A Discussion of Whether People Are Good at Heart

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About this sample


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Published: Mar 17, 2023

Words: 3993|Pages: 9|20 min read

Published: Mar 17, 2023

Table of contents

  1. Murders occuring on a daily basis
  2. Rapes and sexual harassment
  3. The human heart
  4. Manipulation
  5. Racism
  6. Heartless
  7. The events of history
  8. Human heart being untrustworthy
  9. The human heart
  10. Introverts and extroverts
  11. The nature of humans
  12. Dishonest people
  13. Complex nature of human beings
  14. Bullying
  15. Conclusion

We come across many people every single day but we do not know anything about them. Their good appearance, beautiful face and modest clothes do not give anything that is going in their heart. It is covered by their thick skin and many bones.

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It is safe to say that every person you meet do not possess a good heart. Sometimes they do not even have a heart. It is just a cold stone sitting there without a hint of feeling or empathy. Their emotions are as dry as the driest sand of Sahara. Someone’s life could be going towards destruction and failures and they won’t be able to feel a thing for them. Someone could be dying literally or even figuratively, they won’t feel a thing. Most of the personalities do not choose if they want to be good at heart; they’re just born with the bitterly cold heart. They do not understand the thin line between the becoming cold and becoming evils, inhuman and merciless. They enjoy seeing other people or people who are lesser in ‘statuses’ then them, in pain or problem. It gives them a feeling of satisfaction or even pleasure.

People are good at hiding their cold hearts behind closed doors. Some of the things they do for pleasure are so disturbing that our hearts and mind cannot comprehend of how cruel someone can be! The things our innocent minds are not even capable to think are the things these coreless people enjoy. There is no humanity left in the world. They can even take life of a living, breathing and walking human being just to be on top. They only want things which can give them worldly benefit and in order to accomplish it they can easily sacrifice anything that is in the way.

Murders occuring on a daily basis

Killing other people is so common that people are dying like ants quickly and tragically! According to the studies one person in every society or colony can be a serial killer with no heart or even soul. No mercy is shown to anyone not even kids. There are true cases of mothers with no heart, killing her children just for the sake of starting a new chapter of their life just like an American mother, Susan Smith who killed her own children by drowning them just to be with her new partner. Or the case of Nikki Whitehead who was brutally murdered by her own two daughters who are twins, just because she was strict with them and had certain restrictions. Now the blood is not thicker then water, it is as thin and as transparent as water.

If people were actually really good at heart why would so many mass killings occur? Why would there be so many people who are lost by their loving ones? For instance why would there be at least 49 men killed and 20 seriously injured in mass shootings at the two mosques in the New Zealand city of Christchurch which occurred quite recently, in a carefully planned and executed atrocity that left the usually peaceful nation shocked? The mosques being full of worshippers and the murderer having no intention of leaving anyone alive and having no hesitation in doing what he planned to do. Why didn’t the inner most self of the murderer stop him from committing such a crime especially after the first worshipper that the murderer encountered came outside and greeted him by saying “Hello Brother”? And of course no one could ever forget about the terrorist attack on the Army Public School of Peshawar, the second deadliest terrorist attack in Pakistan, which ended in at least 148 students and teachers dying and 114 with non-fatal injuries. One must wonder how cruel can one be at the heart?

Rapes and sexual harassment

If people were actually good at heart why would there be so many cases of rapes and sexual harassment? Considering a case of Kasur, Pakistan where a six year old girl named Zainab was abducted, raped and brutally murdered and who also wasn’t the first victim of the vicious person. So many children are raped every day, girls and women are continually sexually harassed even after clearly disapproving such a behavior put towards them on a daily basis too. What could possibly be an excuse for committing such a horrendous crime? It only elaborates how people are dead and pure evil from the inside and will do anything and everything for their own pleasure without caring about how they would be ruining the victim’s life.

The human heart

A human heart is the darkest place ever. All the inhuman activities are buried deep inside it. The corners which are filled with bad and gory deeds. The corners which unexplored by many people. The corners that should stay hidden and curtained by others. The hatred and the revenge in human heart can cause more destruction then a hurricane, more deaths then a wildfire. It can create troubles for the ones who try to stay away from them. A human heart is the evilest thing. A human heart is as merciless as a ruthless ruler who isn’t concerned about anyone until the person is beneficial to them. Once their work is done with them, it would not spare you. It would not care about you.


Manipulation is one of the greatest weapons of the cold heart. It can play with your mind until you are unable to think on your own. It can make you do things you have never done before. It can make you question your own worth. It can make you worship you manipulator. You will be the puppet without a mind of your own. They will manipulate you for their own good. Can shape you, transform you how they please. You will be a new person but a lifeless and cold one. They will make you as heartless as they are. The will sow the seed of cruelty in your heart and will wait to see how you become like them. The heartless.

Several things can cause hatred one of the most common being superior to other human beings. They do not consider you as their equals. But the ones who are waste or useless. Racism is also one of the reasons why some people are extremely cruel to the others. They think their caste and breed is superior and they are eligible to rule the others. They say hateful things to other people. They treat people with no heart but a cold stone. They would look so beautiful but their hearts are the ugliest creature anyone has ever seen. Their heart does not beat for anyone but themselves. They do not care even if you are a human being they only care about them being superior then you, that they have more power then you and have power over you. They will treat you like literal slaves.


If people were actually good at heart why would there be racism in the world? Why would people consider themselves superior of other races? Racial discrimination is something where most people consider people of other races as low and where they fail to recognize the humanity in other people which mostly results in harassment, exploitation of basic human rights and exclusion. Over the course of history so many cases of racism have emerged where the people who are considered low are reduced as slaves. White people have from the beginning considered they superior over black people and due to this consideration of hegemony so many black people are killed annually as compared to white people. Millions of Jews were burned alive in the concentration camps just because the Germans always considered themselves as higher persons. If people weren’t immoral and corrupt from the heart why would they consider themselves any more than others?

If we take example from our daily life we see so many heartless people around us. The way people treat the beggars, how they themselves are sitting in the luxurious cars and have all the money to waste on themselves but not a single penny for a poor man. They take benefits from them but in return they only bless them with more insults and insecurities. The way they differentiate for them being rich and others being poor.


The heartless people consider themselves as Gods. They think that they can do whatever they want and no one is entitled to stop them with anything. They get away with things easily on the basis of money and sometimes on the basis of their anger, aggressiveness and cruelty. People are afraid of them and their heartless hearts.

The World is full of people. Here a question arises is that: “Are the people good at heart? “.

No, people are not good at all. By having a look on the World, all people are bad. All people are mean and rude. They do bad deeds with other. If we look on the World people are killing each other just for their mean, many people are suffering from lack of food, people who are homeless just because of properties matter. These all evil deeds are clear evidence that shows people are not good at heart. These are only expectations that people are good; in reality there is no one good. What people as human is , what people do and what people allow is a clear cut evidence of corruption , degeneracy , rapacious , ruthlessness , mercilessness, rudeness, selfishness , meanness and evil in them .

The events of history

The events of history like Battles, Wars, event of 9/11, And World wars etc. would never be happened if people are good. They would never kill others. We would have better or a good World that is full of peace, if the people never do these types of things. We see that many politicians like Musharraf, Donald Trump, Nawaz Sharif, Zardari etc. pretend to be those who they are not, just to please their audience and to win the vote, they become sweet and kind. But in reality they all are dishonest people whose real intentions are just to win the power. In real, they are vampires who suck people blood, take all their wedges on the name of taxes, by increasing the prizes of things. Several times their actual objectives shine through their mask of Dissembling and they become caught in lies, not knowing 'as to which may be the truth. For instance, a person who obsessively lies does so out of the selfish wish to manipulate other people's understandings in their favor. Many people tell lies to egoist or selfishness to the self or the actions of the self in a false light, but one that would eventually aid the liar. The person who is lying does not care about the impact that may result from the false information or the feelings of the person being deceived; the liar simply cares about his self only and the benefits that they could receive from their false words. All people have the fundamental tendencies in them to create harm, but it’s how those evidence in everyone daily behavior and how people control them that’s an individual thing. Unlike in films, there’s no such thing as good versus evil in real human beings and it’s important to remember that we’re not less than human or more than human either that thinking can lead to harmful cults.

Human heart being untrustworthy

Basically a human heart is the most untrustworthy thing of all. Not every person is born with evil thoughts or deceiving others but that’s the fact that not every person is good at heart. Showing the sincere desires to help someone for his sake, with no gain associated, someone who is honest, caring and loving who builds up the character to achieve a good heart but it does not mean that acting unworldly, and you have to be careful sometimes because of that person. The main feature of heart person is their emotional nature. We can not counter someone who is constantly humble and gentle and accepting.

To me, there are many people in the world who are not so good at heart; if you look on that perspective of universe it is very clearly visible. If people were really that good at heart then there would be no differences or racial biased problem everybody should be living happily and peacefully. If every person is good at heart then why there is many cases of cheating, murdering, lying, stealing, selfishness, or many other cases of crime. Every individual has an opportunity to be good or bad at heart by their on will but the cruel reality of the world is that everybody is doing for themselves engaged with their own benefits rather it will achieve with good deeds or bad. It is hurtful to know that a person while having many choices still choose to hurt other or to ruin others life because of their own satisfaction, or revenge not knowing that he/she was doing the same as the other person did. So, that is acceptable that every individual has the choice to choose good or bad.

The human heart

The outward appearance, attitude and behavior counts much little in the scheme of things. The most important thing of our body organs is heart not the outer appearance like how do we look, color, body part or shape. Heart is the most important in aspect which reveals the real of us because it is the real one you. The heart is the most confusing and tricky thing because it is very hard to discern sometimes that what is in our heart and what are we actually doing as an action. Our every act of life been count as the appearance of us that what are we actually. We just need to motivate our inner without having concern with our outer look. Another way to think about it is as two aspect of person that every person in the universe were having two sides of their lives, Extraversion and Introversion, but they lies under mainly one or other.

Introverts and extroverts

Extraversion is type of personality are full of energy, they were very active participants in social gatherings and they love to enjoy being with people. Introverts are the People who were having introverted personality predominantly are tend to be inward turning, or like to be by themselves, they were more focused on internal thoughts, feelings and moods rather than seeking people. In other words he/she were living in their own some kind of imaginary world.

If we say that everybody in this world was having good heart then it is absolutely wrong because it is impossible. In that case we are just imperatively asking if all people predominantly fall under good in terms of their actions that is statistically and logically impossible and wrong. Every person was born without sin as the person was pure soul but as the time passes he was start developing in most kind of judgment, anxieties, fear and many other kind of insecurities as he/she grow or interact with different kinds of people. Due to which a person’s mind can become more obsessed with protecting itself and maintaining his self-respect through words and behavior that by others it is recognized as evil at heart. The person who truly appreciate that why a person end up being perceived as bad and not good at heart, they need to have puberty, feelings and interpretation. All these can be accomplish gently through the committed practice of consideration. When one person is going through inner pain, no one is there to make him cure as everyone is busy in there their own struggling life. Some people are very, at sometimes, were being very nasty and vicious. Because they think that being nasty and vicious makes life much easier than being good whose live examples were there own lives. It is said that expect the best and the worse too from everyone and always be on guard.

People don’t even think before they act. That creates the intents for evil and many people choose to be vicious, bad or evil. The fact is that any kind of a person or a baby is doing an act without thinking then that means there action is natural and a true aim of a heart. This is very similar to a person who is drunk and in drunken situation he was saying means things to his friend. It happens when the person is totally unconscious because he was drunk and even don’t think about what he was saying about and whose in front of him. As we can now say that there is no chance human are good at heart.

The nature of humans

The nature of humans is very bad and there are very rare chances of good. If people were good enough then mankind would be stick together to remove the ache or agonize that now exists. That is also caused by the human being itself. What were humans do, think and allow to do is clearly shows the evidence of the greediness, immorality, wickedness, barbarism, evilness in us. There are many people who are innocent but forced to do into labor camps just because of their cast, creed or religion. If the person is actually that good then there will be no need of persecuting of a particulate religion, trying to create the perfect one. If a person is truly good at heart then there would be no cases of harassment, abusing child and many other crimes. If human were that good then no child would die in hunger or no one live without home. If they were good at heart then there would be nothing wrong and had no concept of evil things. It becomes clearer because of evidences that people are not good at heart. The larger amount of people are those who were living there lives as bad. Furthermore there is no doubt that human nature is pretty bad, they can do whatever to accomplish there own goal or need. People don’t care for the sake of intrinsically but do for their self interest. The motivation for goodness is very clear and strong, but no one is aware how to act on it, that is the point which creates things really complicating and difficult. This world is now a place where all the nasty, ill-natured and hurtful characters tend to be supreme. By just doing good deeds or things doesn’t make you a good person, unfortunately. It would be very difficult to change your mind in believing that all humans are good at heart.

People are evil

People like to give pains to other; they love to see others in tension, pains and shocks. People are rude and show nasty behavior with others. Yes it is true that people are not good. People do not have soft corner, they get angry and even furious on little things and use harsh language or words that hurt and break other people hearts. People keep on taking revenge with others. People were actually good at heart then there wouldn’t be any persecuting of a certain religion trying to create the perfect one. If people were good then humanity would join together to eliminate the sufferings that now exist, which sufferings are mainly being caused by humans? Now a day people like to do things that are bad that shows their evilness.

People are evil and greedy. I see many people who do what best benefits us and do not care for the effect of it on others. Does it hurts other or not? , does it good or bad? ; People just think of their benefits, their desires and their happiness. Whereas, good people are those who do right deeds, do good with others, think about others. They are righteous who are free of guilty and sins. Some people do steal others things, no concerns what was the value. People abuse others. I have seen multiple of times the way people ignore the poor or name call people because of their race, age or status. They even not thought that they are also human beings.

Dishonest people

They dishonest people for their own benefit, they see others as weak and unfaithful, and they ignore moral codes. This all shows that people are not good, may be a few people are good. But it is guaranty that they also have some bad qualities in them. These all facts show that the World is full of people who are bad by heart, by their deeds.

Complex nature of human beings

It's a dangerous to believe that some people are innately ‘good’ while others are innately ‘evil’ or ‘bad.’ In my opinion, human nature is infinitely complex and considering the happenings and events occurring throughout the centuries I do believe that people aren’t good and kind at heart. In my opinion, people lack the ability to empathize with other people, to feel compassion for them, and put other people’s needs before their own. People are self-centered, prideful, selfish and narcissistic. They can’t sense other people’s emotions or their suffering can’t see the world from other people’s perspective, and so have no sense of their rights. Human beings are just objects to each other, which is what makes their brutality and cruelty possible. Egocentric impulses cause them to put their own needs before the welfare of others. Since the beginning of the humans, my opinions towards them have been justified with the evil and cruelty shown by them towards other human beings. Whether it is massive destructions of human life or small cases of human injustice. It has been shown again and again by their own illustrations that the human heart is incapable of feeling for others and showing altruism.

I think a lot of real, awful things we do to other people arise from the fact that we don't see them as people. To us others are of low standards and we consider them as subhuman, which is entirely wrong on so many different levels and the human brain doesn’t even recognize it. I find myself questioning if people were actually good at heart wouldn’t their subconscious tell them that they’re doing something wrong?


If people were actually good at heart would there be so many bullies in schools and colleges who exploit other children? The disgusting act of bullying in most cases lead towards a mentally disturbed kid or also a physically tortured one and in extreme cases when the kid can no more tolerate the bullying it leads towards suicide. And it is usually believed that bullying occurs only in schools but contrary to the belief it also occurs at work and includes aggressive behaviors like verbal abuse, sabotaging the victim's job or work relationship, or misusing authority. Adult bullies who engage in these behaviors are males 60% of the time. While men who bully tend to victimize both genders equally, women bullies target other women about 80% of the time. If people were good hearted they would put themselves in the shoes of their victims and consider doing such atrocities before actually doing them.

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So, considering all of the events that occurred over the centuries and the ones that are still occurring today, I truly believe that people are not good and moral at heart. They are not true to themselves, they commit crimes which are truly dishonorable and sinful and they don’t stop until their own satisfaction and pleasure is met. They do not consider their acts sinful and do not feel even a little bit of empathy towards the victims they’re causing the harm to. People are capable of committing staggering atrocities and still thinking they’ve done nothing wrong tells me that how cruel, evil and corrupt they are truly.

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