A Question of Athletes Salary Level

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Published: May 7, 2019

Words: 2828|Pages: 6|15 min read

Published: May 7, 2019

Athletes all around the world are receiving ridiculously large salaries for playing on teams. These salaries are not deserved, for these athletes are not risking much for these positions. Occupations with similar payouts are dependent upon degrees and the mere fact that others’ lives are in their hands. There are several reasons that have concluded that such persons should receive a lower wage. There has been review of opposing sides to this matter, and feel these ideas are rational, however, they will only hinder success for others. These salaries must be cut, if the United States ever wants to fix the wage gap. A high salary should be associated with education and responsibility, not dependent upon athletic skill. There are several more deserving occupations for paid salaries over a million dollars. This is unethical and unfair to those who are contributing way more to the betterment of this country and society in my opinion. The pursuit of happiness is a right given to all citizens, however paying large amounts for entertainment is hindering the occupational success of others.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love nothing more in life than playing and watching sports. However, I feel the salaries given to athletes are extremely high. These controversial issues are not new to the public, however, little has been done to fix them. I feel that not only are athletes paid too much, but many entertainment occupations also fall into categories such as this. People such as Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West are all paid way more than deserved. A high salary use to be based upon education and risk now, however people are getting paid more than these occupations for minimal amounts of work. I’m certainly not claiming that athletes do not train hard, but do they deserve a higher salary than say someone such as a doctor or a person in active forces? These high salaries given to athletes are only making the wage gap in America worse, and if such cases continue, the gap will only increase. Athletes aren’t deserving of these high salaries, because the only impact they are making to the world is that of entertainment.

Sports are very popular all throughout the world. They can be played at early ages, watched any hour of the day, and they provide a healthy activity for families, friends, and even strangers. Games are also represented in several forms of video games alike. Games use to be for pure fun, which to me, is there intended purpose. However, this is not true to several athletes ranging from teams such as the Cubs, the Browns, and Miami Heat. These players make ridiculous amounts of money for simply excelling in a specific sport. The game no longer corresponds with the thrill and ease of a game, rather money and endorsements. Before searching these topics and expanding my understandings, my view would certainly agree and say yes they deserve these salaries. There are several valid reasons that would help explain this answer, which will be discussed further along. But right now, the mind boggling facts must be revealed. Such ideas have changed my mind on the entire topic. Within my research, a blog from Cornell University brought to light many ideas that would change anyone’s mind on these topics.

According to Cornell’s website: “During the summer of 2010, LeBron James, one of the most popular players in the NBA, was deciding between whether to sign with the New York Knicks, the Miami Heat, or the Cleveland Cavaliers. Although he claimed the choice was difficult for him, the difficulty did not depend on salary. Each team was prepared to offer him an annual salary of approximately $19.2 million a year, a staggering sum to more than 99% of Americans today, where a household earns an average of $45,000. Is possible to say that the work that LeBron James does (i.e. play a game) is worth more than 400 times more than that of the average American? “. (Cornell University, 2011). In my opinion, this is absurd, to think that a single person could literally make 400 times more than another. Understanding that with the implementation a free economy, such as that in the United States, that this is physically possible, but how in the world can it even be reality? Do sports players truly deserve a salary that many times over the average person. No, the answer is certainly not.

For those struggling to pay mortgage, struggling to provide food on their table, and those underpaid for what they do, these ideas can be quite frustrating (Mueller,2014). Personally, it was heartbreaking discovering these statistics. These players usually demand set amounts of money, and are awarded it. Sports in general generate a lot of funds, but these funds could be used in bettering the world. Take for example, the president of the United States. I’m not sure Trump’s specific technicalities of salary, but on average a president makes $400,000 a year. The average athlete is paid around $13.5 million per year, not inclusive to the endorsements that are not accounted for. (Patel,2013). Even those opposing my view, must admit, that this seems a tad outrageous.

It is mind blowing that the person who runs the entire country makes less than an athlete. This is where one realizes that there is an extreme and urgent problem that must be dealt with. Some critics, who are against my stance, may claim that Trump is not a worthy opponent to help express my views. Possibly due to his extreme wealth other than presidential salaries. I’d like now, to explain to these critics, the reality of the life for normal everyday people and the impact that these salaries have on them. In 2015, the census bureau conducted statistics of the number persons in poverty within America. This data concluded that some 43.1 million people fell under poverty thresholds which are conducted by the government. That equates to some 13.5% of the entire country. So, although Trump certainly has wages to back up the lack of pay as president, many people in the country are living very poorly (povertyusa,2015). If that isn’t mind blowing enough, when one realizes that the top 1% of Americans, the wealthy people, and they own more than the other 99% (,2014). Those with even a little bit of ethics in their minds, can figure out the problem with this.

Athletes, and other entertainers donate millions of dollars a year to different organizations, however, that’s pocket change to them. The wealth gap between the upper, lower, and middle class is withering away. It appears that there’s no middle class these days, rather just the rich and poor. This is being seen since there is division of 1% having more wealth than the rest of the 99%. (, 2014). These gaps cannot be improved even slightly, without enormous changes implemented. I believe, paying entertainers less is certainly part of this process. Minimum wage is some $7.25, in Pennsylvania at least. If one is a server, they can even make less than this. In most instances, this does not even cover a single meal. While Lebron James is paid $6 for a single second on the court (Leung, 2014). When someone is paid nearly as much for a second, as another is paid for hour, we certainly have issues that need addressed. How can an hourly pay be so low, and how can the poorer Americans live on such a low salary? These are questions that have been asked for many years, although little effort has been placed to fix these problems. Many are aware of these problems, but the solution is not an easy one, and may be impossible to say the least. This top percent controls many aspects of how payments work. These are the same people that are making large amounts of money, so certainly, they would not implement changes to be in favor of the majority. Instead of using a utilitarian approach, they use ethical egoism. Which works out to their favor, rather the good for the larger number of people.

America is also a free market economy which was touched upon briefly above. Since the average person is ignorant to this definition, I will include one from Wikipedia. I understand that this website is questionable, however, it summarized the concepts better than any other site. So, according to Wikipedia : “ a free market is a system in which the prices for goods and services are determined by the open market and consumers, in which the laws and forces of supply and demand are free from any intervention by a government, price-setting monopoly, or other authority” (Wikipedia, 2017).

The reason I have included this information, is to reason against my opposing sides. Those who agree with these salaries, could certainly blame the economy for this. Which, isn’t wrong, however, they are quite accurate. It is extremely related to how the government runs things, but with my given definition above I would like to refute this reason. As the definition above claims, this pay is basically determined by the consumer. Although sports are not a market, they are in other ways.

Transactions are certainly conducted. Whether it be from gear, games, or other financial avenues. One would be amazed at the amount of money a person will pay for a season pass or front row seats. This money is being freely given by consumers to enjoy this entertainment. It’s not the government who controls this money, its each and every one of us. I to, have been guilty of such acts, but never realizes how this truly effects the rest of society.

I always thought viewing games were harmless, however, I do not feel this way any longer. I now see with a clearer view, by supporting these events, we are supporting a celebrity such as Floyd Mayweather, who earns $85 million annually. Forbes has listed him as the top paid athlete throughout the country, and very likely throughout the world as well. Floyd is involved in boxing and his fights aren’t even free to watch on television in most cases (, 2012).

Another stance, that those of the opposing side often take, is that athletes merit their compensation since they offer an esteemed administration. A maybe shocking truth is that things in the public arena are not fair and are given because of popularity and not on the exertion or development behind them. They are more concerned with what they offer to society. Splendid mathematicians, scientists, and different scholastics can spend numerous years building up another hypothesis that perhaps doesn't have quick effect on society, and they are overlooked (Leung,2014).

On the flip side, there are "cloning" organizations that simply duplicate an item or administration from another person and resell it Additionally, many individuals (counting myself) appreciate watching professional games and will pay cash for tickets and stock for it. Competitors are the reason for those games, and they get a significant part of the benefit. The aggregate pay can be very substantial, yet that is essentially a direct result of the size of their effect. Most employments yield comes about that are restricted yet competitors can influence billions of individuals by their execution (Leung,2014).

Many people of the opposing side also claim that all high paying jobs require work in some form. Athletes spend a tremendous amount of time working out and undergoing extreme diets. Not everyone is equipped to handle these sorts of restrictions. Just as a business man works towards a degree and dedicates several hours to increasing his performance, an athlete trains and works towards improving their speed and endurance. No job is hassle free, so how can one judge the actions and/or effort of these players. I feel a restrictive diet alone is difficult to achieve. These athletes put a lot of pleasures away to stay in tip top shape for games. These athletes must not only be fast but have wonderful precision with throws, kicks,etc.

I believe many athletes work hard for their success, however, I feel many do not. The drug scene is nothing new to sports. Many athletes use drugs such as steroids to increase their endurance and strength. These drugs can work wonders, and turn a not so great athlete into an amazing player. Although many athletes must complete a mandatory drug screening upon acceptance into a contract, many are only tested during this time. That leaves a lot of other time for them to use substances. This technique is actual titled doping (Zielinski, 2016).

These techniques of doping, date back to over 2,000 years ago. Staring with the ancient Greeks. They did not use steroids, rather a drug called strychnine. This drug is utilized to enhance speed and fighting capabilities. These methods helped the Greeks in the Olympics back then, and help athletes in today’s times as well (Zielinski, 2016).

Modern day eras of doping started in the middle of the 20th century. It began with a drug called amphetamines. These drugs act as a stimulate and are considered to be a speedy like high. Soldiers were well known for the consumption of these drugs. Especially during World War 2, this is where athletes gained these ideas. Soldiers could stay up longer and were very aware of their surroundings. They showed superman like strength and accuracy (Zielinski, 2016).

During this same timeframe, athletes began taking the drug anabolic steroids. This drug mimics hormonal testosterone in humans. These drugs are approved by the FDA, however, not for athlete’s misuse. These drugs aim to help people regain appetite and regain lost muscle. Although, it was made aware publicly, that these drugs can also increase strength while adding a good amount of muscle to one’s body (Zielinski, 2016).

Athletes have a very high potential to misuse drugs, as do we all. However, athletes are not tested as frequently as they should be. There are several other jobs in the United States that drug test employees annually. These techniques should also be used in the sporting industry (Zielinski, 2016). These players make ridiculous amounts of money, and it becomes even more unfair, when they are using drugs to increase their abilities. They are destined to be athletes because of a specific talent of skill of a game, not because drugs gave them this capability. This is just one of the many reasons I do not agree with these high salaries.

The highest paying doctors make around $500,000 a year. A lawyer with 11+ years makes around $170,000 a year and the median household income is around $54,000 (Mueller, 2014). These are the sad facts of the world we live in. Where someone, who’s life, is basically on the line for any error, such as a doctor, makes nearly nothing compared to athletes. Instances of unfairness lurk in several opportunities of entertainment. Although, it is quite difficult to become famous, the instant rewards of such seem more appealing than several years at a university, that’s for certain. Since, these odds are not in ordinary people’s favor, the rest of society must live with this unjust system.

In conclusion, these sorts of jobs do seem nice, and luxurious; however, it’s better to work in a field that makes changes to the world for the better. Contributing to the betterment of society is worth way more than contributing to one’s bank account. Money can certainly ruin a person, and no one can truly say how they would react unless the situation is presented. It is apparent that sports and the whole system of payments is flawed.Not everyone will agree with this stance, although, the systems are surely flawed. Athletes do deserve a good pay, but it should not exceed doctors and persons in the army. The reason being, is that if a doctor messes up in any part of surgery, he is held liable. He puts his life on the line, to try and help others, and often people take advantages of such practices and create frivolous lawsuits.

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Those serving in the army, are paid nearly nothing. Many of which go into active duty in foreign countries. Some soldiers lose their lives and their families are left struggling. Since these instances are common, these people deserve a huge pay increase. It would be quite wonderful, if they were the ones making these enormous incomes, rather athletes. These persons are much more deserving of such. These high salaries also eliminate the chances of bettering the distribution of wealth in America. Each person should have adequate food and necessities before these players are paid millions for their talents. It is sad that these necessities are not just given freely. It should be everyone’s responsibility to help others. But sadly, this is never the case. Greed and power has transformed the world we live in into a cruel and heartless place, despite the very few good people left. Changes should be made to this flawed system immediately before the problem becomes worse tenfold.

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