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CSE Video Citation

As a writing citation style commonly used among scientists, the CSE (The Council of Science Editors) comes with special writing guidelines for publishing a scientific research paper, article, or any other type of publication.

Although the style was initially named CBE (The Conference of Biology Editors), it isn’t used only by biologists anymore. Because the style is used across various other life and physical sciences, such as genetics, earth sciences, and zoology, the CBE style was later renamed to be CSE.

Formatting reference Lists in CSE

If you’re referencing or using some videos in your scientific paper, it’s important to include these videos in the final reference list too.

Online videos

Today, most video citations imply the citation of YouTube or other online platforms. The general format for citing online videos in CSE can be found below.

Structure: Author(s) Last Name, First Initial and Middle Initial if provided. Year. Title. [medium designator]. Website; [cited year Mon dd]. Available from: URL

Because most online videos are published by organizations and not independent authors, the organization’s name is included instead.



The Economist. 2021. See what three degrees of global warming looks like [Internet].; [cited 2022 Jan 28]. 

NOVA scienceNOW. 2011. How smart are animals? [Internet].; [cited 2019 Jul 1]. 


Offline videos

Citing offline videos in CSE style generally follows the following format.

Structure: Author(s) Last Name, First Initial and Middle Initial if provided. Copyright date. Title [medium]. Place of publication: Publisher.

Here are some examples of CSE video citations depending on the source of the video:

  • CD-ROM

Life science animations [CD-ROM]. c2002. Dubuque (IO): McGraw-Hill Companies.

  • DVD

Pierce, M. c2008. Natural selection [DVD]. Hamilton (NJ): Films for the Humanities & Sciences. 

  • DVD with the editor(s)

Wolfson R, editor. c2004. Physics in your life [DVD]. Chantilly (VA): Teaching Company.

Hawkins RJ, Pearl MJ, editors. c2002. The athlete’s shoulder [DVD]. Rosemont (IL): American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

  • Videocassette

Bates B. c1995. Abdomen [videocassette]. 3rd ed. Blanchard-Healy, Inc., producer. Philadelphia (PA): Lippincott.


Parenthetical references in CSE

CSE video in-text citations follow the standard guidelines. Namely, the author’s last name and year of publication are inserted in brackets. They aren’t divided by any punctuation. If the video author is an organization, the organization’s name is used.

But, if there’s no information about the video’s publisher, the first part of the video title is used for in-text citation, followed by the ellipsis to indicate not the whole title is used.

  • Author

(Pierce c2008)

(Wolfson c2004)

  • Organization

(The Economist 2021)

(National Geographic 2018)

  • Title

(Life… c2002)

(How smart… 2011)


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