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A Quick Guide to ASA Video Citation

Using the ASA (American Sociological Association) Style Guide to citing sources means following specific guidelines for writing and editing sociology papers.

Whether you’re a student, publisher, or researcher, you must follow those rules to avoid plagiarism. In addition, you’ll help your readers find the referenced sources easily if they wish to explore the topic further.

Read on to learn how to cite videos in the ASA Style.

Key formatting principles for ASA video citations in reference lists

There are two ASA formats to use when creating reference list entries for videos, depending on the video format.

DVD and VHS videos require an italicized title, while online videos’ titles must be inside quotation marks. When referencing an online video, you must include the URL and the date you accessed it. Here are the formats and examples.

Standard ASA formatting for DVD and VHS

Structure: Corporate/Academic Publisher or Publisher’s/Editor’s Last Name, First Name. Publication Year. Title. Edition (if there’s more than one). Medium. Location: Publisher.


American Sociological Association. 2004. Max Weber Visits America, 1904. DVD. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association.

W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2012. Sociology in Practice: Thinking About Family. DVD. New York: W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.

Papademas, Dianne, ed. Visual Sociology: Teaching With Film/Video, Photography, and Visual Media. 5th ed. VHS. Washington, D.C.: American Sociological Association.

Standard ASA formatting for online videos

Structure: Corporate/Academic Publisher or Publisher’s Last Name, First Name. Publication Year. “Title.” Medium. Access Date (URL).


American Sociological Association. 2018. “Sociologists on Sociology.” Video. Accessed January 26, 2022 (

University of Luxembourg. 2019. “Inequality and Women in Politics.” Video. Accessed January 27, 2022 (



Essential requirements for ASA in-text video citations

In-text video citations in the ASA Style follow the same format as other source types, such as websites, books, journals, and magazines.

Narrative citations include the publication year immediately after mentioning the author, editor, or publisher (last name only). Parenthetical citations include both the author, editor, or publisher (last name only or company/university name) and the publication year, without any punctuation between them.


Anderson has refuted these arguments (2018).

(University of Minnesota 2010)

(Miller 2005)

According to several sources (Brody 2016; Freeman 2017; Johnson 2020), that is not the case. 


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