A Research of The Intentions and Reasons for Humans to Hunt, Kill, Slaughter, and Sell Dolphins

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Published: Nov 22, 2018

Words: 1786|Pages: 4|9 min read

Published: Nov 22, 2018

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Dolphins by virtue of their life and character are a breed of special creatures and animals whose very existence and presence is attractive. These are large fish which live in huge water bodies and add variety and richness to the existing body of what constitutes fish. It is important to note and mention that dolphins are one of the few animals in the world which could be trained to perform in shows and events for the human population.

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In the recent past, circus shows and many others have incorporated shows and performances where the dolphins also give their act and show the world what they have. For instance, they could be used to form part of tourist attraction ventures and events. Secondly, they are by the scientists to gauge and measure the level of environmental health relative to the water bodies. This is to say that the scientists and the health environmentalists view the body of the dolphins to gauge the level and amount of the population that there may exist in the waters. In the same breadth and line of thought, the dolphins forms part of the diverse animal heritage that exists in the world today. Thus, any threats and dangers that may face the very existence of the dolphins ought to be investigated and studied.

The goals of this research paper and study would be understand the reasons and motives which motivate human beings to hunt, kill, slaughter or sell the dolphins. It is imperative to note and mention that there are societies in the world such as in Japan whose cultural practices permit the slaughtering, hunting, killing and selling of dolphins to other people. This paper would thus put these happenings into perspective.Given the nature and aspect of this line of interest, it would be objective to establish the facts and figures around the welfare of dolphins.

This is so because the study aims at establishing the number of dolphins that suffer at the hands of the people who hunt, herd and slaughter the dolphins. At the sometime, this study would see to establish the levels of cultural permissiveness and disposition that allows the dolphins to be killed. In brief, it is a cross of a qualitative and a quantitative research pattern. In retrospect, this ought to be an objective research that would not have a hypothesis or any educated guess that the study would wish to prove or disapprove (MacIntyre, 1984). The findings and the results would be arrived at depending on how the fact and figures present themselves.

Thus, there is no any specific hypothesis due to the qualitative nature of this study. On the other hand, there are guiding borders and limits which would control the study such as the approximate number of dolphins harmed and killed during the mayhem in the name of killing them for meat and commercial purposes. This is to emphasize that the number of dolphins hurt and killed are dire and a keen attention ought to be assigned to them.This study would seek to obtain information from people who have a direct contact and impact with the general life of the dolphins. These must be people whose lifestyle in one way or another influence the general life and living standards of the dolphins.

To begin with, the people who hunt, herd and slaughter the dolphins would give a critical outlook and information as to why they do the things that they do. In rhetoric questions, it would be proper to ask them why they herd, hunt, sell, slaughter or murder the dolphins as they do. Secondly, it is the local authorities and the government as a whole, so as to obtain the policy requirements in terms of the law concerning the killing of the dolphins. This would be important to obtain their input and view as to understand what the law stipulates and the general policy framework.

Similarly, it would be wise and prudent to obtain the opinion of the activist and watchdog groups which support the life of the dolphins such as the animal welfare organizations’. Their role as respondents would be inform the study on whether the killing and hunting of the dolphins amount to any form of torture or torment to the dolphins. It would also be critical and important to get the viewpoint of the local community where this practices are usually performed. It leaves without mentioning that the local community form part and parcel of the natural ecosystem where the dolphins live (Rendell & Whitehead, 2001).

In view of this argument and line of thought, it would also be important to discern what the best international practices and norms relative to the murder and killing of the dolphins are concerned. In principle, the body of respondents would be made up of people who have a direct contact with the life of the dolphins at a local and an international level.

The irreducible minimum and intuition is that the respondents would have the liberty to give their opinions as they deem fit because there is no guiding hypothesis to navigate the study or the research process to any unique conclusion. At the face value, the dolphins seem to be subjected to a period of pain and discomfort especially when the killers corner them in the water bodies. It is important to note and record that dolphins just as human beings or mammals have psychological awareness and they become tortured mentally when they know death lurks at the corner.

The fact that they are stabbed at the head and back exposes them to a raft and great deal of pain which is unnecessary given that there are alternative methods which could be used to ease the pain and struggle. According to Alves & Rosa, (2008), the standpoint is that the herding and hunting of the dolphins is an outdated and retrogressive practice that seeks to drive the dolphins to extinction. This is due to the fact that the total head count of the number of dolphins in the world has been declining at a steady and constant pace. Thus, if they people of Taiji in the Western parts of Japan are allowed to herd and hunt the dolphins then the undesirable thought of extinction from the world for the dolphins would be realized sooner rather than later. It is unnecessary to mention and stress the fact that the dolphins have been classified as among the mainly in danger of extinction species in the world and utmost precaution and care ought to be taken to ensure their safeguard and protection.

Similarly, there are schools of thoughts and scholars who are of the view and opinion that the manner in which the dolphins are killed does not amount to the internationally prescribed standards. Normally, it is expected and prescribed that the killing methods for the animals of whichever kind and form would be murder in human manner with little exposure to pain or suffering. This goes with the killing patterns and practices that are expected to be used even when killing or murdering the animals such as cows. The murder and killing ought to be done in a manner that is quick and reduces the amount of physical pain that the animal, say the dolphins in this case are exposed to.

Subsequently, the question of the evolution of ethics ought to be considered because it is held that all barbaric and retrogressive cultures ought to be abandoned at the expense of better world practices. For instance, the principle reasoning here is that retrogressive cultures such as slavery, beheading of prisoners and bordellos were exchanged and dropped in line of the ethical evolutions. Comparatively, it is expected that the society would leave the practices and cultures that are considered retrogressive and backward by embracing modern ethical evolutions.

The underlying implication and line of thought is the fact stabbing the dolphins is a retrogressive culture despite the proponents who argue that it is a long-practiced cultural act or tradition. According to DeGrazia, (1997), the act of herding and killing the dolphins by stabbing ought to be abandoned by embracing evolutionary ethical acts such as protecting the global heritage by preserving the dolphins.The nature and appeal of this study allows for observation to be used, questionnaires to be administered, and interviews to the relevant respondents and digging information from secondary sources to be used to obtain verifiable information. To start with, there is a video on the webs which details how the dolphins are stabbed and left to die at the waters.

The amount of time it takes for the dolphins to die is relatively longer given that the stabs are directed at the head and the backs. From a neutral point, the amount of pain the dolphins undergo is visible in their faces. The proponents of the practice of killing of the dolphins support the notion that it is widely held tradition that has been practiced for very many years. In their interview with CNN presenter, the minister the prime Minster retorted that it was done considering the laws of the land thus acceptable under the legal framework. Secondary sources such as textbooks and the internet postulate that the act of killing and murdering the dolphins is retrogressive and backwards because the dolphins are endangered as it is.


The above essay has articulated the argument and ideas of the people who support the killing of the dolphins based on their traditional and cultural inclination. It is no doubt that each and every part of the universe has its own unique cultural dispositions and variety in beliefs and practices.

The proponents argue that it has been in their cultures and traditions to hunt, herd and kill the dolphins for their food and other commercial uses. On the other hand, the critics of this practice argue that tradition ought not to be at the behest and above the ethical norms and standards. Comparatively, it argues that people have abandoned retrogressive cultures such as slavery or the beheading of prisoners and enemies despite the fact that the cultural inclination of the people at that point in time may have permitted the same practice. Thus, the tone and mood of the research points to the direction the global society and people should raise their voices and support for the protection of the dolphins especially against the underlies of cultures.

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Culture and traditions of the societies must be balances with the evolutionary ethical patterns and standards which may support the life of the dolphins. Similarly, it is the thought and reasoning that dolphins are at the verge of extinction because they are endangered species, therefore, efforts ought to be made to ensure that the same animals are protected for the heritage of future generations and posterity.

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