would need to use the following format:

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Year. Book Title in Title Caps and Italicized. Publishing City: Publisher.


Stallings, Williams. 2020. The Wonders of Cryptography. London: CRC Press.


Web pages require similar information as other sources referenced in ASA, though the URL should be included, as well as  information about the date it was retrieved. 

The main ASA citation format is:

Name of Website. The date page was published. Any update date. “Title of the webpage”. Retrieved Month. Date, Year (URL).


The Scientist. 2021. “Simple Spit Test Could Diagnose Concussions.” Retrieved Mar. 24, 2021. (

Magazine or Newspaper Article

Referencing newspapers in ASA differ further depending on whether the article has been accessed from a print or online version. For a print version, you would follow the following formatting rules:

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Year of Publication. “ Article title,” Newspaper Title (in italics), Month Date, Page(s).

A bibliography reference example for a print newspaper article would therefore look like this:

Lein, Davis. 2012. “Dental Health Worsens Across UK.” The Times. October 5, pp. 8-9

Scholarly Journal Article

An online newspaper article would follow a similar format; however, you would also need to include the URL and access date in the following way:

Author’s Last Name, Author’s First Name. Year of publication. “Title of the Journal Entry(capitalized).” Title of Journal Volume Number(Issue Number):page numbers of article.  

The resulting reference would look like this:

Gonzalez, Johan. 2021. “How Can We Improve Children’s Dental Health?” Medical News Today. 45:23-25.

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How does ASA differ from other common styles?

The first noticeable difference is that in ASA the year of publication is located right after the author(s) name(s). Besides, in the ASA reference list both an author’s first name and last name are written to their full, not just the initials. This format has several variations of in-text citations that depend on their order of occurrence in the text. 

Is your ASA Citation Generator reliable?

Of course. We’re proud to offer an ASA citation machine that delivers on accuracy every time. As you’ve probably guessed, we’re passionate about citations, which is why we always make sure our ASA citation generator is always up to date. With our extensive work behind the scenes, you can rest assured that your citation will always be accurate and comply with the very latest ASA editions. 

How long can I use the ASA generator for free?

We know that our ASA citation generator is a valuable resource. As long as we’re here, it’s free, and the good news is, we don’t intend on going anywhere soon. No catches, no hidden charges. Go on, give it a go today. 


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