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A Personal Narrative of The Events Derived from The Feeling of Unbridled Anger

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Have you ever felt unbridled anger? Anger that festers with you, that lingers for a while, you forget it, and somehow, someway it comes back? Anger is funny that way, it can come out in so many ways; Through sarcastic comments, tears, and sometimes laughter. I can vividly remember the first time I was that angry. No, it wasn’t anger, it was a red rage. I am not an angry person. But, rage? Never me, I’d thought. But, when events happen, you never know what happens inside you.

A couple years ago in my senior year, I felt that anger. Kate, my one of my best friends, I had been friends with for five or so years, had completely and utterly just pissed me off, simply it was a buildup of anger that exploded really. Now the situation sounds petty, but I’ll explain, because anger doesn’t just explode out of me. I am a completely calm and usually am a sensible person.

Kate was, and is still, the kind of person, who is extremely smart, funny, and yet hard to get along with. Our moms were work friends, and basically set us up. My mom and I went over to her house to eat dinner, and watch the Harry Potter films for a week, before we all went to go see Harry Potter 7 Part 1 midnight premiere. Kate and I were friends immediately, the first night we hung out, I was even invited to spend the night. That’s insane! But, of course I couldn’t due to it being school night, but I thought it was still a nice gesture. The whole night we were cracking jokes with each other, giggling, and finally exchanged phone numbers to text one another when I had to go home.

So, back to what caused a stir in our friendship was something that should not have happened, but did anyways. Kate went on a trip spring break to Madrid, and a bunch of places out of the country, around Europe. I never got to go anywhere for my spring breaks except one time, during ninth grade to Chicago. A reason I never went anywhere was because Spring Breaks always falls on my parent’s anniversary, so I was always stuck home, alone, doing absolutely nothing. So, to start off with I was already jealous, who wouldn’t be? We hung out said our goodbyes, and she left. During the week, I tried texting her, but our phones wouldn’t work. So then we tried an app called Snapchat to talk, we only used it twice due to us being in different time zones, and not receiving each other’s messages. I was a little angry due to the fact we hardly talked over spring break like we were supposed to, but I let it go.

When Kate got back I hadn’t gotten to see her in a couple weeks due to me always working, and school. We couldn’t even catch up at school because we didn’t even go to the same school. We texted back and forth when she got back to the states and I figured out when she was coming home that night, so I texted her Mom to see if I could come over and surprise Kate. It was going to be great! I figured it was a good reunion.

I went over there about eight o’clock, waiting on her to get back from her date with her boyfriend. She had no idea I was over at her house at the time so I waited on her for an hour. That frustrated me a little bit, because she kept texting her Mom and I that’d she’d be home in twenty minutes, then thirty, and etcetera. During this time, her Mom was talking to me about I was like a second daughter to her and that night she even gave me a key to her house, so I could come and go as I pleased. She also knew that I would skip school sometimes, and told me if I wanted a place to hang out at I could always go there. Saying that to a teenager who has a license is like getting a million dollars and finding out you got a new car all in one day.

Close to nine o’clock, I hear a car pull up into the driveway, and run to Kate’s room, while running to Kate’s room, I slipped and fell into the hallway closet and the door to her room, later, I had found two huge bruises on my leg due to the fall. I get up laughing along with Kate’s Mom and hunch behind the bed in between the wall. I hear Kate and her Mom talking, telling Kate to go get laundry from her room, Kate comes down the hallway and as soon as she turns on the light, I scream and fall out of my “hiding” place, “SURPRISE!”

Instead of laughing, she yells “fuck you” to me, turns the light back off, and leaves. Our relationship was already full of vulgar language like that so it didn’t bother me. I’m laughing along with Kate’s Mom, as I made my way back into the living room, sitting beside her. She was sitting with her laptop pulled on top of her legs completely ignoring me, and anything I said to her. I smiled as I tried talking to her, but while looking at her computer screen, she coldly states “It’s late, I think it’s time for you to go”. I could not believe after waiting an hour and getting bruises on my leg, that she would even say something like that. I got up replying “Well, I guess I’ll see you later”, and slowly closed the door.

Right after I closed the door, I started sobbing, just tears running down my face. I was so angry. I run to my car parked a block down because I didn’t want her to see my car at her house and get suspicious, and drive home crying. I came storming into the house, not looking at my parents, and go to my room. Minutes later, my parents come into my room, asking me worriedly what was wrong. I told them through tears what she had done and how her Mom gave me a key to her house. My Dad got dressed, took the key, from me and went straight to her house.

Now, parents should not have to fight your battles, but when you can’t, then someone has to and that is what my Dad did. He went over to her house to basically talk to Kate about how I came in crying, that she should apologize, while giving back the key that her Mom insisted to my Dad that I keep. I was furious with her for months, I gave her back everything she let me borrow, and didn’t text her for a long time. I was supposed to go to her and our friends school prom, but I decided against it due to everything that had happened that night.

Sadly though, the anger faded and I was just sad that I lost my best friend. To try and be the better person somehow in the situation, I went to her graduation with my Dad. She never saw us through the ceremony, and I stopped to talk to one of our joint friends Tyler afterwards. He told me how Kate was depressed about us not being friends, and that completely changed me. I started to feel a pull between anger and hope. Where I wanted to text her, but I wanted her to do it first and apologize.

A couple weeks later, the night I graduated. I was beaming, I was so happy to have graduated high school and finally move on from the place I hated. I could see from my seat in the ceremony that she was there, and I smiled. Right after I got out, I hugged all my friends through the years and said goodbye. I turned to where I saw all my parents, and friends and walked towards them, then I saw Kate. I guess all my anger vanished, because the first thing I did was hug her. She looked so confused, but I was so happy I didn’t care about anything. Later that night, we both had went out to IHOP, and back to her house to talk everything out. She apologized and we’ve been better friends ever since. Now she’s currently studying abroad in Jordan, and I’m here still stuck in the states. At least this time, we have better communication skills and can text all the time.

I love writing. I used to tell stories all the time when I was a kid, or at least try to. Writing has been a big part of who I am today as a whole. I started off really badly with no real idea what I wanted to write about, and if I have a bad start then usually writing that project is just not fun for me at all. At first, I couldn’t think of a good topic for days, and then I just came up with something to get a grade, so I wouldn’t fail, but then I thought about other people, and events and I knew what I had to actually write. I took time on this topic, tried my best to convey it to a good audience, I spent some good couple days on this one and I am happy with the result as it is now. This wasn’t some rushed piece, I edited, revised, called my friend to email it to her, and she her opinion honestly. It could have more detail, more of some spark to it,but I will take what I believe is good writing.

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A Personal Narrative of The Events Derived from The Feeling of Unbridled Anger Essay

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