A Critical Analysis of Ethical Dilemmas in Education and Beyond

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About this sample


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Published: Feb 13, 2024

Words: 2090|Pages: 5|11 min read

Published: Feb 13, 2024

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Discussion
  3. Conclusion
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In this essay, I will write out the dilemmas that three companies have faced. And give some analysis, let us look at the moral values of leaders through these events, and talk about human nature. Is unethical a violation of the rules? This is indeed a problem that makes many people feel contradictory.

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In Baike,, business ethics refers to the application of accepted ethics to specific business scenarios and activities. Business ethics starts with the analysis of the nature of business and the early behaviors of business activities and provides people with business ethics codes that determine whether business activities conform to ethical norms.

Moral behavior means morally meaningful activities towards others and society that are manifested under the control of certain moral consciousness. It is the external concrete manifestation of human moral knowledge, a means to achieve moral motivation, and is opposite to 'immoral behavior'. Including two categories of moral behavior and immoral behavior. Different ages, nations, societies, and classes have different standards for these two types of behavior. Generally, moral behavior is behavior that is beneficial to others and society and vice versa.

I read a newspaper with the headline Why do humans have to be moral? This article gave me some new inspirations on ethics, and I believe it is closely related to business ethics. Human beings have greed and desire. Running a company is related to the acquisition of benefits. The human nature and the dark side will be revealed. I believe that the existence of business ethics has two forms. First, morality is only a tool, and it is not worth pursuing. Second, people obey it. Morality is just to avoid being punished. If immorality is to its advantage, anyone will violate it.


There is also an ethical dilemma in the education field I have come into contact with, and this is for sure. I'm very interested in this, I searched the relevant materials on Wikipedia and got some conclusions.

Ethical dilemma, also known as moral paradox, refers to a situation in which there is a clear conflict between several moral orders, and if one is observed, the other will be violated. In any case, actions may conflict with your values and morals.

More famous is the tram problem. The formalization of the ethical dilemma is as follows:

  • A is a moral necessity. B is also a moral necessity. However, I cannot do A and B at the same time.

The company I work for is a large tuition chain. It started development in 1998 and opened more than 200 branches in 2018 and expanded to Indonesia and Singapore. This is the first place in Malaysia's education community. But in 2019 this year, the company was involved in large-scale fraud cases.

The company has recruited some poor but good graduates over the years so that these employees can have job opportunities and study at foreign universities, but the so-called foreign universities are fake. Diplomas are also fake. Part of the monthly salary paid for college tuition is put into the pockets of the management of the group, and some inexperienced professors are hired to teach so that these newly graduated children are deceived. This is a big scandal in education. As many as 2,000 victims were unable to receive compensation and nothing was left. After the incident, the media and the victims only attacked the group president, and the relevant management was not implicated and did not regret it.

In response to this matter, as a victim, I want to analyze this case from an objective perspective.

  • After the incident, should the president as the leader bear full responsibility?
  • How do you feel about this matter?
  • The victims did not investigate the origin of the diploma and found out that it was a scam. Should they be compensated?

First, the leader is the image and main character of the entire enterprise. When things happened, corporate people did not dare to face the media and the public because they made moral mistakes and chose to escape. In the end, the leader still needs to bear most of the responsibilities, because many decisions are made by the leader, and the rest of the party also need to bravely admit their mistakes.

Second, the occurrence of this incident makes people have to believe that people are full of selfish desires, and morality is just a beautiful coat. The image created by this president is low-key, intelligent and mature, which makes many employees angry and disappointing. Therefore, we must be very vigilant in this society. Some people like to use good people's masks to disguise themselves and make people believe because they know human nature too well. I like to study the weaknesses of human nature and the reaction to things.

Third, the diploma is personal, and the future is personal. As a student of the authenticity of the diploma, we should have the responsibility to investigate and make a choice. Many paths are chosen by individuals. If we go wrong, we should also reflect on ourselves and learn from mistakes. Compensation is needed, and the victims are also a group willing to learn, so they will choose to work part-time to reduce their burden. However, compensation should be difficult to obtain.

Let's look at the next case.

In 1989, a huge oil tanker named Exxon Valdez suffered a serious crude oil spill in the Brooks William Sea, U.S.A., and the seawater was seriously polluted. It is a disastrous blow for the inhabitants. This ship is the latest and most advanced in the fleet. But due to the large and bulky hull, it took a minute for the oil-laden ship to react to changes in heading. After the ship left the port, the tanker had requested a trans-shipment by radio from the Coast Guard to avoid floating ice in the ship's departure channel. With permission, Valdez changed course. A few minutes later, the Coast Guard lost contact with the tanker radar. Valdez hit a reef in the Gulf of Williams. At this time, the captain remained in the cabin. After the accident, Exxon's attitude towards the serious accident was inconsistent: at first, they reacted strongly and expressed concern; then they hurriedly shirked responsibility, and finally, they reluctantly accepted the work of removing oil pollution. But this attitude made Exxon unable to restore the company's image after paying a huge cleanup fee of up to $ 2.5 billion. Leave a notoriety of indifference to the environment.

  • Combined with this case, how do you think companies should treat environmental protection issues?
  • If you are an advisor to Exxon's president, how would you advise him on the crisis?
  • When the accident happened, did it mean that the organization did something unethical?

First, environmental issues have become a topic of concern to everyone. As environmental issues worsen, the public is increasingly inclined to protect the environment. This puts companies under greater pressure to take environmental issues more seriously. Environmental issues require companies to change their production technologies and reduce interference and pollution to the environment during production, consumption, and transportation. Exxon managers may think that it is just killing a few seabirds, and there is no need to make a fuss as long as there are no injuries. The company's repeated delays and excuses not only failed to win public understanding but were accused and damaged the company's image.

Second, the harshest criticism of Exxon has been their indifferent attitude. If the president of the company can quickly appear at the scene of the accident and is very concerned about developments, this is more effective than the company's advertising. Although the pollution accident is serious, this also means that the opportunity to improve the company's reputation and establish a corporate relationship environment is here. It is necessary to abandon short-term interests and sincerely save the crisis and maintain an open and frank attitude, otherwise, the company will be put in a crisis of reputation destruction.

Third, after the accident, it has caused harm to society, and no matter how serious the crime is, it is morally difficult to blame. The situation in Valdez is more complicated and there are many areas of default. If preventive training is done in advance and the facilities onboard are inspected, each member has a responsible sense, and the oil spill may not happen. Even if it happens, it will be effectively controlled, and the pollution of the environment will not be so serious. Exxon is the most responsible organization...

Let's take a look at the last case.

In the spring of 1994, in a public hospital in Harlingen in the north of the Netherlands, the director found that hospital staff had disclosed patient donations. Only a few dozen guilders are stolen every week. Nevertheless, the dean also attached great importance. These donations are intended to reward hospital caregivers during Christmas. The hospital quietly installed a video surveillance device while the police contacted him. At first, the hospital had decided that no matter who the thief was, he was expelled as soon as he was found. Then the truth became clear, the thief was the only neurologist in the hospital. The board of directors of the hospital was taken aback because if the neurologist was fired, it would mean that the hospital's neurology clinic would have to be closed, 20 staff would be unemployed for a long time, and the patients would have to go to a rival hospital 25 kilometers away see a doctor. The board discussed for a long time and eventually left the doctor. The hospital explained to the public that they knew the dangers of leaving such a person, but the hospital insisted that the retention of the doctor was for strategic considerations, and although it had serious moral consequences, everything was dominated by the hospital's strategic interests.

  • How would you rate the decisions made by the hospital board?
  • What would you do if you were a board member?
  • What do you think about the popularity of business that often overrides strategic choices over ethics?

First, the hospital did not fire the doctor because firing him would put the hospital in crisis. This shows that the standard of living of the community overwhelms the same weight of justice. We believe that both standards are moral standards. The hospital's choice of strategic interests includes the pursuit of good morality.

Second, the theft by the neurologist itself illustrates his low moral standards. However, he cannot be fired because it means that hospital opponents may use this as an excuse to close the neurology clinic and close to 20 people will be unemployed. This practice is not only a strategic consideration, but it also implies a good employer Due moral principles.

Third, in business, people often override strategic choices above ethical requirements. The reason for this strategic choice is consistent with the pursuit of profit and survival in business activities. However, whenever strategic choices contain strong moral requirements and may have moral consequences for charity, then it is morally acceptable.


The entire system of moral philosophy is very large. One of the arguments is that the above-mentioned 'morality has no value worth pursuing, but it is only a tool for individuals to pursue their interests.'

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However, at least one thing can be made clear: morality does not have to be high, or dogma that is respectfully and respectfully carried. It is just a way of life that allows us to avoid conflict and live peacefully.


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