A Comprehensive Study on Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd.

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About this sample

About this sample


Words: 2624 |

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Published: Apr 11, 2019

Words: 2624|Pages: 6|14 min read

Published: Apr 11, 2019

Table of contents

  1. About the Internship
  2. Scope of the Study
  3. Introduction
  4. Company Profile
  5. History of the Company
  6. Area of Expertise

About the Internship

This report is prepared based on 45 days of practical experience at Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. that helped a lot to learn about the practical situation, implementation of the marketing skills, and strategize decisions based on the concepts learnt until now. Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading players in providing Printing, Publishing, Animation and Licensing services with accomplished quality, integrity and customer focused service excellence.

'Why Violent Video Games Shouldn't Be Banned'?

This study was aimed at providing me invaluable practical knowledge with respect to my theoretical knowledge. It will also help me to develop my Digital Marketing skills and knowledge about the consumer behavior and the concept to develop new and effective marketing strategies.

There, my job was to look after and manage the Amazon Seller Central of India and US and the Flipkart Seller Central of India. I had allotted the work of managing the stock, details of a product needs to be properly managed; products’ images and detailed description were the basic things that need to be managed. I was responsible for the scheduling of dispatching of orders and refund or replacement procedure if any comes. I had given the full control of the Seller Central and I had to generate more sales on the Amazon US market. I was also responsible for Social Media Marketing and got the credentials of all the official IDs to various social media accounts to promote and market the brand Purple Turtle and its products.

My various marketing strategies and campaigns helped me to generate a good percentage of sales growth and it was more than the average sales.

The features I come across this internship were that the executives there were like family and they had not resist at all helping me getting my work done. The people at all the departments were very friendly and helpful. The senior executives like the Vice President and HR Consultant were very helpful and they always made sure that I would not face any problem or any kind of restrictions during my internship.

  • To experience in-person the role of a digital marketer
  • Make professional relationships with the experts of this industry.
  • Implement the theoretical principles of Digital Marketing that I have learnt in the online courses of digital marketing.
  • To compare the theories learned and the actual practices prevailing in the business environment and deduce the reason for the deviations.
  • To demonstrate an ability to produce a clear report which includes the critical reflection on the general implications and conclusions of the work carried out
  • To immerse in the reality of business environment where I will be able to acquire basic business skills.
  • To serve the purpose of pre-orientation to the choice of specialization /concentration while permitting me to establish contacts in business society.

Scope of the Study

Scope of this study is confined to the Digital Sales and Social Media Marketing of the products and services of the company. This report covers almost all the areas of Digital Sales and Social Media Marketing at Aadarsh Pvt Ltd.

Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. include activities like printing, publication and most of all digital marketing on which this entire report is based upon. This report limits itself to the in-depth understanding of the activities of the Digital Marketing department rather than aiming for a brief study of all the departments handled at Aadarsh Pvt. Ltd. It was beyond the scope of this study to comprise the details and processes of every department because of specific field of study i.e, Digital Marketing.

  • Manage and process the orders at Amazon and Flipkart.
  • Make sure that the products are showing up in the search results or else renew the keywords listed in every product.
  • Make sure that the product images are visible to people and are of good quality.
  • Enlist new products on Amazon and Flipkart and start a marketing ad for promotion of the product.
  • Create promotion posts and share it on all the social media platforms.


India’s book market is the sixth largest in the world and second among the English language ones.

The statistics cited earlier came from an India Book Market Report, by Nielsen, with the Association of Publishers in India and the Federation of Indian Publishers. It values the print book market in India, including imports, at $3.9 billion (Rs 26,000 crore). Its compounded annual growth was 20.4 per cent between 2011–12 and 2014–15.

Some noteworthy mergers and acquisitions have taken place in recent years. Among these were Penguin with Random House and HarperCollins’ acquisition of Harlequin, all companies with substantial presence in this country. Also in educational publishing, such as S Chand’s acquisition of Madhuban, Vikas and Saraswati Book House, and Laxmi Publications’ acquisition of Macmillan Higher Education.

Jonathan Stolper, global managing director of Nielsen Book, said after their report was issued: “Some of the facts that came to light are very impressive – there are 9,000 publishers, over 21,000 retailers and 22 official languages, and if you include regional dialects, the total is 1,600. Literacy in India is rising rapidly, from 65 per cent in 2001 to 74 per cent in 2011, and it is predicted to reach 90 per cent in 2020.”

However, the Indian book publishing sector gets no direct investment from government, "a serious roadblock", the report says. Other challenges include the fragmented nature of publishing and bookselling, a tortuous distribution system; long credit cycles that make it difficult to manage cash flows, and increases in direct costs. Piracy is widespread, with every other street in the country being home to stalls selling pirated texts.

The Indian e-book market has also seen a major overhauling, with internet expansion and spread of mobile phones, especially smartphones. Many gaps are present and a look at India’s neighbours is interesting. According to a 2014 survey from the Chinese Academy of Press and Publication, 58.1 per cent of China's reading population read digitally, an eight per cent increase from 2013, and higher than the paper reading population for the first time.

Printing, Publishing, Licensing and Entertainment defines this Industry type.

Printing and publishing industry has been the key players from many years and now they are the competitive players in the industry. There had been many developments in the printing and publishing industry from then and now. Earlier before 1900s, printing was done on a normal paper and with black and white ink but now, they have a four and five color-printing machine and now printing is done on glossy paper as well. Now they have sticker book printing, glitter printing, stencil book, wipe and clean book, chalk book and many more technologies have emerged since then.

There are so many publishing houses but some of them stand out of all. In Printing, there is Repro Printers. In Publishing, Sterling Printers and Publishers are well known. In Licensing, AI licensing is the major player and in Entertainment, we have Green Gold as one of the best. Refer the below fig. 1

The book print industry is in line with the trends of book publishing in India. In the educational book publishing, both the government-run and private sectors are doing well. The growth in regional language publishing is interesting. Trade publishing though is facing the challenge of readership, and perhaps the reason for the lack of growth. Therefore, in trade, the norms are short-run and print-on-demand. Forty Five % of trade publishing (value terms) in India is in Indian languages. By numbers, it outstrips the English books. The interesting part is that Hindi is under 35% of this pie.

According to regional language publishers, there is a renewed interest in buying books, and translations of best sellers are doing very well in markets like Kerala. Indian printers are doing well when it comes to export of book print services to African countries. The recently concluded Drupa has brought some charm back into commercial printing with respect to new investments. The consuming industry, aka “the brands” are continuing to print brochures, catalogues and manuals. So, overall a much better year for book printing, compared to the last two.

The young generation does not have anything like the Potter series that can initiate/encourage them to reading. Whenever we are talking about the book business, we need to segregate this into two branches – education and trade. Of the Rs 35,000-cr book publishing industry in India, more than 70% is education publishing. The business in India is growing. In this segment, the challenges are demand prediction and payment cycles. In the trade segment, as I mentioned earlier, readership is not growing as we would all like it to. We are not reading, as many books as we used to or perhaps the young generation haven’t had anything to cheer for after the Harry Potter series. There are the Harry Potters and Devdutt Patnaiks and Twinkle Khannas in English, but it is a Rs 2000-cr market, at best. Books are competing with smartphones and not ebooks as some of us may want to think. The distribution models have changed; more than half of books sold in India are through e-tailers. However, publishing is still a very profitable business albeit the challenges that reflect in the financial results of some of the leaders. However, what is heartening is the print industry is gearing up very well to meet the challenges faced by their buyers – be it breaking long runs into short, faster turnarounds, providing fulfillment by investing in the right kind of equipment and software.

School education, despite central policies and initiatives, still remains a state subject. We are seeing every state government printing more books than before, thanks to better school enrolments. Digital India is trying to co-exist with the conventional teaching model. Smart class, virtual laboratories, and learning apps – these are innovative digital teaching/learning solutions; the evoked set, fiercely competing with each other for the very little time that the teachers and students have. The education system remains largely syllabus-driven and subjects are still ‘taught” and not “learned”. This makes textbooks and guides the primary and most significant tool for teaching. One of the crowning examples for this is – Next Education, the leading smart class solution provider entering books publishing and notching up a significant volume in a short duration. The printers are waiting for publishers to demand PUR and on the other side; publishers are waiting for this to be offered as an option. Some of the early adapters did not position this appropriately, and some others feel that they already have significant investments made in alternate solutions. Yes. We feel 2017 will be the year of PUR, as we can see the inflection point zeroing in. The top book printers in the country – Repro India, Thomson Press, Burda and Manipal Technologies have all invested in very high-end equipment for PUR binding. Most of the leading educational publishers are now trying or have already tried out and seen the benefits. Printing for the next academic session will be PUR-heavy. The exports to Africa also will turn towards PUR, even as the early experiments have tasted success. In early the nineties, we led the automation drive in bookbinding that saw the quality and productivity of book production go up in leaps and bounds. By the end of that decade, “delays in textbook delivery” became history. Most of the textbooks produced in India are now adhesive-bound. Our country is definitely middle-heavy and we could not have had this success without the tier-two cities like Agra, Jhansi, Meerut, Raipur, Mathura, Kolhapur and so on leading the book production. Our largest customer is not in Delhi or Mumbai but in Kolkata. In the town of Mathura, with more than 50 Welbound post-press machines, could be the largest producer of textbooks in the country. Perfect binding is the most used method of bookbinding in India and we have a role to play for every seven out of ten books produced in India: so that business is now on autopilot. We would like to tread the road less traveled and want to play a role in bringing a change in the post-packaging process.

Company Profile

  • Mission - To continue investing in the most innovative technologies that allows us to produce results that are far above the industry standards for publishing, designing and IP creation.
  • Vision - To offer a full range of publishing services from design to distribution along with quality-focused project management and back end support and solutions.
  • Objectives – To minimize environmental impact and to strengthen community partnerships. We have a Use-less policy in which we use less of resources or use recycled resources.

History of the Company

Aadarsh Private Limited is a leading service provider, providing printing & publishing services. The company began its journey in the year 1989 with a vision to provide the best services to clients and attain a top-notch position in the marketplace. Since then, the company continue to nurture this vision through its values and provide high quality work.

From print to digital technology, the company has moved on to a very new arena. They are offering printing services, digital printing for mark sheet, degree, check books, stamp paper, demand draft, non-security books, children activity books, diaries, flip charts, calendars, poster banners, etc. Aadarsh also provides services like Designing, Editing, Typesetting, Packaging, Author Services and much more. They are a virtual one-stop solution enterprise where clients get complete printing & publishing solutions. They are also known as a prominent manufacturer, supplier, trader, importer and exporter in this domain.

Right from the selection of materials to on time completion of the project, they execute each activity meticulously. They make sure that the expectations of their clients are not only met, but exceeded. At organization, clients can expect remarkable results in a short period. They print with precision and care, ensuring quality in their services. The quality of their work has led them to establish a strong foothold in the market and earn a broad range of gratified clientele worldwide.

They publish books and have their own IP (Intellectual Property) in animated cartoon characters for children. They have their own designing team and printing facility at two printing plants in Bhopal. The company started its journey in 1989 and now it is more than 25 years and they have grown from publishing to animations. From story books for children like Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies to animated series of Purple Turtle and Colour Fairies.

Aadarsh provides an assortment of publishing services. They provide publishing, printing, animation and licensing services with accomplished quality, integrity and customer focused service excellence. With an unmatched commitment to innovation and best practices, Aadarsh is widely recognized as the publisher of first choice by leading authors, design and advertising firms. They are experts in transforming a client’s creative ideas into a compelling printed material; from books (printed and Talking Books), notebooks, diaries, and calendars to brochures, souvenirs, journals, newsletters and an array of other stationery products.

Area of Expertise

They are into fiction and non-fiction, self-help books, encyclopedias, English Language Learning books, Talking Books and Religious Scriptures presented into Talking Books. Apart from our own titles published, they also provide opportunities to others to publish with us.

They have a huge range of books including colouring and activity books, jigsaw puzzles, stencil books, and storybooks.

Aadarsh is a pioneer in Talking Books concept in India. These are technological books, printed on paper, which is read through Talking Pen.

Aadarsh is a renowned brand in School Books publishing with NCERT guidelines from nursery to eighth standard.

Aadarsh publishes religious scriptures into Talking Books. The Talking Bhagawad Gita is the first of its kind in the world & is available in English & Hindi.

Shikhar Varta is the most vintage magazine, which is being published for 50 years now. It is a leading political, social news magazine in Hindi.

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Aadarsh publishes quality Self Help Books to motivate & enlighten people and enable them to live a more fulfilling life.

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