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IEEE Video Citation

IEEE stands for The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, which is also the creator and publisher of the IEEE citation style. Expectedly, this style is mainly used across electrical and engineering fields, such as information technology, computer science, and telecommunications.
What makes the IEEE style unique are the numbered citations. Namely, all references are numbered in the order of appearance in the text, making it easy for readers to find the sources. If the same source is cited several times, the same number is used throughout the paper.
Different sources follow different guidelines in IEEE style. Here you can learn more about the IEEE video citation.

Formatting reference lists in the IEEE style

Video materials can come from various sources. They all need to be cited correctly, which is why writers typically follow one of the two video citation formats – online and offline videos.

Online videos

Today’s most video citations include online videos available on video streaming platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Here’s the basic format for citing online videos: 


[#] A. A. Person OR Screen name. “Title of video” YouTube OR Vimeo, Date video uploaded, Year. [Video file]. Available: internet address of the cited video. [Accessed: Month Day, Year].

And here’s an example:

[1] Learn Engineering. “Automatic Transmission, How it works?” YouTube, Jan. 16, 2016 [Video file]. Available: [Accessed: Jan. 28, 2022].

Offline videos

For offline videos such as DVDs, TV programs, video recordings, and sources taken from different databases, the citation rules follow this format:

[#] A. A. Person, Responsibility (if appropriate), Title: Subtitle, Date of broadcast (if appropriate) [Format]. Special credits (if appropriate). Place of publication: Publisher, Year.

Check out these examples:

[2] I. Holm, Narrator, and J. Fullerton-Smith, Producer, How to Build a Human [DVD]. London: BBC; 2002.

[3] C. Rogers, Writer and Director, Grrls in IT [Videorecording]. Bendigo, Vic. : Video Education Australasia, 1999.

[4] T. Jones and P. Williams, Reporters, BP releases report into Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Lateline, 8 Sept., 2010 [Television broadcast]. Sydney: ABC1 Television.

Parenthetical References in the IEEE style

Something the IEEE referencing style is famous for is a minimalistic in-text citation format. Unlike other citation manuals, which typically require the author’s last name and the year of publication, IEEE in-text citations only require a number.

Forming in-text citations in the IEEE style looks like this:


As demonstrated in [1], we can notice that…

The responsibilities of contractors are discussed in [2].

The issue, as discussed in [3], clearly indicated…

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