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What is Chicago Citing When Dealing With Videos?

Even though dealing with Chicago style video citation sources has not been so common several decades ago, even such classic formats like Chicago Manual of Style have faced certain changes and added some rules for those cases when you are dealing with Youtube, an online video that you have discovered elsewhere, or the various multimedia sources. It may seem challenging when you do not know what must be included and how to deal with the plagiarism risks. Before you proceed with an easy solution of using our free Chicago citation generator that handles all of these issues, it is still vital to learn about what you must understand so that you can check things upon completion and avoid trouble with your strict college professor. Just follow our simple templates and study the patterns provided in the real-life examples to see what we had included as a reference. 

How to Cite Videos in Chicago & What Information is Required to Cite in Chicago Style?

Let us assume that you would like to mention a video that you have discovered on Youtube and would like to cite it for your academic research paper. In basic terms, your citation pattern will look this way: 

Compiler or Poster’s Username (exactly as provided!). “Video Title.” Online video clip (medium description). Website Name, Name of the Website’s Publisher, the date the video has been posted. Web. Date Accessed. 

Of course, you may have to provide some other information based on your professor’s requirements. You must always double-check with your grading rubric to ensure that nothing is missed. Chicago style citation is not the worst citing scenario because you should look for the following information to include it: 

  • User Name (it must be provided exactly as it appears on the website with all the capitals or symbols). 
  • Name of the Video (it can be provided in full or shortened).
  • Medium Description (educational video, promotional content, advertisement, movie fragment, etc). 
  • Video Duration (it may be required for movies and lengthy videos). 
  • Date When The Video Has Been Posted (it can be obtained below the majority of videos that you see online). 
  • Full URL of the file as you access it. 

Let us continue with the templates and examples to help you along. 

How to Cite a YouTube Video in Chicago?

Without a doubt, the most frequent cause of citing multimedia in Chicago style format is dealing with Youtube. 

Here are the basics to cite YouTube video Chicago style:  

  • As we remember, one should start with the author’s name, video title, publication or creation date, publishing entity, information about the medium, video duration, and the URL. We have intentionally provided things in this order as it is obligatory unless specified otherwise. 
  • According to the Chicago Manual of Style, it is usually enough to cope with the in-text citations alone when you must include some YouTube video. However, if it is integral and critical to your written assignment, you must provide both citations. 
  • When you are citing something as in-text, it should be either a footnote or bits of information that are included in your original argument. If you decide to do so, you can include the name and date of your video with the author’s or creator’s name. 

For example: 

In his workshop called “Qanun in the Middle-Eastern Community”, uploaded to YouTube on July 4, 2018, artist and performer Ali Khan spoke of cultural aspects of staying true to your beliefs and traditions. 

Even with this brief citation as you cite a video Chicago style, a person can easily locate the YouTube video, which means that no further reference is required. Still, if you are planning to write your essay based on this particular video, it is best to include the full Bibliography reference. Once again, it will relate to what you can find. 


Ali Khan, “Qanun in the Middle-Eastern Community,” Workshop Conference, July 4, 2018, YouTube video, 12:34, 


Khan, Ali. “Qanun in the Middle-Eastern Community.” Workshop Conference. July 4, 2018. YouTube video, 12:34, 

Speaking of the usual style of in-text citation, it becomes:  

(Khan 2018) 

Citing Films in Chicago

Entire Work Chicago Video Citation


Director Firstname Lastname, Film Title (Original publication date; Publication City: Publisher, Publication date), Medium.


Director Last Name, Firstname. Film Title. Original publication date; Publication city: Publisher, Publication date. Medium.


Kirsten Sheridan., dir., August Rush (2007; Los Angeles, CA: Warner Bros. Pictures, 2007), DVD.  


Sheridan, Kirsten, dir. August Rush. 2007. Los Angeles, CA: Warner Bros. Pictures, 2007. DVD


Here is the template for citing a video Chicago style for some episode: 

Title of Work, episode number, “Episode Title,” directed/written/performed by Firstname Lastname, aired Month day, year, on Network Name, URL. 

The Black List, episode 4, “Gaia,”, directed by Bill Roe, aired October 13, 2006, on NBC. 

Television (TV series)


  1. Star Trek: The Next Generation, season 3, episode 4, “Who Watches The Watchers,” directed by Robert Wiemer, written by Richard Manning & Hans Beimler, featuring Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, and Jonathan Frakes, aired February 13, 1989, in broadcast syndication, Paramount, 2013, Blu-Ray.


Richard Manning & Hans Beimler, writers. Star Trek: The Next Generation. Season 3, episode 4, “Who Watches The Watchers.” Directed by Robert Wiemer, featuring Patrick Stewart, Marina Sirtis, and Jonathan Frakes, aired February 13, 1989, in broadcast syndication, Paramount, 2013, Blu-Ray.

The Benefits of Our Chicago Citation Generator

As you can see, dealing with the Chicago citation video or film references in Chicago style format can be quite challenging, which is why it is much better to approach our free citation generator Chicago that follows the latest CMoS edition rules and helps you avoid any plagiarism issues or typos (as you quote) and may happen by accident. 

Some of the benefits you must consider: 

  • It is free and does not require registration. 
  • You can use our free Chicago references tool as much as necessary without any limitations. 
  • Your data is not stored anywhere, which keeps you safe. 
  • You can save your time and avoid plagiarism risks. 

Have no worries and start fixing your citation needs right now! 


Should I mention both the author and the channel’s name in Chicago citation for video if it is different? 

You should provide the creator of the channel, so it can be obtained by looking for it. If the video has a different creator, mention it in parentheses after your title. 

Can I use your Chicago citation generator for books and magazines? 

Yes, you can use our free Chicago citation generator for books, newspapers, movies, magazines, conferences, patents, and many other citation types. 

Can I use shortened video URLs for Youtube? 

It is right to share your shortened YouTube URL. Just remember that it has to refer to the start of the video with no timestamps or playlist references. 

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