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A Beginner’s Guide to Referencing Books in the CSE Citation Style

The CSE citation style specifies guidelines for citing sources in scientific research papers. Whether you’re an author, publisher, editor, or student, the rules below will help you reference books accurately and avoid plagiarism.

Essential formatting rules for CSE book references

The CSE style sets different rules for citing print and electronic books in reference lists. Below are the standard formats and examples.

Print books

Structure: Author’s Last Name First/Middle Initial(s) without space or punctuation. Publication Year. Book title in sentence case: subtitle in sentence case. Edition if available. Publication City (State/Country/Province Initials): Publisher. Page/Page Range (optional) followed by “p.”.

Example: Hawking S. 1998. A brief history of time. 10th ed. New York (NY): Bantam Dell Publishing Group. 153 p.

Multiple authors

List all names if there are up to ten authors. For more than ten authors, write “et al.” after the tenth name.


Henning JE, Stone JM, Kelly JL. 2009. Using action research to improve instruction: an interactive guide for teachers. New York (NY): Routledge. 110 p.

Wenger NK, Froelicher ES, Smith LK, Ades PA, Berra K, Blumenthal JA, Certo CM, Dattilo AM, Davis D, DeBusk RF, et al. 1995. Cardiac rehabilitation. Rockville (MD): Agency for Health Care Policy and Research.

Corporate author

Structure: [Author Abbreviation] Author. Publication Year. Book title: subtitle. Publication City (State/Country/Province Initials): Publisher. Page/Page Range (optional) followed by “p.”.

Example: [NCW] National Council of Welfare. 2001. Child poverty profile. Ottawa (ON): National Council of Welfare.

Edited book

When citing an edited book, use the format for personal authors but include “editor” or “editors” after the name(s).

Example: Story J, editor. 2005. Charlemagne: empire and society. New York (NY): Manchester University Press. 215 p.

Chapter in an edited book

Structure: Author’s Last Name First/Middle Initial(s). Publication Year. Chapter title. In: Editor/s’ Last NameFirst/Middle Initial(s), editor(s). Book title. Edition if available. Publication City (State/Country/Province Initials): Publisher. Page Range preceded by “p.”.

Example: Garg V, Varshney RK. 2022. Analysis of small RNA sequencing data in plants. In: Edwards D, editor. Plant bioinformatics: methods and protocols. 3rd ed. New York (NY): Humana Press. p. 497-509.


Structure: Author’s or Editor’s Last Name First/Middle Initial(s) followed by “editor(s)” for edited e-books. Publication Year preceded with “c” without space. Book title in sentence case: subtitle in sentence case [Internet]. Edition if available. Publication City (State/Country/Province Initials): Publisher; [accessed date]. URL


Erdmann M, Glombitza J, Kasieczka G, Klemradt U. c2021. Deep learning for physics research [Internet]. Aachen (DE): World Scientific. 

Warburton D, editor. c2015. Stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. Los Angeles (CA): World Scientific. 

Chapter in an e-book

The format for citing e-book chapters is similar to the format for citing chapters in edited books. This one excludes editors and includes a URL.


Avery JS. Molecular biology and evolution. In: Information theory and evolution. Copenhagen (DK): World Scientific. p. 39-78. 



CSE requirements for in-text book citations

Follow this format when writing parenthetical in-text book citations:

Structure: (Corporate Author or Personal Author’s/Editor’s Last Name Publication Year)


(Hawking 1998)

(NCW 2001)

(Kulasiri and Liang 2022)

(Wenger et al. 1995)

(Erdmann et al. 2021)


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