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CSE Newspaper Article Citation

During the 60s, a citation format known as the Council of Biology Editors (CBE) appeared. It was created to determine a set of citation rules and writing guidelines for many biology journals. Later on, the CBE style was renamed to the Council of Science Editors (CSE) simply because it wasn’t used only by biologists anymore.

Today, the CSE style is one of the standard writing and citation guides used across different disciplines in the physical and life sciences, including biology, zoology, genetics, ecology, earth science, and medicine. Whether you’re writing a scientific journal, article, or research paper, the CSE documentation style is the right way to go

Formatting reference lists in CSE

The basic layout for newspaper article citation in CSE includes an author’s name, a publication date along with an article’s title, title of the publication and it’s volume number and page numbers. In case the newspaper is available online, the URL of its article should be added as well.

Structure: Author Last Name, Initials. Publication date [cited date if online]. Article Title: Subtitle. Title of publication [Internet]. Volume title/number(issue #) or Section (column): page numbers. Available from: URL and/or DOI.

  • Newspaper article from a print publication

Blinder AS. 2011 Jan 31. The carbon tax miracle cure. New York Times. Sect. A:15 (col. 2).

Losos JB. 2001 Mar. Evolution: A lizard’s tale. Sci Am. 284(3): 64-69.

Yoon CK. 2000 Dec 26. DNA clues improve the outlook for red wolves. New York Times. Sect. F:10 (col. 1).

  • Newspaper article from the internet

Berger E. Jan 23 2011 [cited 2020 Feb 2]. New blood test key to future cancer treatment. Houston Chronicle [Internet]. Available from:

Meban D. 2008 [cited 2013 Sept 2]. Temple building, Primus language, and the poem to Virgil’s third Georgic. Classical Philology [Internet]. 103(2): 135. doi:10.10.86/590066.

  • Newspaper article from a college database

Behre R. 2010 Dec 6 [cited 2011 Jan 31]. Researcher has new energy solution. Sun News [Internet]. Available from:

There are three ways to order reference lists in CSE:

  • Citation-Sequence: Bibliographic entries are listed how they appear in the text and sorted numerically.
  • Citation-Name: Bibliographic entries are alphabetized by author’s last name or organization’s name and sorted numerically.
  • Name-Year: Bibliographic entries are alphabetized by author’s last name or organization’s name but not sorted numerically. The year of publication is placed after the author’s name.


Parenthetical references in CSE

CSE in-text citations follow very simple and familiar rules. The author’s last name and year of publication are placed in brackets. They aren’t separated by a comma, colon, or any other punctuation sign.

  • One author

(Blinder 2011)

  • Two authors

(Gass and Varonis 1984)

  • Three or more authors

(Munro et al. 2006)

  • No author – use the title

 (Open Doors 2010)

How Citation Generator can help you

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