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A Discussion on The Driving Permit and Dropout Rate in Schools

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Drivers Licenses debate

Some people believe that the people who drop out of high school should not be allowed to get there drivers licenses. I do not agree with this argument, I believe that even if you were to drop out of high school you should still be allowed to get your driver’s license. Now here me out, I’m not saying it would be okay if kids were to just start dropping out of high school left and right but I feel like even if they do make that stupid decision and it is a STUPID decision they should still get the chance to get there Driver’s license. Because they too have places to go and people to see. Just like everybody else. The only difference with them is that they didn’t graduate from high school.

Think of it like this… if you were to drop out of high school and you wanted to get you licenses but they told you that since you didn’t graduate from high school you couldn’t get your licenses. How would that make you feel? Like crap right, well now imagine if they started doing it to every single person who doesn’t have a diploma or a GED. That would start a big problem right? Everyone would most likely start to protest and riot. They wouldn’t like this BIG change. You can’t just tell people they can do something and then when they do it tell them they can’t. Your basically telling people they can’t live there life because they don’t qualify because they didn’t get there GED. It wouldn’t be okay for anyone to feel the way that can make someone feel…

There are kids who might need to drop out for reasons we wouldn’t begin to understand, like supporting their family financially. Maybe they have some health problems, or a family member could be very ill and they have to stay home and take care of them. Some kids may feel scared because they may get bullied. Some may feel like they simply don’t need school because the people around them make it every day in life without it. Sometimes it may be because they don’t get disciplined about school, like they will bring home bad grades and their parent don’t care so they feel as if they don’t have to either. There are so many different reasons that some kids drop out of school and I feel as if none of us should judge anyone because we all have something someone else can judge about us too. In our generation Our youth doesn’t really care about what grade you get but more about what you’re wearing or what car you’re driving. We would never know what was going on in someone else’s home, but all everyone would focus on would be the fact that they are drop outs and they don’t qualify to have a normal life like everyone else.

Not everyone is treated equal but I’ll tell you that I’m only 15 and I have seen enough in my family they have dropped out of school for so many reason like for getting pregnant at young age, having a baby is hard or because school was boring to them or because they had two babies and had to go get a job to support their families or they went to jail there so many things that could make people think they have to drop out of school but what there not understanding is that they can work around any situation, that life is hard and everyone has problems there’s kids that are miss guided that don’t have that support they need to get through life, not everybody has someone to say I’m here for you, if u need help I’ll give it to you, not everybody has that same drive. So why take away things just because they didn’t finish school that’s not fair than you to are judging them who are we to judge anybody we all have something to judge so if I judged you because you walk funny or you talk funny or because your different how fair would that be to you?

Being different is not a bad thing, some people learn different that don’t mean there stupid it just means they learn different, so does that mean we should limit their lives’? Of course not, that means we should help them see and understand that we are all different and not punish people for being different and take away driving privileges everybody at one point in time need’s help some earlier than other’s in life maybe by having a license they can take their family to a doctor’s appointment or help them get to school or help get to a job interview. Before we judge a book by its cover just maybe we should read in to the book so we can understand it, the cover is not as interesting as what’s inside the book not everyone is the same, but we are equal and these types of controversy is what makes this world different and that’s why there’s people like me that will defend the way people feel and how I feel of these types of conversation.

There are so many people in my family that haven’t graduated from high school that it’s not even funny, and I want to be the one out of my family to graduate but that doesn’t change the fact that if they did change the law to where you have to graduate to get your license nobody in my family would have their license but that isn’t the point the point is you can’t change the law unless you want to start a big problem because no one would be okay with not being able to drive their own car. In conclusion to what I’ve already said you cannot exclude someone from doing something that everyone is already aloud to do, that wouldn’t be okay. Don’t treat the people who drop out different because they didn’t accomplish the same things you did. You wouldn’t like if someone treated you different because you didn’t do something everyone else did. So don’t do it to them.

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