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ASA Newspaper Article Citation

The ASA citation style is created and updated by the American Sociological Association. It is provided mainly to sociology students to help them reference and cite essays and research papers. 

This citation style format is used widely by students, publishers, researchers, and writers who work on papers related to sociology. It lets writers credit people for their theories, ideas, and words consistently, systematically, and accurately. 

It’s similar to the Chicago and AA citation styles regarding function and appearance. But there are some crucial differences, and it’s essential to follow them. 

Principles of formatting ASA newspaper article citations in reference lists

The ASA Style is parenthetical, meaning it has an author-date documentation system. That’s why it’s an efficient way to cite authors without distracting footnotes. It includes a references section at the end of the paper containing all cited sources. 

Additionally, it includes publication details for each source. The author needs to ensure that all of the information about the publication is correct and complete. References for newspaper article citations need to be listed in alphabetical order, with the last name being first, and they also need to be double-spaced. 

Here is the reference format: 

Single author

Structure: Last name of the author, first name. Publication year. “Article title.” Month, year, page numbers.

Multiple authors

Structure: Last name of the author, first name, Last name of the author, first name, Last name of the author, and first name. Publication year. “Article title.” Month, year, page numbers.

If you cite an online article you have to add the URL address as the last point in your citation.


Eligon, John. 2016. “Bored, Broke and Armed: The Seeds of South Side Gang Violence.” New York Times, December 22, pp. A1-A17


Requirements for in-text ASA newspaper article citations

In-text citations need to have the author’s last name and publication year. They need to be included after the reference or the quote of your source within the paper. Include page numbers when quoting from a source or referring to specific sections.



“If we’re sitting here bored, getting high and we got guns around, it ain’t nothing else to do.” (Eligon 2016:A6)

Benefits of using our ASA Newspaper Article Citation Generator

Regardless of what type of sociology paper you’re writing and where you’re going to publish it, you need to use the ASA citation style accurately to credit the original authors. Otherwise, your work might be seen as plagiarism or discredited for improper citation. 

Citing can sometimes be challenging because there are a lot of exceptions and rules to follow. Use our GradesFixer ASA Newspaper Article Citation Generator to get accurate citations, quickly reference all the sources, save time, and focus on your writing. 

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